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Elvis Sings ... CD

Source: Elvis Australia
April 8, 2008

Elvis Sings ... is a double CD containing a nice collection of 67 'theme songs' recorded by Elvis. Elvis sings- Beatles songs, Hawaiian songs and even Beethoven. Surprised? During his career Elvis covered many songs that originally were written and recorded by some of the biggest names in the entertainment field and at the same time some of the best songwriters in the world.

Elvis Sings ... CD
Elvis Sings ... CD

We have a preview of 8 pages from the booklet of the Elvis Sings CD (4 images in total, two pages on each) looks great.

Among them are names from different music genres like Arthur Crudup, Bill Monroe, Hank Williams, Chuck Berry, Ray Charles, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison from The Beatles, Kris Kristofferson and of course some of Little Richard's songs. Little Richard didn't write the songs himself, but he influenced the writer and made the songs his own. Just listen to the four Little Richard songs Elvis covered and you won't be in any doubt who Elvis is trying to sound like.

Elvis also recorded quite a few songs that were built on old European or Hawaiian melodies and/or songs. Some even became classics like It's Now Or Never, Wooden Heart, Can't Help Falling In Love, Surrender and My Way. Inspiration have decided to include studio, live, rehearsal and even home recordings to make this compilation as complete as possible.

The first CD contains the cover songs.

The second CD starts with the only known recording of Elvis singing bass in a trio to the tune of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. An informal home recording that wouldn't make sense to release to the wide public, but a charming pearl for music lovers. What follows are the four musical songs that Elvis sang during his career. Only two of them were released during his lifetime. The first two are home recordings of Rodgers and Hammerstein's 'If I Loved You' from the musical Carousel and 'Make Believe' from the musical Showboat. Then follows 'You'll Never Walk Alone' from the musical Carousel also by Rodgers and Hammerstein and the last one in the musical genre is a live recording of 'The Impossible Dream' from The Man Of La Mancha.

The rest of CD2 contains all the French, Italian, Spanish, German, Hawaiian and English songs that Elvis recorded. Some of them he sings like they originally were written and some were rewritten with English lyrics. In the situations were the lyrics were changed we have mentioned the original title right after the English title. Elvis Sings- brings you for the first time ever a collection of all these recordings by Elvis Presley. We hope that you will enjoy Elvis Sings-!



Arthur Crudup songs [01] That's All Right [02] My Baby Left Me [03] So Glad You're Mine Bill Monroe songs [04] Blue Moon Of Kentucky [05] Little Cabin On The Hill (Million Dollar Quartet) [06] Summertime Is Past And Gone (Million Dollar Quartet) [07] I Hear A Sweet Voice Calling (Million Dollar Quartet) [08] Sweetheart You Done Me Wrong (Million Dollar Quartet)

Hank Williams songs [09] Your Cheatin' Heart [10] I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (Home recording) [11] I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry (Live) [12] Men With Broken Hearts (Live) [13] Jambalaya (Live)

Little Richard songs [14] Rip It Up [15] Ready Teddy [16] Long Tall Sally [17] Tutti Frutti

Chuck Berry songs [18] Maybellene (Live) [19] Brown Eyed Handsome Man (Million Dollar Quartet) [20] Memphis Tennessee [21] Too Much Monkey Business [22] Johnny B. Goode (Live) [23] Promised Land [24] School Days (Live)

Ray Charles songs [25] I Got A Woman [26] What'd I Say

Bob Dylan songs [27] Blowing In The Wind (Home recording) [28] Tomorrow Is A Long Time [29] Don't Think Twice It's All Right [30] I Shall Be Released

Beatles songs [31] Something (Live) [32] Hey Jude [33] Get Back [34] Yesterday (Live) [35] Lady Madonna

Kris Kristofferson songs [36] Help Me Make It Through The Night [37] For The Good Times [38] Why Me Lord (Live)


Beethoven Composition [01] Moonlight Sonata (For piano, C-sharp-minor, opus 27 no. 2) (Home recording)

Musical songs [02] If I Loved You (From Carousel) (Home recording) [03] Make Believe (From Showboat) (Home recording) [04] You'll Never Walk Alone (From Carousel) [05] The Impossible Dream (From The Man Of La Mancha) (Live)

French songs [06] Almost Always True (Alouette) [07] Can't Help Falling In Love (Plaisir d'Amour) [08] Let It Be Me (Je T'Appartiens) (Live) [09] My Way (Comme d' Habitude) (Live) [10] My Boy (Parce Que Je T'Aime Mon Enfant) [11] What Now My Love (Et Maintenent) (Live)

Italian songs [12] Surrender (Torna A Sorrento) [13] No More (La Poloma) [14] Ask Me (Io) [15] Santa Lucia [16] O Solo Mio (Live) [17] It's Now Or Never (O Solo Mio) Spanish songs [18] Guadalajara [19] Alla' en el Rancho Grande [20] It's Impossible (Somos Novios) (Live)

German songs [21] Wooden Heart (Muss I denn) [22] Tonight Is So Right For Love (Barcarolle) [23] Tonight Is All Right For Love (Geschichten Aus den Weinerwald) [24] Five Sleepy Heads (Wiegendlied)

Hawaiian songs [25] Aloha Oe [26] Drums Of The Island (Bula Lai) [27] Hawaiian Wedding Song (Ke Kali Nei Au)

English songs [28] Old McDonald [29] Stay Away (Greensleeves)

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