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Goodbye to Las Vegas Hilton maitre d' Emilio Muscelli (91)

As a revered Las Vegas maitre d', Emilio Muscelli seated thousands of locals and visitors at the Rat Pack's performances at the Sands in the early 1960s and to Elvis Presley's attendance-record-setting shows at the Las Vegas Hilton in the 1970s. Emilio died Tuesday of pneumonia at a Las Vegas hospital. He was 91. View an interview with Emilio ... 'nothing can compare with Elvis ...
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Blue Hawaii co-star Darlene Tompkins talks about Elvis Presley

Darlene Tompkins met Elvis Presley in 1961 when she co-starred with him in Blue Hawaii. In this video, she talks about how down to earth Elvis was and his unique laugh.
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Elvis : The most influential singer of all time

Not for the first time, the website India.com has mentioned Elvis, this time proclaiming Elvis top of their list of the 5 most influential singers of all time ... 'You don’t need to be in a band to make it big in the music industry, all you need is talent, good looks and a little bit of luck, here are some of the greatest solo music artists, who revolutionized the music industry both in the West and in India to some extent' :
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Interview With Jan Shepard (Elvis' co-star in King Creole)

Can you tell me how you met Elvis? When you're assigned a film role, you have to go to the doctor, because of the insurance company. They have to make sure you don't have a bad heart, any of that nonsense. They made my appointment for me at the studio, so I was there and I had on a white shirt and these slacks my mother had made for me that were like wine coloured. I went in the office and I was waiting to be called in. In walks Elvis with two of his buddies. I looked at him and he looked at me and we started to laugh. His jacket was the identical material and colour of my slacks. He looked at me and he said, 'Honey, I'm either going to have to give you my jacket or you're going to have to give me your pants' (laughing). Goodness ...
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Dixie Locke Emmons and Lorena Conrad (Dixie's best friend) Remember Elvis

We found these two videos were very interesting viewed back to back so we have combined them in to one for you. In this we have, Dixie Locke who met Elvis at church and was Elvis' girlfriend in the early stages of his career and Lorena Conrad who was best friends with Dixie Locke. Lorena met Elvis through Dixie when she was in high school. Lorena talks about turning Elvis down for a car ride when she was in high school and seeing Elvis at church.
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Kris Kristofferson : Elvis was my Hero

I have had the most incredible experience tonight talking with Kris Kristofferson following his concert at the Palais Theatre. After Kris autographed my copy of one of his recent CD releases, and at the very moment he was pulling away from the fans at the gate having delighted all that braved the cold and waited in hope of an autograph, I asked him, 'Kris, what do you think of Elvis Presley's recordings of your songs?'
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Why you should buy Elvis Recorded Live On Stage in Memphis

The concert found in this set is the full original length concert, and is precise, professional, and deadly, a testament to the Presley team being a well-oiled machine. As this Legacy Expansion reveals, far from being just another Elvis live record, 'Recorded Live on Stage in Memphis' is a little bit of dynamite, proof that on a good night in 1974, Elvis was still as good as rock 'n' roll got. This is by far the best sounding mix of this Memphis concert, it certainly sounds more like I would have imagined it to be at the actual show. This time completely remixed, no artificial echo, no fake applause. and everything is very well balanced.
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Review : Lisa Marie Presley In Concert : The Playhouse, Melbourne Arts Centre, March 25, 2014

The difference between Lisa Marie Presley's concert performance at the Melbourne Art Centre last night and that at Crown Casino Melbourne 10 years ago is vast - in short, it was one of the BEST live performances I have ever seen. Lisa's musical progression is remarkable. Largely based on her extraordinary critically acclaimed 'Storm & Grace' album the concert opened with a strong ...
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The King’s girl Lisa Marie Presley sings up a Storm at Hornsby RSL

IT be a long way from Graceland to Hornsby RSL, but singer Lisa Marie Presley didn't let down her adoring fans, giving a rousing performance last night. The Southern girl performed in Australia for the first time in eight years, showcasing her new blues and roots album, Storm and Grace, to a 600-strong audience.
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The King and I: Lisa Marie Presley can spot her true fans in a crowd of Elvis followers

'When people are looking at me, I don't know what they are thinking. Are they looking at my dad, are they seeing me for me now?' she says. 'By the time I am done with the show, I am my own thing. I am me and I don't do what he does. 'I can differentiate between them pretty quickly now', she says, laughing.
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What I know about men : Lisa Marie Presley

I was just nine when my father died, but I had a very special relationship with him. He was the most incredible, enigmatic, powerful, dynamic human being I've ever met. As far as men go, he left big shoes to fill. He is still such a presence in popular culture, but I don't find it odd or surreal - it makes me happy, actually.
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Mindy Campbell 'Aloha' flight attendant remembers Elvis 1973

Mindy Campbell was a flight attendant and was invited to attend the Aloha from Hawaii concert. Then, the next day, she was excited to find out that Elvis and his entourage would be passengers on their flight back to Los Angeles. We think you will agree this is a very interesting video and well worth 4 minutes of your time.
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Kurt Russell Recalls His Encounter With Elvis Presley

When Kurt Russell first started his career, he appeared in a number of television shows and supporting roles in a couple of movies. Not many people realize this, but when Kurt Russell was 10 years old, he was able to act alongside the King himself, Elvis Presley in 'It Happened at the World's Fair'. My curiosity on his encounter with Elvis got the better of me at 'The Art of the Steal' interview, proceeding to ask him a question remembering anything from his interaction with the legendary musician. When the topic of Elvis came up, he leaned up against the wall, a small twinkle gleamed in his eye as a smile spread across his face.
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Interview on 'Today', Richard Wilkins chats to Lisa Marie Presley

View an excellent interview as the 'Today Shows' Richard Wilkins chats to the King of Rock n’ Roll's daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, about her upcoming, 'Storm & Grace', Australian tour.
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Lisa Marie Presley comes to Oz : The Morning Show : Interview

Lisa Marie Presley on the channel 7 Australia program, 'The Morning Show'.
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Video : Elvis Presley : October 19, 1956 : In Court

In this video we see Elvis Presley in a Memphis city court on Oct. 19, 1956, defending an assault charge, along with Gulf service station employees Edd Hopper (left) and Aubrey Brown. The trio had a fight the previous night when Elvis pulled into the station at Gayoso and Second for repairs and was besieged by fans. Hopper, the station manager, ordered Presley away and a brief altercation ensued. All three were booked for assault and battery and disorderly conduct. Charges against Elvis were dismissed.
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The aftershocks of King Creole by Paul Simpson

In the second of two articles, Paul Simpson traces the impact of 'King Creole's comparative commercial failure on Hal Wallis, Elvis Presley and the King's movies.
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Elvis Presley : Roanoke Civic Center, Roanoke, Va : March 10, 1974

Elvis Presley Photos Elvis Presley : Roanoke Civic Center, Roanoke, Va : March 10, 1974.
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Jerry Lee Lewis, Arrested at the Gates of Graceland : Interview with Jerry Lee Lewis

On November 23, 1976 at Graceland, Memphis tennessee, Elvis' cousin Harold Loyd, the night guard at graceland, called the police complaining of a drunk, pisto wielding man blocking the gates at Elvis Presley's home in a brand new white lincoln continental. Police approached the car cautiously, when they got to the open driver's side window, they found that the man was Jerry Lee Lewis ...
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Jerry Lewis remembers Elvis Presley

'Yes, I knew Elvis Presley when we were both making movies at Paramount'. 'He made his presence quite well known at the studio'. 'Elvis was a really nice kid, one of the nicest people I have met in show business. When we were both at Paramount we had our own projects to work on, of course, so we didn't see each other a lot, but when we did it was always good. Elvis seemed very humble, and he had great respect for other actors'.
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Video Interview with Sam Bell : From a tree house, to using a 'broom' guitar and racism

Sam Bell grew up with Elvis in Tupelo and in this video interview shares some of his favorite memories of his childhood friend Elvis. Much is covered in this interesting 3 and a half minute video; from a tree house, to church, using a broom as a make believe guitar, Shakrag, Elvis' musical ability and that old chestnut; racism.
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The 20 Elvis Presley Movie tracks you really need to hear

Earlier this year Sony Music released 'Elvis : The Movie Soundtracks' a 20 CD box set featuring 17 original Elvis Presley soundtrack albums and three new compilations. From slap-bass rock’n'roll joy to psych guitar freakouts and ballads of dejection, MOJO's Andrew Male picks 20 glorious highlights.
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The secret history of King Creole by Paul Simpson

In the first of two articles, Paul Simpson explores how Hal Wallis broke his own rules when he made King Creole - and how that transformed Elvis' movie career' ...
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Elvis Presley signing an autograph, at Elvis' 10550 Rocca Place house in Bel Air

Checkout this great photo of Elvis signing an autograph, circa 1966-1967.
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Jackie Wilson and Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley greatly admired Jackie Wilson and first saw him perform in 1956 in Las Vegas while Jackie was lead singer with The Dominoes. Elvis really liked Jackie and thought he was a terrific showman.
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Video : Elvis at Fresno Air Terminal 1973

Enjoy this video of Elvis at Fresno Air Terminal 1973.
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Elvis Presley : I'm Leavin' : Live 1973 (From 8mm Film)

Enjoy this great 8mm video footage of Elvis singing the Michael Jarrett classic hit I'm Leavin', as performed in 1973. The footage you see comes from two different sources, and was then synced to the sound of the May 13, 1973 Midnight Show at the Sahara Tahoe Hotel, Nevada (as featured on 'Takin' Tahoe Tonight'.)
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Review : Moody Blue 2 CD Set from FTD

There's a great moment on CD-2 of the new FTD 'Moody Blue' release - two fabulous rehearsals of the funky 'Way Down' start the disc - with Elvis and his band joking amid jamming and a throbbing bass guitar. Take 1 is reminiscent in feel to the funky jam intro to, 'I Got A Feeling In My Body' (Elvis At Stax 3-CD). After the first breakdown, Elvis say's: 'When Briggs fingers start bleeding' see, we know we've got it!' Ronnie Tutt's thumping drums herald take 2A, followed by David Briggs electric piano, and Norbert Putnam's supercool bass - fabulous! Again Ernst Jorgensen and the Follow That Dream team deserve credit for this magnum opus - 'Moody Blue' is the sound of the mature Elvis. Most highly recommended FTD release.
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Lisa Marie Presley returns to Australia with 'Storm & Grace' concerts in March

Lisa Marie Presley has announced that she will be bringing some 'Storm & Grace' to Australia in March, with her five-piece band, for the first time in ten years. The tour comes off the back of her latest album Storm & Grace, which was recorded in the historic Sun Studio in Memphis. In returning to Australia in March, Lisa keeps a promise made to return to Australia with precision, it will be 10 years to the month, week and almost the day when she again rocks Melbourne on March 25. Lisa made the promise at the end of the March 21, 2004 Melbourne show. The tour will see Lisa Marie play Horsnby RSL, Campbelltown Catholic Club, Canberra Southern Cross Club, Melbourne’s Art Centre Playhouse, West Gippsland Arts Centre Theatre, Capital Theatre in Bendigo and Frankston Arts Centre. View full details of each concert, venue and pricing.
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Behind the scenes video, Elvis and Ann-Margret, Viva Las Vegas

Behind the scenes video, Elvis and Ann-Margret, Viva Las Vegas.
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Review : Elvis At American Sound Studio 2-CD Set

Follow That Dream's 'Elvis At American Sound Studio' 2-CD opens a door to the remarkable 1969 Memphis recording sessions. As a stand-alone release it includes the remaining songs not originally available on the landmark FTD albums', Back In Memphis' & 'From Elvis In Memphis' ---> plus an additional thirty unreleased nuggets. Akin to admiring two beautiful paintings, and discovering a third--> a clever compile results in a pleasing listen which augments the stellar Memphis 1969 recording sessions trilogy with aplomb.
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Amazing Previously Unseen Concert Film April 19, 1956

Some amazing previously unseen film from two of Elvis' concert performances [Note Elvis with fans mid clip indicating end of the first show] at the Municipal Auditorium, Oklahoma City has been posted on-line. The film by 'WKY News' features Elvis Presley, Scotty Moore , Bill Black and DJ Fontana and runs for 2:10. In what is excellent quality film, albeit with a watermark, we see Elvis performing at the Oklahoma City Auditorium on April 19, 1956. Scenes of the crowd [Looking quite sedate!!!], Elvis posing with fans and signing autographs. And Police escorting him out of building and woman chasing car, giving new meaning to 'Elvis has left the building'. It is only early 1956 and we see clearly the full impact of Elvis mania is yet to kick in.
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It's back to the experts ... Elvis as a Teen? Photo From His Hometown in Tupelo, Mississippi

I have today talked with Wade Jones the owner of the Elvis photo from 1945 in this article and I am convinced that the image that has been released in full via Vanity Fair is exactly as he received it. And importantly Wade has pointed me to conclusive facts showing that the 'first' so called 'Photoshoped' image was made by a fan and published openly online, from there, somehow this then become 'Wade's' photo which it never was. So we go back to the experts who when asked, 'Is it real'? Is it really him?
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Sony Legacy Release of 'Elvis Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis' to Include Richmond Concert

One of my favorite CD releases on the Follow That Dream collectors label for Elvis Presley fans is 2011's Forty-Eight Hours To Memphis, which captures a March 18, 1974, concert that Elvis performed at the Richmond Coliseum in Virginia. The confusing album title reflects that Elvis closed out his tour two days after the Richmond concert with a show in Memphis at the Mid-South Coliseum, portions of which became the 1974 album Elvis Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis. Elvis earned his third and final Grammy Award for his stellar performance of 'How Great Thou Art' in Memphis on the original 1974 album. The link between the two shows continues, for Sony announced last week that it will reissue the Richmond concert on the second disc of a Legacy Edition of Elvis Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis to be released on March 18.
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Christmas With Elvis -- Merry Christmas Baby!

With Elvis Presley Video video and photos of Elvis at Christmas, we wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a happy new year. [And much more Elvis in 2014!] The arrival of winter at Graceland was always special time of year. It meant the holiday season was fast approaching and the anticipation of all the fun things the season would bring, including decorating for Christmas, opening Christmas presents with friends and family, the annual New Year's Eve party, Elvis' birthday, building snowmen in the front yard of Graceland and more. View a video of Elvis Presley Video Elvis at Graceland at Christmas (01:31) : Elvis celebrating Christmas at Graceland.
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The On Stage Season : The Opening And Closing Shows, February 1970 2 CD Set : In Stock

FTD (Follow That Dream), Sony Music's Official Elvis Presley Collectors label.The FTD release of 'The On Stage Season : The Opening And Closing Shows, February 1970' is a 2 CD release in the 7" Classic Album Presentation. The set features two shows from January 26, 1970 and February 23, 1970 and comes with a 16-page 4-color booklet, featuring great photographs from the season and a insightful essay by Ann Moses Marino. These historic soundboard recordings were made by Elvis' sound engineer Bill Porter at the request of Tom Diskin. Disc 1 recorded at the opening night show January 26, 1970 at the International Hotel. Disc 2 contains the closing night show of February 23, Las Vegas.
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Cafe Europa Sessions : G.I. Blues Volume 2 from FTD : In Stock

The FTD release of 'Cafe Europa Sessions : G.I. Blues Volume 2' is a 2 CD Set in the Classic Album series and is second volume of 'G.I. Blues' material following the G.I. Blues classic album release. As always in a 7" inch digi pack format with booklet. With this volume we get the 'In-and-Outtakes' section in order to summarize all the G.I. BLUES recordings. Sounding better than ANYTHING that's' gone before, the original masters including studio banter have been NEWLY REMIXED from the original multi tracks. A lot of effort (and money) has gone into making these the best sounding recordings.
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Interview with Lisa Marie Presley + Watch Lisa perform ...

In a recent interview with The Weekender, Presley talked about 'Storm & Grace', its accompanying tour, and some of her other recent musical endeavors in her native hometown of Memphis, where she not only recorded at the legendary Sun Studios, but also performed live on the same stage where a young and upcoming artist named Elvis Presley performed in 1954. She also recently did a home recording, so to speak. But in her case, 'home' just happened to be the Jungle Room in a place called Graceland.
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Davada 'Dee' Stanley Presley : The Wicked Stepmother

If Elvis was alive today, he may have been singing a new tune: 'Ding Dong The Witch is Dead'. Because the woman branded his wicked stepmother has died aged 88 [September 28] at her home in Nashville.
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Interview Cynthia Pepper

Interview with Cynthia Pepper, PFC Midge Riley in Kissin' Cousins, an Army stenographer assigned to accompany a lieutenant (Elvis) to the hills of East Tennessee to negotiate the sale of land to build a missile base. There, they encountered angry property owners, including the lieutenant's cousin, (Elvis)!
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Raquel Welch talks Elvis, Sex, and Heartbreak Hotel

Raquel Welch : I first saw Elvis Presley in concert in 1956, when I was 15 years old. He played the San Diego Arena in the spring, and my family lived in nearby La Jolla.Heartbreak Hotel was already a radio hit, and I couldn't get enough of it. Hearing that song was a real turning point for me as a teenager. When I saw him in action, he was mesmerizing. I screamed myself silly ... 'This must be what sex is all about' ... How a 'smoldering' 1956 performance by Elvis hypnotized a budding sex symbol ...
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EPE Statement on Meditation Garden + Elvis' fans Reply

EPE have responded to our request for information regarding the recent change at Graceland, seeing the Meditation Garden cleaned up. 'The Meditation Garden has indeed been cleaned as we have had some procedure changes. We will continue to allow fans and guests to leave items but they are removed daily and those appropriate, kept for the archives. Fresh flowers will be left until they need to be removed and silk flowers will remain for a few days before being removed. These procedures were put in place at the wishes of the family in order to keep this area with a more manicured look'. Author Please contribute your thoughts.
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Ginger Alden to release her story in 2014

Ginger Alden will release her story with Elvis with a book release in 2014. The following is from the publisher ... 'For over three decades Ginger has held the truth of their relationship close to her heart. Now she shares her unique story, and while a lot has been written about the King, the Elvis we meet in this long-anticipated memoir is a revelation. In her own words Ginger details their whirlwind romance ...'
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Moody Blue and From Elvis At American Sound Studio from FTD Mid-November

FTD will release three [3] titles mid-November, 2 CDs, Moody Blue Classic Album [2 CD] and From Elvis At American Sound Studio, the final release in the 'Memphis Trilogy', also a 2 CD set and again in the 7" 'Classic Album' packaging, and From Elvis In Memphis : The American Sound Sessions 2 LP Vinyl.
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Review : Elvis At Stax 3-CD box

Previously unheard nuances are present throughout disc one and two and it's all been given an illustrious sonic sheen. It's all wrapped in a delicious box set with rare photos (including: Elvis driving his white Blackhawk Stutz; Elvis and Linda Thompson driving golf buggy at Graceland, 1974; and various colourful 45 rpm single sleeves and covers for 'Raised On Rock', 'Promised Land', 'I've Got A Thing About You Baby' etc. It's an interesting booklet and with comprehensive liner notes). All things considered, ELVIS AT STAX is chockfull of gems - a veritable treasure-trove of his, utmost personal recordings, and totally essential.
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Storm & Grace CD Review : Lisa Marie Presley : Rock's Princess Finds Her Voice

With Storm & Grace, Lisa Marie Presley has created an extraordinary album!!! ... rich country, folk, and blues that showcase her fine, deep voice while firmly staging her music somewhere between country and pop ... an album that in one swoop restores contemporary significance to the Presley brand ... A true delight and one of the truly great albums!!! ... 'Storm & Grace' is replete with songs capable of becoming standards ... if she can follow this album up with equel quality she will establish herself as major recording artist.

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God Is The Bigger Elvis DVD

God is the Bigger Elvis is a serious and sympathetic documentary made by HBO focusing on the early 1960's actress Delores Hart who left Hollywood and joined the enclosed Benedictine Abbey of Regina Laudis and is now its prioress. The film was nominated for the 2012 Academy Award for Best Documentary. In 1957, Dolores Hart co-starred with Elvis Presley in the Paramount motion picture Loving You. It was in this film that she kissed Elvis. This was Elvis' very first on-screen kiss in a movie. Both Dolores and Elvis would reunite the following year in Michael Curtiz's King Creole. The Abbey of Regina Laudis, founded in 1947 in Bethlehem, Connecticut, U.S.A., is a community of contemplative Benedictine women dedicated to the praise of God through prayer and work. There is a bittersweet aspect to this story. Elvis Presley Video Watch part of this DVD.
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The Story of Elvis' Stop in Vickers Gas Station, Memphis, October 4, 1976

Read the story of and view photos from Elvis' Stop in Vickers Gas Station, Memphis, October 4, 1976.
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Elvis Presley and The Big Bopper

Elvis Presley and the Big Bopper crossed paths many times during the meteoric rise of each others careers in music. In fact, the Big Bopper was a key figure in Elvis' early success and critical to Elvis becoming the icon he became. Elvis' Sun Records needed radio stations to accept them and take the gamble of playing them. One of the most popular DJs at the time was none other than KTRM's, Big Bopper broadcasting out of Beaumont, Texas. This radio exposure allowed The Colonel Tom Parker to successfully book a young Elvis Presley at numerous concert dates throughout Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana and much more ...
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Two [2] Huge Books in One [1] Slipcase on the '68 Comeback Special from Boxcar in 2014

Joseph Pirzada has been working on a very special project for his Boxcar label for eight months, known only to industry insiders now today we can tell you a little about it. After the deluxe and highly acclaimed, 'Elvis Presley s Graceland 1957-1977' and 'Aloha Via Satellite', Joseph has turn his attention to 'The '68 Comeback Special' and this time we are presented with not one but two HUGE books containing hundreds of unpublished photographs, 900 pages in total and packed in one slipcase. The set comes with a free gift surprise. [The free gift surprise kind of makes it 3 books ...] So the ultimate book on the '68 comeback special.
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