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Complete List of all FTD CD Releases at Complete Elvis Presley. Complete list of all FTD Releases, currently available and deleted.

Goodbye to Las Vegas Hilton maitre d' Emilio Muscelli (91)

As a revered Las Vegas maitre d', Emilio Muscelli seated thousands of locals and visitors at the Rat Pack's performances at the Sands in the early 1960s and to Elvis Presley's attendance-record-setting shows at the Las Vegas Hilton in the 1970s. Emilio died Tuesday of pneumonia at a Las Vegas hospital. He was 91. View an interview with Emilio ... 'nothing can compare with Elvis ...
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Elvis Live On Stage in Memphis on 4LP set

Music On Vinyl, will release a 4 LP set 'Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis' on 180 gram vinyl in a limited edition. This set contains the complete Memphis Concert from March 1974 and the show from Richmond performed two days before. Both Concerts have the same tracks as the 2 CD set plus the bonus songs.
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Elvis : The most influential singer of all time

Not for the first time, the website India.com has mentioned Elvis, this time proclaiming Elvis top of their list of the 5 most influential singers of all time ... 'You don’t need to be in a band to make it big in the music industry, all you need is talent, good looks and a little bit of luck, here are some of the greatest solo music artists, who revolutionized the music industry both in the West and in India to some extent' :
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Follow That Dream on Blu Ray

It has been a while since the release of the last Elvis movie on Blu Ray (which was 'Elvis On Tour' with a different opening song), but August brings another one: Follow That Dream will be released by Twilight Time in the US on Blu Ray, limited to 3000 copies. If sold out, chances are that more titles will follow.
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The Elvis Experience by Dave Hebler DVD

From the press release : Dave Hebler is the 10th degree black belt 'kenpo karate' champion who was hired by Elvis himself as his personal bodyguard in 1972. During the next four years he became friends and confidant with the King. For the first time on film he tells about how they met, the crazy vegas years and how he experienced first hand what drugs did to Elvis. He also tells how the firing itself took place and what led him and two other bodyguards, Red & Sonny West, write the sensational book 'Elvis what happened' in 1977. The three received a lot of criticism from fans after the book (and still does), and now with the release of 'The Elvis Experience by Dave Hebler DVD' Dave finally answers back. Judge for yourself.
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Released : Elvis' Legendary second album, 'Elvis' from FTD

FTD have released Elvis' Legendary second album, 'Elvis'. The original 1956 release quickly outsold the debut album. This 2-disc 7" Classic Album release includes every known outtake from the Labor-Day sessions and the booklet features great photographs taken from the photo session held in February 1956.
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Released : Elvis : Destination USA, 1972 Soundboard + Rehearsal from FTD

To honour all the fans worldwide who special traveled to see Elvis Live in 1972, especially the 200 British Elvis fans for whom Elvis gave this special show on September 4, 1972, FTD have released the 2 CD set, 'Elvis : Destination USA'. Re-live the experience when many Elvis fans from around the world saw Elvis for the first time in Las Vegas, September 1972. Disc 2 contains RCA Live Recordings. February 1972 and 'Sub-standard' audio from cassette tape, recorded at rehearsals August 2 and 3, 1972 at The Las Vegas Hilton.
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Little Mama 45 RPM Vinyl Single : Deleted

True to the claim of limited edition (Only 500 made) the 45 rpm 'Little Mama'/'I Forgot To Remember To Forget' single is now deleted. We have just a small number of each of both the black and pink in stock. The pink vinyl is simply stunning, just beautiful and we literally have only a handful left.
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We'll Remember You Book by Ed Bonja

The book, 'We'll Remember You' by Ed Bonja will be released in June. This hardback release will contain many unseen photos of the King of Rock 'n' Roll and will be limited to 1000 copies. Photos for this publication were taken by Ed Bonja, who worked as Tour Manager and Official Photographer from 1970 to 1977.
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Previously unseen video clip : Elvis Presley and his pink Cadillac from 1955

Here is a fantastic and previously unseen, 30 second video clip of Elvis and his pink Cadillac from 1955.
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Elvis '72 Bright Summer Nights & Sessions IV Books coming from JAT Publishing

JAT Publishing have announced the release the book 'Elvis '72 Bright Summer Nights' in June, followed by 'Sessions IV' set for July at this time. 'Elvis '72, Bright Summer Nights' will feature over 150 photographs, many unpublished ... 'Sessions IV' will be distributed worldwide with the most accurate information of any previous sessions books or websites. It is based on documents and every union contract containing more information that is sure to capture the hearts of every Elvis fan of music enthusiast.
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Elvis Presley : Out For A Bike Ride : April 3, 1976

Elvis Presley Photos Elvis Presley : Out For A Bike Ride : April 3, 1976. Picture this - April 1976 and you are out for a drive, you look out your window and what do you see? Why Elvis Presley of course!!! What else would you expect?
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Back In Memphis Special Edition Vinyl from FTD

FTD will release Back In Memphis Special Edition 2 LP Vinyl (As usual, deluxe gatefold, 180 gram Audiophile grade) along with'Elvis' and 'Destination USA', around the middle of this month.
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Released : Elvis : The King Of The Jungle : 45 Years After 544 page Book by Erik Lorentzen

The 544 page book, Elvis : The King Of The Jungle : 45 Years After by Erik Lorentzen [The Elvis Files] has been released. In June 1968 Elvis Presley taped a television special to be broadcast that Christmas. The TV special 'Singer Presents Elvis' was is a great moment in music and a key to Elvis musical renaissance. 'A moment of change, when what was lost is found again. Elvis was lean and chiseled and -- what he had not seemed in years -- a little dangerous'. Featuring 544 pages the book will include a detailed look at everything that took place at the historic taping and recording sessions. It will also include eye-witness reports from lucky fans that were present at the legendary NBC performances.

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Video : Elvis at Fresno Air Terminal 1973

Enjoy this video of Elvis at Fresno Air Terminal 1973.
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Hometown Memphis Recorded Live (6 LP + 4 CD Box)

Hometown Memphis Recorded Live a 6 LP and 4 CD Box Set, limited to 500 individually numbered sets will be released soon. And like the previous 'On Tour' box set this will be sold out on release. A quality release and there is always something very special with a 12" x 12" box set even before you open the lid!!! The set contains live performances, recorded in Elvis Presley's hometown Memphis from 1974 and 1976.
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Elvis Presley : I'm Leavin' : Live 1973 (From 8mm Film)

Enjoy this great 8mm video footage of Elvis singing the Michael Jarrett classic hit I'm Leavin', as performed in 1973. The footage you see comes from two different sources, and was then synced to the sound of the May 13, 1973 Midnight Show at the Sahara Tahoe Hotel, Nevada (as featured on 'Takin' Tahoe Tonight'.)
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Elvis : 1970 In The Dome JAT Hardcover Book : Released

JAT Publishing have released the book, 'Elvis : 1970 In The Dome'. This book, written by Joseph A. Tunzi, focuses on Elvis' legendary shows in Houston Astrodome in February/March 1970 and contains 208 pages with more than 160 unpublished pictures. Also includes the January 27 to February 23rd 1970 'On Stage' season at the Las Vegas Hilton. [So a perfect compliment to the latest FTD CD release] As a bonus is a DVD that includes footage from the press conference.Elvis Presley Video Promo Video : 1970 In The Dome.
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Elvis Films FAQ : All That's Left To Know About the King Of Rock 'N' Roll In Hollywood by Paul Simpson

Elvis Films FAQ : All That's Left To Know About the King Of Rock 'N' Roll In Hollywood byPaul Simpson : If Elvis Presley had not wanted to be a movie star, he would never have single-handedly revolutionized popular culture. Yet this aspect of his phenomenal career has been much maligned and misunderstood partly because the King himself once referred to his 33 movies as a rut he had got stuck in just off Hollywood Boulevard. Elvis Films FAQ explores his best and worst moments as an actor, analyzes the bizarre autobiographical detail that runs through so many of his films, and reflects on what it must be like to be idolized by millions around the world yet have to make a living singing about dogs, chambers of commerce, and fatally naive shrimps. Elvis' Hollywood years are full of mystery, and Elvis Films FAQ covers them all!
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From Elvis In Memphis : The American Sound Sessions Vinyl 2 LP from FTD : Released

FTD Vinyl have released the From Elvis In Memphis : The American Sound Sessions 2 LP Vinyl.
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The Spirit Of 1971 DVD

The Spirit Of 1971 DVD follows the DVD Elvis 1969-1970. After the much publicized Las Vegas shows in 1969 and 1970, Elvis returned to Vegas in 1971 for another run at the International Hotel. The shows Elvis gave during 1971 in Las Vegas, Tahoe and on the road are not widely known to many Elvis fans. Not many good photos were taken, not many press and news reviews were written.
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Behind the scenes video, Elvis and Ann-Margret, Viva Las Vegas

Behind the scenes video, Elvis and Ann-Margret, Viva Las Vegas.
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Promo Enhanced CD : 'The 50 Greatest Hits' CD & 'Elvis That's The Way It Is' DVD

TITLE: Four Track Enhanced CD Taken from 'The 50 Greatest Hits' CD & 'Elvis That's The Way It Is' (Special Edition) DVD. BACKGROUND: Upon release this promo sampler was described as 'the biggest ever Elvis promotion in British history'. This was in part because it was backed by 'a massive Television advertising campaign' which took place over the weekend of May 11/13th 2001. At the time there was significant support for BMG who 'supported and licensed this deal [and] are finally being allow...ed to promote Elvis with the enthusiasm, commitment and dedication that he deserves'. Sadly relatively few of these CDs have survived.
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Elvis Presley : On Stage 2014 Promo Video

Here is the promotional video of the new show presented by Graceland and Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc., and produced by Stig Edgren of SEG Events. 'Elvis Presley : On Stage 2014' recreates the iconic Elvis concert performances in Las Vegas - creating a virtual concert with Elvis singing lead vocals on all songs via state-of-the-art screens and accompanied by a young, dynamic studio session band and singers. If you've never seen Elvis live, this is the closest you'll ever get ! Coming in 2014...
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Released : Loving You: Something For The Girls 528 page Hardcover Book From FTD [With CD]

FTD have released the new book on Elvis' second movie 'Loving You: Something For The Girls' by Pål Granlund and David English. Pål Granlund and his people have produced an unbelievably beautiful book filled to the brim with classic and previously unreleased photos from the making of 'Loving You'. The text provides us useful information, and the design is simply breathtaking. 528 pages total. Size is 24,5 x 31,5 cm. [9.5" x 13"] The book follows the format of the Frame By Frame books, but different to those books, this package includes a CD (nothing previously unreleased). Read what Gordon Minto has to say about this book ...
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New FTD release is coming

The Follow that Dream team has just released a teaser for the upcoming release. This time, the focus is on another great live show from the Summer Festival at the Hilton. This poster however, was not an Original and has been made to announce the next release. Just like on some of the previous releases, ElvisMatters is slightly involved in this upcoming release too. More info to follow.
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Elvis : The Nation’s Favourite Elvis Songs DVD

The Nation's Favourite Elvis Songs will be released finally on DVD for all the fans around the world. Elvis fans in the United Kingdom had the opportunity to vote for their favorite Elvis song with a countdown show dedicated to the king. 'The Nation's Favourite Elvis Songs' debuted on ITV in the United Kingdom.
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Two 'New' Vinyl Singles : Warehouse Find

We have a few of each of the following 45 RPM vinyl singles, these are brand new but only recently found in the warehouse. C'mon Everybody / King Of The Whole Wide World 'Not For Sale' 45 RPM Vinyl Single. RCA Victor SP-45-118 USA. Ready Teddy / Rip it Up 45 RPM Vinyl Single. RCA Victor 47-7906 USA.
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Elvis '56 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl

The Music On Vinyl label will re-issue the 'Elvis '56' compilation on 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl on March 3, 2014.
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Amazing Previously Unseen Concert Film April 19, 1956

Some amazing previously unseen film from two of Elvis' concert performances [Note Elvis with fans mid clip indicating end of the first show] at the Municipal Auditorium, Oklahoma City has been posted on-line. The film by 'WKY News' features Elvis Presley, Scotty Moore , Bill Black and DJ Fontana and runs for 2:10. In what is excellent quality film, albeit with a watermark, we see Elvis performing at the Oklahoma City Auditorium on April 19, 1956. Scenes of the crowd [Looking quite sedate!!!], Elvis posing with fans and signing autographs. And Police escorting him out of building and woman chasing car, giving new meaning to 'Elvis has left the building'. It is only early 1956 and we see clearly the full impact of Elvis mania is yet to kick in.
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It's back to the experts ... Elvis as a Teen? Photo From His Hometown in Tupelo, Mississippi

I have today talked with Wade Jones the owner of the Elvis photo from 1945 in this article and I am convinced that the image that has been released in full via Vanity Fair is exactly as he received it. And importantly Wade has pointed me to conclusive facts showing that the 'first' so called 'Photoshoped' image was made by a fan and published openly online, from there, somehow this then become 'Wade's' photo which it never was. So we go back to the experts who when asked, 'Is it real'? Is it really him?
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Sony Legacy Release of 'Elvis Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis' to Include Richmond Concert

One of my favorite CD releases on the Follow That Dream collectors label for Elvis Presley fans is 2011's Forty-Eight Hours To Memphis, which captures a March 18, 1974, concert that Elvis performed at the Richmond Coliseum in Virginia. The confusing album title reflects that Elvis closed out his tour two days after the Richmond concert with a show in Memphis at the Mid-South Coliseum, portions of which became the 1974 album Elvis Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis. Elvis earned his third and final Grammy Award for his stellar performance of 'How Great Thou Art' in Memphis on the original 1974 album. The link between the two shows continues, for Sony announced last week that it will reissue the Richmond concert on the second disc of a Legacy Edition of Elvis Recorded Live On Stage In Memphis to be released on March 18.
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Sweet Home Alabama 2 CD : Two Concerts : Mobile, June 2, 1975 A/S & E/S

The new TNT Record import label will soon release their second CD 'Sweet Home Alabama' containing the soundboard recordings from the June 2, 1975 afternoon and evening shows. After their first title 'Goin' Back To Houston' quickly selling-out of again with a little help from our friends at 'Audionics' - probably the premium and still active label when it comes to rare recordings in best possible sound - we decided once more to pick two shows from 'Tour Number 14' (May 30 ‚Äď June 10, 1975).
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At Dinner In Vegas and Back On Track In Vegas CDs from Touchdown Productions

Touchdown Productions will release two new audience recorded releases, 'At Dinner In Vegas' and 'Back On Track In Vegas'. Touchdown Productions proudly presents two new audience recorded releases. One of it, the dinner Show from September 3, 1972 is another totally new show that didn't even circulate on CDR or in any other form. The show was very good, Elvis was in fine form and sang some very fine renditions of 'What Now My Love', 'I'll Remember You' and also 'For The Good Times'! The sound quality is good for this kind of recordings. The CD comes with a beautiful designed 16-pages booklet.
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The Perfect Elvis Presley Soundtrack Collection a 20 CD box set : Released

Sony have released The Perfect Elvis Presley Soundtrack Collection a 20 CD box set with 23 complete Elvis Presley movie soundtracks. The set includes; Loving You (1957), Jailhouse Rock, King Creole (1958), G.I. Blues (1960), Follow That Dream, Blue Hawaii (1961), Girls! Girls! Girls! (1962), It Happened At The World's Fair (1963), Fun In Acapulco (1963), Kissin' Cousins (1964), Viva Las Vegas, Roustabout (1964), Girl Happy (1965), Harum Scarum (1965), Frankie And Johnny (1966), Paradise Hawaiian Style (1966), Spinout (1966), Double Trouble (1967), Clambake (1967), Speedway (1968) ['Flaming Star', 'Follow That Dream' and 'Kid Galahad' in compilation on 'Follow That Dream']. Now in stock .. You can buy this box set now.
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'Elvis' (1973) CD Release

'Elvis' (1973) is a new 'reproduction' CD release following the recent, 'Elvis In Demand'. The original release of 'Elvis' was certified 5x Platinum by the RIAA - one of the best selling albums of the seventies. Now available for the first time on CD! Includes: The original album tracks - and - album artwork, 'Hound Dog' in the best possible sound, 'All Shook Up', 'Don't' and 'Surrender' complete with studio chat, 'Return To Sender' with longer fade-out, Special bonus: The first 12 takes of 'Can't Help Falling In Love' and an 8 page booklet.
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Elvis : Caught On Camera : The 50s Candids : Hardcover Book in slipcase

From the makers of the book Spotlight on Elvis : The Photographic Work of Ed Bonja comes the new book release, 'Elvis Caught On Camera : The 50's Candids' with 144 pages containing many rare and unseen photo's. The book covers Elvis Presley’s rise from the early fifties until his draft into the Army and is packed in a high quality slipcase box. Includes special bonus photograph. View the flyer. Nearly sold out!!!
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1969 3 CD Box Set from Gravel Road Music : Release Date January 3rd

Gravel Road Music's 3CD Memphis 1969 box will be released January 3rd. This release is intended to be a flawless release with the best sounding Elvis of 1969. We started by going back to the basic recordings of the American sound studio; the edited repaired master tracks without the dubbing done later in Nashville. The combination package 'Elvis In Person & Back in Memphis' was the basic concept, but we wanted more. During the first days of the comeback in Las Vegas in 1969, special RCA presentation box sets were given away. These box sets are very rare and expensive to get hold of. This was the perfect 1969 package idea for this release. Included are: The reproduction slipcase of the famous 1969 presentation box set ...
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Rock And Roll Vinyls Book

Rock and roll vinyls is a unique book that presents nearly 700 vinyl albums of the most famous rock 'n' roll artists like Bill Haley, Elvis Presley or Wanda Jackson. Structured chronologically, it creates a comprehensive and richly illustrated portrait of one of the most influential musical genres ever. The entertaining chapters present the genesis of the particular albums, the artists themselves, as well as anecdotes about the individual protagonists and their music. The book contains three CDs including the most famous rock 'n' roll hits like 'Rock Around the Clock', 'Blue Suede Shows', 'Be-Bop-a-Lula', 'Heartbreak Hotel', 'Johnny Be Goode', 'Walk the Line', 'That'll Be the Day', and 'Blueberry Hill'.
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Released : Elvis At American Sound Studio FTD 2 CD

Following on from the success of FTD's classic album versions of From Elvis In Memphis and Back In Memphis, FTD presents the remaining recordings from his legendary sessions at American Sound in Memphis recorded in 1969. Finally, these great tracks are issued as a stand-alone album with unreleased outtakes, un-dubbed versions and instrumentals. Elvis At American Sound Studio completes the Memphis trilogy, and fittingly gets the classic album treatment to complement the other two releases. Released and on the way to us.
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