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FTD Sun Project Update

By Elvis Australia
Source: FTD
July 10, 2011 - 3:13:28 PM

An update on the much anticipated Sun Book and CD set - Ernst Jorgensen says it is 'still quite a bit away'.

With the Sun book Ernst tells says 'there are still a lot of corrections to be made'. As everyone knows this has been a project he has been working on for several years and it is obviously extra special to him and getting everything right is important. David Troedson : Believe me as someone who has had the privilege to produce a CD for Sony it is amazing how you can pick up a mistake every time you re-read just liner notes for a CD release. Over and over again. Our brains tell us what we know it should say sometimes, an example is where you can re-arrange letters in a word and still read it. So take that to a massive book and one that needs to be historically and technically correct and you have a huge headache just in the proof reading.

Also at this time the 'Young Man With The Big Beat' is Sonys priority and it would not be ideal to put two fairly pricey sets up competing with each other at the same time. Plus they have the other two book projects mentioned above, 'Fashion For A King; and 'Spring of '56' at this time. With 'Spring of '56' author Michael Rose is also putting together a book with FTD. Photographs from the Detroit, MI. Fox Theater May 25, 1956 show Elvis in and around the Fox Theatre, greeting Detroit Times contest winners backstage, relaxing in a downtown arcade and enjoying himself at an adult party. And they are currently researching that.

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