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Graceland Gates Damaged and Repaired

By Elvis Australia
April 10, 2010 - 7:05:45 PM

Update April 8:

The Graceland gates are now repaired, re-painted and back where they belong. The following statement has been issued by EPE:

For obvious reasons, security at Graceland and Heartbreak Hotel must remain confidential. Corporate policy prevents us from being able to address or answer specific questions or concerns regarding security matters.

Of course, Graceland has a well-trained and staffed security department utilizing all the latest technology. Additionally, we have an excellent relationship with the Memphis Police Department and all other city agencies.

The Graceland Gates: Repaired and installed.
The Graceland Gates: Repaired and installed.

Update April 6:

EPE have removed the gates for restoration.

This gives a unique look…for the first time in many years, Graceland has to do it without its iconic gates.

April 4:

The internationally famous music gates at Graceland have been damaged.

At around 2.30 a.m. on Friday morning a black SUV drove through the Graceland Gates, in Memphis, Tennessee, damaging them. The occupant(s) then drove up to the mansion, shouted something to a Security Guard (there was only guard on duty) and then drove off.

Damaged Graceland gate
A damaged Graceland Gate

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