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Ultra rare picture of a 13 year old Elvis Presley, Tupelo, 1948

By Elvis Australia
September 27, 2013 - 10:27:54 AM

Here we have a ultra rare picture of a 13 year old Elvis Presley, posing in front of the Tupelo Hardware Store. There's no exact date for this picture, other than that it was taken, most likely, in 1948.


Articles about Elvis Presley Suspicion is the word : 'Styrofoam' Wade's 'Teen' photo of Elvis is looking Fake

Suspicion is the word today following the publication of this article and photo. Sometimes we can miss the forest for the trees as they say, either looking at the much admired Elvis Presley or in the case of us all and the experts probably not looking at the 'same' photo originally published in September 2013. But thanks to the keen eye to [obvious] detail from Elvis Australia club member Jeff Moss we have now!!! What is clear today is that the two photos are alarmingly different. Not only is it a different bike the background is vastly different with both shops and cars are clearly 'Photoshoped' in [in at least on of the images !!!! Check out the two photos in question below. Considering the 'experts' made such a big deal about the location, the difference becomes largely relevant. Is it really him? The face is Elvis, but the rest? Serious doubts much now be forever cast over this 'photo' and the seller of it. View the two photos then read my analysis of the original article ...


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