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Elvis Presley - Born To Rock

Elvis - Born To Rock

The book :

The book really lives up to its title and gives the answer to the question 'Who's Born To Rock?' not only with its fantastic graphical material !
Elvis - Born To Rock

The time is over to put one single photo on a single page
and call it a book !

The front row ticket given by the book not only brings you back to 1975, it builds up the sold out arenas and coliseums again in your mind; it brings the excitment that is in the air to your home; it transports the hysteric screams and the thunderous applause from the past to the present and comes with a tour schedule, every candidate for presidency would have won the elections with.
Elvis - 100% live on stage

The Content :
The majority of the photos, taken during Elvis long concert tours in the 70s, are so called live candids. That means, photos with small Instamatic cameras with small flashbulbs, with only a small coverage concerning the illumination, and with a fixed focal distance, allowing no zooms. The advantage to these photos is that you can see mostly the entire stage, including Elvis and all his musicians. The disadvantage is, it was impossible to see a close-up image of Elvis. You could not see any facial expressions or details of his beautiful costumes.

The fan shots are still very valuable to the collector, because they a historic account of Elvis at different venues in different outfits. Especially since very little video or photo material of this nature has ever been officially released.The content:

'Elvis - Born To Rock' offers the fan more than 320 photos on over 150 pages, and the majority of the shots are professionally taken and in brilliant color.

A few fans managed, however, to smuggle high quality equipment into the concerts. The better equipment opened up completely different possibilities to the hobby-photographer. Elvis as single image on the photo - that never existed before. The word of these more professional, close-up photos of Elvis spread quickly in the fan scene, so it was not astonishing that names like Keith Alverson, Sean Shaver or George Hill were called 'official' Elvis-photographers.

Evening Show
July 19, 1975

This title, official Elvis-photographer, can only Ed Bonja claim for himself, whose images were not only released in a book, but they were published for the fans already in the 70s due to the decision of the Colonel, to use Bonja's pictures for a LP cover. The difference from all published picures so far is that the fans get nearly for the first time, pictures taken with professional 35mm equipment. James Faro, photographer of this illustrated book, had the opportunity to have Elvis so near to his lens that no disturbing heads or fan posters obstruct the view of the observer to the King. Sometimes it is mysterious how it is possible to take a photo the way that it seems the photographer stood together with Elvis on stage. If you look at the photo of the cover of the book it seems as if there had been a photo session and Elvis posed for the photographer. The depth of sharpness of the photos are so sensational that even the small details of the colorful jumpsuits are outstandingly visible.

Photos from the book 'Elvis - Born To Rock'
Matinee Show - July 19, 1975
The book celebrates the two concerts of July 19th 1975 in a unique and impressive manner. It starts with the appearance at the airport as Elvis flies into New York. It shows Elvis on the way to the hotel from the airport, from the hotel to the Nassau Colisuem, and finally Elvis on stage. Also included are interesting photos of the Nassau coliseum, concert tickets and actual memorabilia that was sold during this tour in 1975.
In this book you will see much more than usual 10-15 pictures of a typical photo set that is traded by photo collectors

Born To Rock will NOT contain the usual known pictures from the soft cover book of John Reggiero, published in 1979.
The concert photos of 'Born To Rock' are unreleased pictures, which have never been published and here for the first time see the light of day.

The complete concert operation - and complete means for the producers from the beginning until the end - are here illustrated. All striking events of the show are captured here in pictures for posterity so you can always 'relive' them again - only in the memory of people who were actually in the audience themselves can there be seen a more vivid impression.

Largo - 27. Juni 1976
The photographer James Faro was in the fortunate situation not only to be at the two Uniondale shows, he was able to experience Elvis in 1975 & 1976 on stage. His shots from June 27th 1976 have found their way to the bonus chapter of the 'Born To Rock' book. Gaze at the glory of the 'Pre-Historic Bird Suit' while running over the pages and follow the concert by means of the stories and newspaper reviews as if you were actually there.

The Realization:

Evening Performance - 19. Juli 1975
Because the format of the Behind The Image book proved itself, 'Praytome Publishing' decided to stabilize the standard and to expand it in certain areas. The important attributes like hard cover and manually binded, as well as high gloss paper were adopted. By Bud Glass's decision to integrate a bonus chapter, the number of pages was increased to nearly 160 pages and beats the pants off the values of the previous product. Production wise, the complete book was this time provided with a print varnishing. This method guarantees that (especially on pictures with dark areas) the fingerprints don't remain visible and so the single pages will always look new and unread.
Like on the DVD productions of 'Praytome Publishing' and 'Bud Glass Productions' where it is always resorted to the original material (at the Super 8 material the original reel is used as source), the photographs in this book was taken nearly exclusively from the 35mm original negatives. Our special thanks to Bob Klein, who provided most of the material used in Born To Rock, from his photo archive.
With 'Born To Rock' you're getting an all around - carefree - complete package.

Besides the uncountable photos, a lot of information is waiting for you. Overviews on the according tour schedule with statements of places and experience reports of fans, who experienced the concerts live, news paper articles, listings from 1975 directly with events concerning Elvis and a short overview on the most important world events of that time. . These mentioned attributes mark out the 'Born To Rock' project and ensure that - without a doubt - the product may be called a book

Evening Performance - July 19, 1975

Elvis leaves the stage - Matinee Show - July 19, 1975

Elvis - Born To Rock
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