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Elvis Australia : Official Elvis Presley Fan Club

Elvis Australia is now in it's 18th year having been founded in 1996 by fan David Troedson.

The site began as 'For Elvis Fans Only' while the domain www.elvis.com.au was literally born from the concept of wanting to represent 'Elvis in Australia', so ... www.elvis.com.au ...

Our first website largely revolved around audio and photos before moving on to a new concept, that being 'news', with this website being the originator of the 'Elvis news' concept, popularizing the concept that many have since copied. We have since the early days of the website continued to provide free Elvis news, photo galleries, video, audio, interviews and articles.

It is a fact that the www.elvis.com.au website quickly became the single most popular Elvis Presley fan site, (and remains so today), a fact our team of contributors is proud of.

Some of our most popular and acclaimed articles;

A little about Club president David Troedson

David Troedson with Lisa Marie Presley backstage, Melbourne Arts Centre March 25, 2014.
David Troedson with Lisa Marie Presley backstage, Melbourne Arts Centre March 25, 2014.

The Internet

My first PC came in 1996, and the Internet was of immediate interest, and with that, the idea of making a website came easily. And of course the website had to be about Elvis Presley!!

Becoming an Elvis fan

The seed of my Elvis obsession came in January 1978. Believe it or not at 13 years of age, I had never heard of Elvis Presley. Not until my grandmother mentioned his name on January 8, 1978 and the mornings newspapers were filled with remembrances and the all important Elvis poster, something I did look out for each Christmas holiday for at least a couple of years.

I was soon listening to those 24 hour broadcasts of Elvis songs on January 8 and August 16 that went for how many years? I can't recall, probably only 1-2, but I was very into it.

And very quickly came my first Elvis record, 'Roustabout', played over and over [and over and over!!]. But I then lost all interest. I have no memory of Elvis at all then until 1981.

In 1981 I had left school [at the end of year 10] and started work in the family business, I ended up with a 15 year career selling cash registers, but with it came door to door canvasing of shops and every day walking past [not!!] record shops. And in these I rediscovered Elvis, and the passion grew and has never waned. A by-product of this early career was a lot of good business experience, and hard lessons learned too, many that I can say I was then able to use when implementing a proper customer service attitude to the 'Elvis Presley Shop'.

Awards and honors

The www.elvis.com.au website has one many awards. One that I am most proud of is winning 'Best Elvis Website for 1998'. (The website design is long gone but I managed to find the front page, it is interesting to see how much wed design has changed since that time). However my proudest contribution - and indeed a great honor - was co-producing the top 10 ARIA album chart release, Elvis Presley : 50 Australian Top Ten Hits 1956-1977.

David Troedson.

Where Do I Go from Here?

Elvis news, articles, videos, photos and lots more - all free - then below you will find a huge resource bought to you by our team of contributors, Paul Simpson, David Tinson, David Troedson, David Adams, Troy Yeary, Nick Keene, Scott Jenkins, Daniel Avram and more.

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