Review - Elvis 1957 Book (Elvis In Gold)

By: David Troedson
August 7, 2009

Elvis In Gold is a quality hardcover book released by JAT Productions. The title to me, while being relevant is also (oddly as it may sound), misleading. Certainly the burgundy and gold cover is striking, and as the pre-release information told us the photos inside are black and white. To me it is odd to call a book Elvis In Gold when it contains black and white photos. Now of course this is in reference to the Gold Lame' suit that Elvis wore and much of the photos involve, but without doubt, it undersells the book. If I was given all of these photos and told to make a web site showing them all, I would not call the web site 'Elvis In Gold'. I would go with something more relevant to the content being from 1957. And it is the content that matters, right?

The book does start with it's first chapter showcasing Elvis posing for photos in his new Gold lame' suit -- including one with the suit's creator Nudie Cohen -- and gives us text with the story of the suit. But after these first pages, the book can be said to be a photo book of Elvis in 1957. And a quality one at that!

Gold Lame' or not. It matters not! What matters are the high quality photos with Elvis looking fantastic, along with written text to place everything in context. And it is good that the book runs to a theme.

Included are 45 pages with Elvis in Canada, then it is back to the good 'ol US of A and another 48 pages, all with a single photo per page. (As is the same for the whole book). The highlight here is the 24 pages of photos of Elvis in Photos Los Angeles, California, October 28, 1957. Yes I have seen some photos but many I have not.

Elvis Presley on stage - Canada 1957

Elvis with fans, Ottawa Press Conference, Canada, April 3, 1957

Above, Elvis with fans, Ottawa Press Conference, Canada, April 3, 1957

(Click above image to view large size)

Good Full photo per page - no cramming in many tiny photos onto a single page that are to small to see.

Good Written text where appropriate, informative.

Good Great quality photos.

Good Coordinated with a theme, best summed up as 1957, despite the title and JAT's clear intent.

Good Very nice page design, they have put some thought and effort into this.

Good Hardcover.

Good No silly gimmick give away's, none needed.

Not 100% essential but this is one book that will definitely be finding a home on my bookshelf.

Buy Elvis In Gold

Now we wait for .....

The next project from JAT Productions after Elvis In Gold will be a book about Jailhouse Rock.

Photos Elvis Presley Ottawa Canada - April 3 1957
Photos Elvis Presley Pan Pacific Auditorium, Los Angeles - October 28 and 29, 1957

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