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Elvis We Love You

By Elvis Australia
August 16, 2013 - 10:47:19 PM

God was sitting, pondering the woes of the world one day and he decided what the world needed was an emissary of beauty, form, and musical magic to bring joy to the troubled planet called Earth. So God said, 'let there be a manchild made in heaven, then put upon the earth ... he will grow tall and straight sand handsome; I will give him a loyal and loving heart filled with empathy and compassion; I will give him soulful eyes to warm many hearts; I will give him a majestic form and graceful poetic hands with which to express himself; then I will make his voice of crushed velvet, and when he speaks and sings, untold beauty and joy will be heard and felt around the world by all my children, by all the peoples of the world. I will bring him forth into the world to bring people together and to give harmony to the lives of the multitudes; I will give him a vivacity and and wit and personality that will warm and thrill all who witness this heavenly child; I will give him riches and love beyond imagination, through all who experience this 'Golden and Chosen child.' I will make him unique and irreplaceable, in a world of duplication, I will present him to the world ... as a gift from God in Heaven ... and he will be called ... ELVIS PRESLEY. (A fan letter sent to Graceland, August 16th 1977).

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