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Watch a video of Dixie Locke Emmons talking about Elvis Presley

By Elvis Australia
June 10, 2014 - 6:15:42 PM

Watch a video of Dixie Locke Emmons talking about Elvis.

Dixie met Elvis at church and was Elvis' girlfriend in the early stages of his career ... Elvis had been drawn to Locke's church, First Assembly of God, because of his love of gospel music and the Blackwood Brothers quartet, which sang at the church. On January 24, 1954, Fourteen year old Dixie noticed Elvis at a church function and making sure he overhears, she made plans with a girlfriend to go roller-skating the following Saturday night. 'I thought he was the most gorgeous thing I'd ever seen. He was a very shy person, but when he started singing he put so much into putting the music across that he kind of lost himself. He threw himself into it completely', she says. Read the full article.

Elvis Presley Video Dixie Locke Emmons talks about Elvis (03:50)

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