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Released by FTD: New Haven '76 + Rockin' Across Texas CD + Jungle Room Sessions Vinyl

By For Elvis Fans Only
Source: FTD
November 11, 2009 - 7:30:21 AM

The official Elvis Presley Collectors Label, Follow That Dream, have now released the two CD titles Rockin' Across Texas and New Haven '76, and the 12" vinyl, The Jungle Room Sessions.

Also in Vinyl, both the Blue Hawaii and Standing Room Only vinyl releases will be back in stock by October 1st. for a limited period only. Both will be officially deleted once this stock is depleted.

And in a first for FTD, ...

The Girl Happy CD will soon be available with improved remastered audio and graphics.

Rockin' Across Texas 2 CD

Elvis: Rockin' Across Texas will be released in October as a 2-CD 5" set.

This 2 CD set features Elvis live in Amarillo, Texas at the Civic Center, June 19, 1974 and Fort Worth, Texas at the Tarrant County Convention Center, Recorded July 3, 1976. This CD only version contains the same content as featured in the acclaimed Rockin' Across Texas FTD book that is now deleted.

Rockin' Across Texas 2 CD

Elvis: New Haven '76

Following on from his appearance in Fort Worth, Elvis rocked New Haven, Connecticut on July 30 at the Veterans' Memorial Coliseum. Released by FTD as, New Haven '76, featuring photos from Steve Barile's archives in a CD 5" digipack. As a bonus, a credible live version of 'Return To Sender' is featured as a bonus track from Hampton Roads Coliseum on August 1, 1976.

Elvis: New Haven '76

Elvis: New Haven '76

 1) Also Sprach Zarathustra -- (Richard Strauss)
 2) See See Rider -- (Arr. by Elvis Presley)
 3) I Got A Woman / Amen -- (Ray Charles) / Jester Hairston)
 4) Love Me -- (Jerry Leiber / Mike Stoller)
 5) If You Love Me (Let Me Know) -- (John Rostill)
 6) You Gave Me A Mountain -- (Marty Robbins)
 7) Help Me -- (Larry Gatlin)
 8) All Shook Up -- (Otis Blackwell / Elvis Presley)
 9) Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel -- (Kal Mann / Bernie Lowe) / (Otis Blackwell / Elvis Presley)
10) And I Love You So -- (Don McLean)
11) America -- (Arr. by Elvis Presley)
12) Jailhouse Rock -- (Jerry Leiber / Mike Stoller)
13) Funny How Time Slips Away -- (Willie Nelson)
14) Introductions – incomplete
15) Early Mornin' Rain -- (Gordon Lightfoot)
16) What'd I Say / Johnny B. Goode -- (Ray Charles / Chuck Berry)
17) Love Letters -- (Edward Heyman / Victor Young)
18) School Days -- (Chuck Berry)
19) Hurt -- (Jimmie Crane / Al Jacobs)
20) Hound Dog -- (Jerry Leiber / Mike Stoller)
21) Hawaiian Wedding Song -- (Charles King / Al Hoffman / Dick Manning)
22) Can't Help Falling In Love -- (Hugo Peretti / Luigi Creatore / George Weiss)
23) Closing vamp

Bonus Song

24) Return To Sender -- (Otis Blackwell / Winfield Scott)

Elvis Presley Review Review - Elvis: New Haven '76 FTD CD by Geoffrey Mc Donnell

The Jungle Room Sessions 12" Vinyl 4 Disc LP Set

FTD Vinyl next release is a limited edition 2-Disc vinyl set of The Jungle Room Sessions. It contains all of the tracks featured on the CD edition and several added outtakes from other releases. Supplied in a new gatefold sleeve featuring additional Graceland images, it will be pressed on 180-gram vinyl and DMM Copper mastered.

Both Blue Hawaii and Standing Room Only vinyl will be back in stock by Oct 1 for a limited period only. Both will be officially deleted once this stock is depleted. Thanks for your support on this new vinyl venture for FTD.

What is 'DMM Copper Mastering'?

In short, it means that the audio quality is far more superior then a regular vinyl release. Direct Metal Mastering (or DMM for short) is an analogue audio disc mastering technique jointly developed by two German companies, Telefunken-Decca (TelDec) and Georg Neumann GmbH, towards the end of the 20th century. Neumann was responsible for manufacturing the actual DMM cutting equipment as part of their VMS80 series lathes. Unlike conventional disc mastering, where the mechanical audio modulation is cut onto a lacquer-coated aluminum disc, DMM cuts straight into metal (copper), utilizing a high frequency carrier system and specialized styli.

Side 1

 1) Moody Blue (takes 7,5) -- (Mark James)
 2) Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall (takes 3, 4, 5) -- (Larry Gatlin)
 3) She Thinks I Still Care (takes 1, 2) -- (Dickie Lee)
 4) Pledging My Love (take 3) -- (F. Washington / D. Robery)
 5) The Last Farewell (take 2) -- (Roger Whittaker / R.A. Webster)

Side 2

 6) Hurt (take 3) -- (Crane / Jacobs)
 7) Danny Boy (take 8) -- (Frederic Weatherly)
 8) Love Coming Down (take 3) -- (Jerry Chesnut)
 9) Never Again (take 11) -- (Billy Edd Wheeler / Jerry Chesnut)
10) For The Heart (take 3) -- (Dennis Linde)
11) Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain (take 2) -- (Fred Rose)
12) I'll Never Fall In Love Again (take 5) -- (Lonnie Donegan)

Side 3

13) Way Down (take 2) -- (Layng Martine Jr.)
14) It's Easy For You (take 1) -- (Andrew Lloyd Webber/tim Rice)
15) Pledging My Love (unedited Master) -- (F. Washington / D. Robery)
16) He'll Have To Go (rough-mix Master) -- (Joe And Audrey Allison)
17) Moody Blue (take 6) -- (Mark James)
18) Solitaire (take 3) 4:47 -- (Neil Sedaka / Phil Cody)

Side 4

19) Love Coming Down (take 4) -- (Jerry Chesnut)
20) For The Heart (take 1) -- (Dennis Linde)
21) She Thinks I Still Care (takes 3, 4) -- (Dickie Lee)
22) Bitter They Are, Harder They Fall (take 1) -- (Larry Gatlin)
23) Hurt (take 5) -- (Crane / Jacobs)
24) Danny Boy (take 9) -- (Frederic Weatherly)
25) Fire Down Below (instrumental) 3.44 -- (Jerry Scheff)
26) America (closing Part Only) 0.21 -- (tradiitonal)


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Also in Vinyl, both the Blue Hawaii and Standing Room Only vinyl releases will be back in stock by October 1st. for a limited period only. Both will be officially deleted once this stock is depleted.

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