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May 3, 2014

Unless this is your first visit today, you will have already noticed we have a totally new website design.

While we think you will agree it looks great, we can tell you that it is not just a pretty face.

For sometime we have wanted to present to you some very important improvements, and in this we have something for everybody. First up we took the advice of those that have told us to 'de-clutter'. We hope you will agree that we have achieved this, however we have designed this change while still giving you easy and quick access to all the popular sections on our website(s) via the intelligent menu systems in the left column and/or at the top of the page, keeping everything just a click away.

Next up - so much has changed since our last re-design, would you believe almost exactly 6 years to the day? May 1, 2008 was the last time, something only discovered today (May 3).

What has changed? iPhones, tablets, and for these we do not offer a different website - this site simply changes to best suit the small screen, (any size small screen) the two side columns disappear, the menu system stays the same. Simply re-size your browser manually to see the effect.

www.elvis.com.au on an iPhone


The cat is out of the bag ...

We didn't plan to announce the following in advance, but as it is now very noticeable that our online shop has not changed it's skin - we can tell you we are in the final stages of launching the most advanced (and importantly extremely user friendly) online Elvis shop ever seen.

The new look on a modern monitor

For those using small monitors or IPhones etc, here you can see the full new look of the website.


May 1, 2008

Elvis Australia Re: Version - Welcome to a brand new look for www.elvis.com.au . This is the first change of design in many years. We believe you will find it simpler, quicker and easier to use.

For this occasion we have searched and located the earliest known back up snap shot of the front page of the site from December 6, 1998. (Established in 1996.)

www.elvis.com.au -- December 6, 1998

Elvis Australia - May 1, 2008
Elvis Australia : May 1, 2008


Elvis Australia : May 1, 2014

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