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Review : Loving You DVD

By David Troedson / Daniel Avram
Source: Elvis Australia
May 14, 2004 - 1:04:00 PM

Loving You R0 PAL DVD
Loving You R0 PAL DVD
That voice, those eyes, those lips, those hips! The King returns to life once more!

When premiered in 1957, moviegoers could barely hear the dialogue due to the screaming and swooning of Elvis' frenzied fans. Now newly remastered for optimum sound and picture quality, Loving You stars a young Elvis Presley in his second feature film. This semi-autobiographical tale - which boasts some of his most outstanding performances including 'Teddy Bear' and 'Loving You' - chronicles the King's meteoric rise to super-stardom. With his unique vocal style, smouldering sensuality and easy-going sex appeal to burn, Elvis shows us why he will live forever!

Features these classic Elvis hits - Got A Lot Of Living To Do - Party - Teddy Bear - Hot Dog - Lonesome Cowboy - Mean Woman Blues - Loving You

DVD Extras: Celebrity Interviews. Martin Sheen, Carson Daly, Tom Verica & Gail O'Grady and Jean Smart.

This is a much appreciated DVD release and highly recomended. When they say "remastered for optimum sound and picture quality" they actually mean it. The sound is excellent throughout and unlike previous Loving You DVD release's, the picture is much brighter and without the depressing shadows.

Elvis looks much more relaxed in this movie when compared to his first film Love Me Tender (1956). The storyline suits him perfectly, and not surprisingly, Elvis delivers some fantastic performances. He is supported by a strong cast and backed by original band members Scotty Moore and Bill Black. Keen fans will also notice the only film appearance of Gladys and Vernon Presley together, as audience members, during 'Got A Lot Of Living To Do'

As a bonus there are four interviews included. The interview with Martin Sheen is quite interesting. Martin is a big fan and tells of his love for Elvis and seeing Love Me Tender about 20 times in the 50's. Unlike the other interviews which I found unexciting, this one grabbed me from the start with Martin Sheen's enthusiasm for the interview and for Elvis. I watched the interview twice then the movie. I have given away my old copy of Loving You and replaced it with this delightful DVD.

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By Daniel Avram & David Troedson April 2004 - Elvis Australia.

This DVD is formatted for worldwide use for playback on all PAL compatible systems. Region 0

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