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Help save the WHBQ Studio!

By Elvis Australia
February 24, 2013 - 10:38:16 AM

The Chisca Hotel is from where Dewey Phillips broadcast, and Elvis' That's All Right Mama was first played. This WHBQ Broadcast booth IS a piece of Rock & Roll History and why the City of Memphis, or EPE, doesn't seem interested in preserving it from pending demolition. Are you? : Memphis: July 8th, 1954: Sun Records owner Sam Phillips brings radio disc jockey Dewey Phillips a recording of a young singer named Elvis Presley who has just cut a song called That''s All Right. Dewey has a show broadcast out of the Hotel Chisca called 'Red, Hot, & Blue' on WHBQ. Dewey can't tell if this singer with the weird name is black or white. Sam explains that they created this new music two nights before over at Sun Studio - but they don't know what to call it. As the night's broadcast begins, a nervous Elvis goes to the movies a few blocks from his home, thinking that he will fail miserably. He doesn't fail. He makes music history, radio history, and American history.

For Elvis, his life changed in that tiny room of Dewey Phillip's on WHBQ at the Hotel Chisca. The following clip shows you how the inside of the old hotel looks like today, and guess what? It's all still there, still original. If you want to help save the legendary WHBQ-studio's, klick this link:

Off Site Link Click HERE

Help us save the WHBQ Studio!

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