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The Baby Lets Play House - Spankox Remix

By Elvis Australia
January 5, 2008 - 1:46:00 PM

Baby Lets Play House - Remix
Baby Lets Play House - Remix
The Baby Lets Play House - Spankox Remix release is on a brand new media called VinylDisc: it's a special compact disc (CD) playable on a normal CD player but also by a traditional 33rpm turntable.

Elvis' Baby Let's Play House will be the world's first commercial release on this new interesting media that like the old 45 rpm singles has one A side (Vinyl) and one B side (CD). Buy | View Video.

The packaging of this original Elvis Presley's VinylCD, which is indeed a charming collectable item and will be a world's first, will also be very special and will resemble that of a 12" vinyl in appearance - size will be the same as a normal CD.

It will include a radio edit version, an extended version and the original remastered Elvis Presley song. Also, as bonus, the remix ringtone.


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