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'Spliced takes Hollywood' CD

By Elvis Australia
June 19, 2016

CD. 'Spliced Takes T-R-O-U-B-L-E' CD
CD. 'Spliced Takes Snowbird' CD
CD. 'Spliced takes Nashville' CD
CD. 'Spliced takes Hollywood' CD

CMT is proud to present their latest release, 'Spliced takes - Hollywood', which promises to be a winner! The STAR team has done all the edits on this album, and they made magic once more! Unlike other 'import' labels, they truly were able to produce a great 'new album , using many incomplete takes , to create beautiful new tracks. Their professional edits will blow you away, and will make you believe these are unreleased takes. Some new 'alternate masters' were made and the result is amazing; just listen to the breathtaking version of 'Steppin' Out of Line' or the new 'bluesy' opening of 'Slowly But Surely'. Elvis fans have been spoiled over the years, and they all know.. 'the end is near' almost every complete take available has been released, so this is as close as you can get for a 'New' album, an album which won't leave your player this summer!

The set comes in a 'Deluxe Digipack' with beautiful artwork, and is strictly limited to 500 copies!

Pre-order your set now, this will be sold out soon!


  1. Blue Hawaii - Spliced take 4,6,3
  2. Almost Always True - Spliced take 6,5
  3. Didja Ever - spliced take 1,2 *
  4. Pocketful of Rainbows - Spliced take 19,20
  5. Steppin Out of Line - Alternate Master
  6. Slowly But Surely - Spliced take 3,4,1 (bluesy intro)
  7. If You Think I don''t Need You - Spliced take 5,7
  8. What a wonderful Life - Spliced take 5,6
  9. Tonights So Right For Love - Spliced take 5,6
  10. We'll Be Together - Spliced take 8,10
  11. One Broken Heart for Sale - Spliced take 3,5
  12. The Bullfighter Was A Lady - Spliced take 9,7 *
  13. Ku u I po - Spliced take 2,5
  14. Animal Instinct - Spliced take 3,4
  15. A Dogs Life - Spliced take 5,4
  16. C'mon Everybody - - Spliced take 1,3
  17. King of the Whole Wide World (remake) - Spliced take 2,3
  18. Cross My Heart Hope to Die - Spliced take 9,11
  19. Smorgasbord - Spliced take 4,2
  20. What's She Really Like - Spliced 16,11 Ito Eats - Spliced take 2,4,5
  21. Girl Happy - Alternate Master *
  22. A Cane and A High Starched Collar - Alternate Master *
  23. Stay Away, Joe - Spliced take 15,16,13
  24. Island of Love - Spliced take 4,4,8
  25. Stop Look and Listen - Spliced take 5,6
  26. Take Me To the Fair - Spliced take 5,7
  27. Where Do You Come From - Spliced take 13,14 *
  28. Let Yourself Go - Spliced take 5,6 *
  29. Almost in Love - Spliced take 1,6

Tracks marked with * are previously released.

'Spliced takes Hollywood' CD.
'Spliced takes Hollywood' CD.

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