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The 20 Elvis Presley Movie tracks you really need to hear

By: Andrew Male
Source: MOJO
February 23, 2014 - 4:35:02 PM
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Earlier this year Sony Music released 'Elvis : The Movie Soundtracks' a 20 CD box set featuring 17 original Elvis Presley soundtrack albums and three new compilations. From slap-bass rock’n'roll joy to psych guitar freakouts and ballads of dejection, MOJO's Andrew Male picks 20 glorious highlights from Elvis' most undervalued albums.

01. Got A Lot O'Livin' To Do!

Although it was his second movie Loving You was the first Elvis film with a full-length soundtrack. This vivifying little hillbilly-swing convulsion is the standout, cut in the studio just four days after Elvis found out he'd been classified 1A by the Memphis Draft Board.

02. Baby I Don't Care

The soundtrack for Elvis' third movie, 1957's Jailhouse Rock. Everyone knows the title track but this is the best example of the late Presley mix of insolence and charm. Written overnight by an up-against-it Leiber and Stoller, it's also the most in-the-pocket performance of the film, thanks to D.J. Fontana's stomping drums, Scotty Moore's chatty, little guitar riff and that mean electric bass rumble, which is played by Elvis himself.

03. Crawfish

The opening song from Elvis' 1958 movie, the brilliant King Creole, Crawfish was cut at Radio Recorders, Hollywood, California on January 15, 1958. it was overseen by the film's director Michael Curtin and Elvis' favourite engineer Thorne Nogar, responsible for the song's super-heavy bass-and-drums rhythm and Elvis' almost illicit interaction with Kitty White on those call-and-response vocals.

04. Pocketfull of Rainbows

This is just lovely, a mellifluous David Lynch drug-dream dressed in the gossamer threads of Quiet Village exotica thanks to Julie Prowse's spectral vocals.

05. King Of The Whole Wide World

Bob Roberts and Ruth Bachelor's King Of The Whole Wide World, especially as seen in the title sequence.

06. Flaming Star

'Flaming Star' is, along with 'King Creole', the best film Elvis ever starred in. Taking a part originally written for Marlon Brando, Elvis is suitably troubled and moody as the 'half-breed' cowboy Pacer, dogged by frontier racism. Brutal, moody and politically fascinating, the film also comes with one of the best cowboy ballads, the dark half of Lee Marvin's Wanderin' Star, concerning the ever-present 'flaming star of death' that dogs us all.

07. Can't Help Falling In Love

The high point remains this oddly sorrowful love ballad, Elvis' gospel rendition made all the more eerie and forlorn by the music-box backing and the fact that he is singing it to his girlfriend's grandmother.

08. We're Coming In Loaded
09. Bossa Nova Baby
10. Anyone (Could Fall In Love With You)
11. I Need Somebody To Lean On
12. Beginner's Luck
13. Tomorrow Is A Long Time
14. City By Night
15. You Don’t Know Me
16. Speedway
17. All I Needed Was The Rain
18. A Little Less Conversation
19. Clean Up Your Own Backyard
20. Rubberneckin'

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CD 1 : Loving You :

Mean Woman Blues, (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear, Loving You, Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do!, Lonesome Cowboy, Hot Dog, Party, Blueberry Hill, True Love, Don't Leave Me Now, Have I Told You Lately That I Love You, I Need You So.

Great Idea !!!! Also available as a Loving You double deluxe CD set with outtakes from the FTD Collectors Label.

CD 2 : Jailhouse Rock :

Jailhouse Rock, Young And Beautiful, I Want To Be Free, Don't Leave Me Now, (You're so Square) Baby I Don't Care, Treat Me Nice, I Beg Of You, Don't, Playing for Keeps, Shake, Rattle and Roll, Good Rockin' Tonight, I Don't Care If the Sun Don't Shine.

Great Idea !!!! Also available via 2 volumes of Jailhouse Rock double deluxe CD set with outtakes from the FTD.

CD 3 : King Creole :

King Creole, As Long As I Have You, Hard Headed Woman, Trouble, Dixieland Rock, Don't Ask Me Why, Lover Doll, Crawfish, Young Dreams, Steadfast, Loyal And True, New Orleans.

CD 4 : G. I. Blues :

Tonight Is So Right For Love, What's She Really Like, Frankfort Special, Wooden Heart, G. I. Blues, Pocketful Of Rainbows, Shoppin' Around, Big Boots, Didja' Ever, Blue Suede Shoes, Doin' The Best I Can.

Great Idea !!!! Also available via 2 volumes of G. I. Blues double deluxe CD set with outtakes from the FTD Collectors Label.

CD 5 : Follow That Dream :

Follow That Dream, What A Wonderful Life, I'm Not The Marrying Kind, A Whistling Tune, Sound Advice, Angel, King Of The Whole Wide World, This Is Living, Riding The Rainbow, Home Is Where The Heart Is, I Got Lucky, A Whistling Tune, Flaming Star, Summer Kisses, Winter Tears.

Great Idea !!!! Also available as a Follow That Dream deluxe CD set with outtakes from the FTD Collectors Label.

CD 6 : Blue Hawaii :

Blue Hawaii, Almost Always True, Aloha Oe, No More, Can't Help Falling In Love, Rock-A-Hula Baby, Moonlight Swim, Ku-U-I-Po, Ito Eats, Slicin' Sand, Hawaiian Sunset, Beach Boy Blues, Island Of Love, Hawaiian Wedding Song.

Great Idea !!!! Also available as a Blue Hawaii double deluxe CD set with outtakes from the FTD Collectors Label.

CD 7 : Girls! Girls! Girls! :

Girls! Girls! Girls!, I Don't Wanna Be Tied, Where Do You Come From, I Don't Want To, We'll Be Together, A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You, Earth Boy, Return To Sender, Because Of Love, Thanks To The Rolling Sea, Song Of The Shrimp, The Walls Have Ears, We're Coming In Loaded.

Great Idea !!!! Also available as a Girls! Girls! Girls! deluxe CD set with outtakes from the FTD Collectors Label.

CD 8 : It Happened At The World’s Fair :

Beyond The Bend, Relax, Take Me To The Fair, They Remind Me Too Much Of You, One Broken Heart For Sale, I'm Falling In Love Tonight, Cotton Candy Land, A World Of Our Own, How Would You Like To Be, Happy Ending.

Great Idea !!!! Also available as a It Happened At The Worlds Fair deluxe CD set with outtakes from the FTD.

CD 9 : Fun In Acapulco :

Fun In Acapulco, Vino, Dinero Y Amor, Mexico, El Toro, Marguerita, The Bullfighter Was A Lady, (There's) No Room To Rhumba In A Sports Car, I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here, Bossa Nova Baby, You Can't Say No In Acapulco, Guadalajara, Love Me Tonight, Slowly But Surely.

Great Idea !!!! Also available as a Fun In Acapulco deluxe CD set with outtakes from the FTD Collectors Label.

CD 10 : Kissin’ Cousins :

Kissin' Cousins, Smokey Mountain Boy, There's Gold In The, One Boy, Two Little Girls, Catchin' On Fast, Tender Feeling, Anyone (Could Fall In Love With You), Barefoot Ballad, Once Is Enough, Kissin' Cousins, Echoes Of Love, (It's A) Long Lonely Highway.

CD 11 : Viva Las Vegas :

Viva Las Vegas, I Need Somebody To Lean On, You're The Boss, If You Think I Don't Need You, What'd I Say, Today, Tomorrow And Forever, C'mon Everybody, Do The Vega, Night Life, The Yellow Rose Of Texas/The Eyes Of Texas, The Lady Loves Me, Santa Lucia.

Great Idea !!!! Also available as a Viva Las Vegas deluxe CD set with outtakes from the FTD Collectors Label.

CD 12 : Roustabout :

Roustabout, Little Egypt, Poison Ivy League, Hard Knocks, It's A Wonderful World, Big Love, Big Heartache, One Track Heart, It's Carnival Time, Carny Town, There's A Brand New Day On The Horizon, Wheels On My Heels.

CD 13 : Girl Happy :

Girl Happy, Spring Fever, Fort Lauderdale Chamber Of Commerce, Startin' Tonight, Wolf Call, Do Not Disturb, Cross My Heart And Hope To Die, The Meanest Girl In Town, Do The Clam, Puppet On A String, I've Got To Find My Baby, You'll Be Gone.

Great Idea !!!! Also available as a Girl Happy deluxe CD set with outtakes from the FTD Collectors Label.

CD 14 : Harum Scarum :

Harem Holiday, My Desert Serenade, Go East, Young Man, Mirage, Kismet, Shake That Tambourine, Hey Little Girl, Golden Coins, So Close, Yet So Far (From Paradise), Animal Instinct, Wisdom Of The Ages.

Great Idea !!!! Also available as a Harum Scarum deluxe CD set with outtakes from the FTD Collectors Label.

CD 15 : Frankie And Johnny :

Frankie And Johnny, Come Along, Petunia, The Gardener's Daughter, Chesay, What Every Woman Lives For, Look Out, Broadway, Beginner's Luck, Down By The Riverside/ When The Saints Go Marching In, Shout It Out, Hard Luck, Please Don't Stop Loving Me, Everybody Come Aboard.

Great Idea !!!! Also available as a Frankie And Johnny deluxe CD set with outtakes from the FTD Collectors Label.

CD 16 : Paradise, Hawaiian Style :

Paradise, Hawaiian, Queenie Wahine's Papaya, Scratch My Back, Drums Of The Islands, Datin', A Dog's Life, House Of Sand, Stop Where You Are, This Is My Heaven, Sand Castles.

Great Idea !!!! Also available as Paradise Hawaiian Style deluxe CD set with outtakes from the FTD Collectors Label.

CD 17 : Spinout :

Stop, Look And Listen, Adam And Evil, All That I Am, Never Say Yes, Am I Ready, Beach Shack, Spinout, Smorgasbord, I'll Be Back, Tomorrow Is A Long Time, Down In The Alley, I'll Remember You.

Great Idea !!!! Also available as Spinout deluxe CD set with outtakes from the FTD Collectors Label.

CD 18 : Double Trouble :

Double Trouble, Baby, If You'll Give Me All Of Your Love, Could I Fall In Love, Long Legged Girl (With The Short Dress On), City By Night , Old MacDonald, I Love Only One Girl, There Is So Much World To, It Won't Be Long, Never Ending, Blue River, What Now, What Next, Where To.

Great Idea !!!! Also available as Double Trouble deluxe CD set with outtakes from the FTD Collectors Label.

CD 19 : Clambake :

Guitar Man, Clambake, Who Needs Money?, A House That Has Everything, Confidence, Hey, Hey, Hey, You Don't Know Me, The Girl I Never Loved, How Can You Lose What You Never Had, Big Boss Man, Singing Tree, Just Call Me Lonesome.

Great Idea !!!! Also available as Clambake deluxe CD set with outtakes from the FTD Collectors Label.

CD 20 : Speedway :

Speedway, There Ain't Nothing Like A Song, Your Time Hasn't Come Yet, Baby, Who Are You? (Who Am I?), He's Your Uncle Not Your Dad, Let Yourself Go, Your Groovy Self, Five Sleepy Heads, Western Union, Mine, Goin' Home, Suppose.

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