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Elvis In Karate Hall Of Fame

By Elvis Australia
Source: The Elvis Express
June 11, 2005 - 11:13:00 AM

Elvis Gladiators DVD.Elvis' commitment to the martial arts has been rewarded with a place in the Martial Arts Hall of Fame in New York. Elvis will join forces with other legends of martial arts, including Chuck Norris, Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee. Elvis is to receive the 'In Memory Of Award'.

Everett Dutschke, lead instructor at Tupelo Taekwondo Plus will represent Tupelo at the induction ceremony in the Big Apple and former Tennessee congressman Harold Ford of Memphis will represent that city, home to Elvis' Graceland mansion.

Duplicate awards will also be presented for placement at Graceland and the Elvis Presley Birthplace and Museum in Tupelo. Dutschke said 'I think it's long overdue. I've been lobbying hard, because this is good for Tupelo. It's probably just being done now because nobody asked before'.

Elvis was devoted to the study of martial arts and his display of martial arts in his movies gave great exposure to the art.

Elvis can be seen practising karate and explaining some of the moves in the new Elvis By The Presleys DVD.

The New Gladiators contains nearly every photo of Elvis doing karate.

Buy Elvis Presley: Gladiators DVD contains;

1.) 49 minutes of footage narrated by Wayne Carmen
2.) Raw footage with Elvis
3.) 1968 'It Hurts Me' Karate footage takes
4.) Interview about Elvis' Karate with Wayne Carmen

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View Elvis Karate movie footage in the Elvis By The Presleys DVD at over 4 hours this double DVD set will tell you everything you want to know and more plus includes lots of home movies of Elvis, Priscilla and Lisa Marie.

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