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The King’s girl Lisa Marie Presley sings up a Storm at Hornsby RSL

By Ian Walker
Source: The Daily Telegraph
March 20, 2014 - 4:16:25 AM

Lisa Marie Presley.
Lisa Marie Presley.
IT be a long way from Graceland to Hornsby RSL, but singer Lisa Marie Presley didn't let down her adoring fans, giving a rousing performance last night. She even agreed to meet her supporters after her gig - on the strict condition that none dressed up as her famous dad Elvis or ex-husband Michael Jackson.

The Southern girl performed in Australia for the first time in eight years, showcasing her new blues and roots album, Storm and Grace, to a 600-strong audience.

Lisa Marie Presley can spot her true fans in a crowd of Elvis followers

But the RSL's website warned: 'Patrons dressed as Elvis or Michael Jackson will NOT be allowed to attend the meet and greet under any circumstances'.

Hornsby RSL assistant CEO Steve Rigney said: 'We'd hope people would respect her for her music talents, that's what she's here for, her album'.

And respect her they did, with cries of 'I love you' ringing out as the petite singer in a long, black gown and bare feet took to the stage.

'I made a mistake', Presley said in laid-back Southern fashion. 'I came out here with no shoes, I thought there was carpet. So if I slip, I slip'.

With a microphone in one hand and tambourine in the other she performed a majority of songs from Storm and Grace. Lights Out, S.O.B. and I'll Figure It Out from her first two albums - 2005's Now What and 2003's To Whom It May Concern - were also thrown in.

'The live show is a lot more energetic than the record - it's a little more loud and lively', Presley said. 'I start off mildly, really break it down for the acoustic, and then we just get louder and louder and louder and take it home'.

Before the performance she enjoyed a day out at Taronga Zoo with twin daughters Harper and Finley, 5, and 24-year-old daughter Riley Keough.

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