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Review : The Jungle Room Sessions CD

'The Jungle Room Sessions', the 4th volume in the Follow That Dream label's releases. And let it be said loud and clear from the start, that it was indeed worth the wait as this is a magnificent album and by far the best Follow That Dream release ... we get the biggest of all surprises: The only surviving, ten seconds long fragment of Elvis trying out 'America' in the studio.

Review : Suspicious Minds : The Memphis 69 Anthology CD

In all but a few, minor matters, I find this release extremely satisfying. It is very nice to have all this material gathered in one release and as the sound is excellent, the packing is almost flawless and you get a whole slew of interesting bonus tracks who could ask for more? This is Elvis at an absolute peak, and Elvis- vise or even music-vise it doesn't come any better.

Beyond The Reef : The Elvis : Hawaii Connection

Elvis had a special love for Hawaii and its music.  In this illuminating article, Jakob Skjernaa Hansen explores the Elvis-Hawaii connection.
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Review : Elvis: The Home Recordings CD

This latest release from RCA is a very difficult one to review. The reason for this is that in order to give it as fair and objective a criticism as it deserves (and it defiantly does) you have to look upon it with two different pair of eyes: The eyes of the devoted Elvis-fan and the eyes of the casual rockfan and cd-buyer.

Review : Burbank '68 CD : Review by Jakob Skjernaa Hansen

Burbank '68 is the first release from the long awaited 'collectors label' Follow That Dream. (2001)

Review : Sunrise CD

There are many good things to be said about this latest RCA/BMG release, and it is in many ways a very welcome addition to the catalog. However, it is at the same time rather disappointing - not for what it is, but rather for what it isn't but could quite easily have been.