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'T-R-O-U-B-L-E' : Jerry Chesnut Remembers Elvis Presley (And his hit song)

Jerry Chesnut : I met Elvis through a mutual friend of ours, and so called Memphis Mafia member, Lamar Fike ... in 1974 Priscilla came to see Elvis perform. They sat in the booth Elvis always reserved for her and when he spotted them, He sang Priscilla's Favorite song 'It's Midnight'. He walked to the edge of the stage, looked at her, and tears were streaming down his cheeks. He was all broke up. She was the only girl he really ever loved ... The Nashville songwriting great originally wrote the clever tune 'T-R-O-U-B-L-E' for singer Little David Wilkins, who really did play from '9 til half past 1' in a Nashville bar, and he had a stroke of genius when he realized he could rhyme certain words if he spelled them out.
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Review : Tupelo's Own Elvis Presley DVD

The Memphis Recording Service [MRS], the producers of this DVD, boldly state on the front cover that never before have we ever had live film footage (i.e., with synchronized sound) of an Elvis concert from the 50's ... until this time. Well, we certainly do now! Elvis performing 6 songs, including Heartbreak Hotel and Don’t Be Cruel, live in Tupelo Mississippi 1956. Included we see a live performance of the elusive Long Tall Sally seen here for the first time ever. This is an excellent release no fan should be without it

Review : Elvis In Person : The 1969 Fantasy Concert DVD

I must admit to finding that the 1969 'Fantasy' concert is a remarkable work that should have broad appeal - a big surprise. My initial skepticism was quickly overcome. This concert DVD should appeal to any Elvis fan that likes Elvis music to start with. With full quality normal audio, from CD, anyone can play this via their DVD player preferably then with the audio output via a stereo system. [And this is no diversion from what the format is] This DVD is well worth consideration for inclusion in your Elvis library for several reasons.

Review : Elvis : February 1977 In Concert CD

I just received the CD, Elvis February 1977, In Concert and not only can I confirm that Elvis is in good form, and the sound quality is top notch, it is indeed a very complete testament to the fact that Elvis still was king in 1977. Even is sporadic. Kicking off with a great version of 'Big Boss Man' [April 29] then in to February 21 starting with 'Are You Lonesome Tonight' while Elvis does forget the words it is another classic with Elvis' banter with Estelle of the Sweets. 'Reconsider Baby' shows he is still the best white blues singer. Moving on we have a ultra rare 'Moody Blue' and it is a good and full version, not a one liner. Elvis Presley MP3 Audio Audio Sample of this CD.

Elvis And The Beauty Queen [Elvis and Linda] 1981 Movie on DVD

Elvis and the Beauty Queen is a 1981 made-for-TV film starring Don Johnson and Stephanie Zimbalist about the King's love affair with Linda Thompson a young beauty pageant contestant who was his girlfriend during the last years of his life. The story begins with their first meeting and traces their years together. The movie is controversial among fans who either dislike Don Johnson and/or his portrayal of Elvis and pick out factual flaws. However on the flip side there are many, like myself, who enjoyed this movie when originally aired, finding the soundtrack songs by Ronnie McDowell making the movie all the more then enjoyable.

Interview with Teri Garr

Interview with Teri Garr who started out as a background dancer in uncredited roles for youth-oriented films and TV shows like 'Pajama Party', a beach party film, the 'T.A.M.I. Show', 'Shindig!', 'Hullabaloo', 'Movin' with Nancy' (a Nancy Sinatra / Frank Sinatra Special), and nine Elvis Presley movies ...
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Interview with Steve Wynn

Interview with Steve Wynn, bother of Kenny who we recently featured an interview with.
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Interview with Anita Wood

Interview with with Anita Wood, Elvis' girlfriend during the whirwind late 50's. Anita talks about meeting Elvis, dating, Elvis being drafted and his mothers reaction, Hollywood, Elvis Presley Jr, Natalie Wood and more.
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Interview with Anita Wood Part II

Interview with Anita Wood Part II. Anita talks about the death of Elvis' mother, Priscilla, Elvis' return from Germany, letters from Priscilla and breaking up with Elvis, the name similar to Lisa Marie they would have given their child if they had a girl and if a boy he was to be Elvis Presley Jr, the death of Elvis and much more.

Review : Elvis Country : Legacy Edition

Before looking at the actual 'Elvis Country'/'Love Letters' albums I would like to address this particular release, the Legacy Edition, as the albums are currently available in more than one format. And also a brief look at the other titles released in the series so far. This is because I had my doubts about this release.

Review : Elvis Is Back! 2 CD Legacy Edition

What do 'Elvis Is Back!' and 'Something For Everybody' have in common? Nothing I thought. But play disc two of this set immediately following the end of Elvis Is Back! on disc one and it is as if the two albums were meant to be a double album release to begin with. Read more | Buy Elvis Is Back! Legacy Edition.

Donnie Sumner, 'Voice', and Elvis Presley

For six years, Donnie Sumner toured with and was a close personal friend of the King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley. His father was a Pentecostal preacher, and his uncle, J.D. Sumner, was a legendary musical figure.
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Interview with Johnny Tillotson

Johnny Tillotson wrote the song, It Keeps Right On A Hurtin' early in 1962 inspired by the terminal illness of his father. He recorded the song himself and it became one of his biggest hits, reaching # 3 in the US pop chart and becoming the first of his records to make the country music charts, where it peaked at # 4. It earned him his first Grammy nomination, for Best Country & Western Recording, and was later recorded by over 100 performers including Elvis Presley in 1969 at his legendary American Sound Studios Sessions.
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Interview with Richard Davis

Interview with Richard Davis a longtime member of Elvis' Memphis Mafia. Richard started working for Elvis after Elvis returned from the Army and continued to work for him until 1971 as a body guard, a stand-in in 23 movies and eventually a wardrobe manager. He remained friends with Elvis until the end. Known among the other Memphis Mafia members for his quick wit and for being a bit of a prankster he once dropped a water balloon on Elvis' head as he walked out of his trailer in fresh makeup for a movie shoot.

Review : On Stage : Legacy Edition 2 CD Set

The On Stage: Legacy Edition 2 CD Set gives the King's best live albums gets the royal treatment. Superb packaging, original cover art work, a nice booklet with interesting liner notes, pictures and memorabilia, pristine sound quality, ten bonus tracks and, best of all, Elvis Presley at the peak of his powers. Bonus tracks include a rehearsal take of 'The Wonder of You' - listen for Presley's scatological lyric shift early in the song.

Review : Elvis On Tour : The Rehearsals FTD CD

There have been a lot of 'rehearsal' Elvis CDs to come out, but this one, apropriatly titled, Elvis On Tour : The Rehearsals is by far the best. First of all, it almost sounds like a studio album. The songs are mostly complete without a bunch of mistakes and a do-overs and most sound really great. There isn't any joking around, each track pretty much jumps strait to the next song.
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Review : Spinout FTD CD

Spinout! This is a great album, a wonderful listening experience. From the classic title track and the lovely ballads such as 'Am I Ready' and 'All That I Am' to the great rock numbers 'Never Say Yes' and 'I'll Be Back' there appears to be something for everybody in this package. 'Never Say Yes' is a wonderful song and is even more enjoyable when heard on its out-take forms and alos do treat yourself to the out-take of the ballad 'Am I Ready', you will find it fuller and, even it is hard to admit, better than the original take on many levels.
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Review : Clambake FTD CD

Follow That Dream records, the collectors division of RCA have done it again with another superb re-packaging in their latest series of original LP re-issues. Turning their attention to the 1967 'Clambake' movie soundtrack. Not a classic film by any accounts, it came from a very low period in Elvis' movie career, probably the lowest in fact as Elvis became physically ill during production and sruggled to motivate himself for this one.
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Interview with Rita Rogers

Elvis was gonna perform at the Armory and my friend and I, we were so excited to go and we went and everybody was screaming and all the girls and everything and then my friend wanted me to go back stage to get his autograph and I wouldn't go and she goes, 'Are you crazy?' and I go, 'I don't want to'. She goes, 'Why not?' I said, 'Because I'm gonna go to Hollywood and he is gonna be my friend' ... And she goes, 'You're crazy ...', because my name Aidieme, 'You're crazy Aidieme, you're never gonna be a movie star and you should go back. At least you get to see him in person'. And I wouldn't do it.
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Interview with Ray Walker of the Jordanaires

Interview with Ray Walker of the Jordanaires. We were looking the other way when Elvis came in. When I turned around, he stuck his hand out and said, 'I'm Elvis Presley'. I said, 'I know who you are. I'm Ray Walker'. Elvis replied to me, 'And I know who you are'. We stood there and talked, and the minute I looked in to his face all his fame left. I saw one of the nicest guys. I'm not really one to keep my mouth shut most of the time, as long as I know there's no harm, so during that all-night session I said to him, 'You know, your heart's going to take a beating in this business. And I've only been in it three weeks'. (Laughs) I really liked him right off. There was just an aura about him, he was one of the most impressive people I have ever met in my life.
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Interview with Larry Muhoberac

The connections between Elvis Presley and Australia are few. He never visited us. He never expressed any particular interest in the land 'down under' He was essentially a Memphis boy who, apart from his brief stint in the army in Germany, liked to stay in the Deep South and to spend his time in Graceland. It therefore comes as a pleasant surprise to learn that Larry Muhoberac, the man who played keyboards for Elvis for ten years, is an Aussie citizen and currently lives in a delightful home overlooking a valley full of gum trees on Sydney's northern beaches. Larry's story is one of those tales of a series of glorious accidents which led to a long period working for the most famous rock star the world has ever known.

Interview with Glen D. Hardin

Interview with Glen D. Hardin. I Elvis him the first time when I went to an audition to play the Las Vegas show. I didn't go the first time in 1969. But I, after that, Larry Muhoberac, playing the piano before me, for reasons of his own, didn't want to go on the road anymore. Anyway, the boys in the band leaned on me and wanted to come and do it, so I went down for a little audition.

Lindalee Wakely (Jimmy Wakely's Daughter) Remembers Elvis and Charle Hodge

Over the years, many singers have recorded Jimmy Wakely's creations - including Elvis Presley with I'll Never Let You Go Little Darlin' for Sun Records in 1954. I did a Hollywood gossip column for a fan magazine called Teen Scene. You may remember it. Well, Dad had known Elvis' manager, Col. Tom Parker, and his wife, Marie, for many years. So Dad was able to get me an interview with the great Elvis who had just come back from Germany and had come out to the West Coast to make movies.
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Interview with Susan Henning

Susan Henning was born in North Hollywood, raised in the San Fernando Valley, the blonde, tan, blue eyed California girl epitomized the Healthy All American girl. She won 'Miss Teen USA' in 1965. Susan apeared in Elvis' movie, 'Live A Little, Love A Little' and says her all time favorite was the 1968 'Elvis Special' where 'Elvis and I came together again igniting our chemistry to thrill the fans'.
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Interview with Bones Howe

Bones Howe. Recognize the name? You should. For more than 40 years, Bones Howe has been producing hit records and putting music in the movies. He's made records with Elvis Presley and movies with Steven Spielberg without getting wrapped up in the Hollywood tinsel.

Interview with Barbara Leigh

In this interview, Barbara speaks candidly about her time with Elvis. As an actress, Barbara has appeared in numerous TV series and on the big screen with major stars including Rock Hudson and Steve McQueen. In 1970 Barbara was introduced to Elvis and that meeting began a torrid, two year affair.

Interview with Dr. Lester Hoffman : Elvis' Dentist

Interview with Elvis' dentist, Dr. Lester Hoffman who first met Elvis just after he had come back from Hawaii, from making Blue Hawaii. 'It was my day out of the office, the girl called me and said, There's a phone call, somebody said Elvis Presley needs a dentist'.

Interview with Sheila Ryan

Interview with Sheila Ryan who was was Elvis' girlfriend after Linda Thompson. Sheila was the Oct.'73 Playboy cover girl and married James Caan in '76 (divorced in '77). Elvis had qualities that no other human being has, had, will have. Some of them are so hard to describe because the charisma, the qualities that he had were almost not of this world, you know. They were, a lot of times, angelic. He knew things before I knew things. He knew things that I was feeling before I was feeling them.
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Interview with Glen Glenn

The first I heard of Elvis was via Billboard Magazine. Cause I was looking for my type of music, country music and stuff. And, I always read about Elvis, all the shows he was doing down south, tearing everybody up.

Interview with Dolores Fuller

Interview with actor, songwriter Dolores Fuller who went into a collaborative partnership with Ben Weisman and got one song, 'Rock-A-Hula Baby', into Blue Hawaii, a beginning that eventually led to Elvis recording a dozen of her songs.