By: Maxine Graybill
Source: www.elvis.com.au
August 16, 2009

Here is a poem by club member Maxine Graybill that we really enjoyed and wanted to bring to you on this day, 32 years after Elvis passed and 12 since Maxine originally wrote it. 'I wrote this on a plane trip from Tampa to Memphis on the 20th Anniversary. A lady sat down next  to me, asked where I was going. Memphis I said. Oh you have family there? Yes you could say that, I'm going up for Elvis Tribute week. She looked at me like I had suddenly grown an extra head. I politely excused myself and started to write. Hope you enjoy it ...'

August 1997

I'm going to Memphis I say with a laugh
To relive precious memories, to touch my past
I can see in your eyes that you don't understand
The magic we feel in the voice of this man

It takes me back to a safe loving time
Of family and friends when young life was sublime
Being a teenager back then was super, real neat
Poodle skirts and saddle shoes danced a new beat

'He'll never last --- they all said with a grin
We'll give him a year, he'll be a 'has been'.'
Everything about him was attacked it seemed
His music, his hair, his smile and his dream

We knew who he was, we knew what he meant
The bond that we shared could never be bent
We understood, can't they see? it's so clear
It's the magic in his voice that makes him so dear

We all grew older with families kept near
Now and then through the bustle we'd hear
A favorite song that touched that special part
Where the magic lay hidden so deep in our heart

It was fresh and new just like the first time
Smiling face and black hair again in our mind
He toured again .. much to our delight
Giving us wonderous times to brighten the night

Something to look forward to something to do
Someone to love, the magic of you
Lord a new generation discovered him then
And the music and magic began all over again

'I'm not the King' he had said one day
He was bewildered his fans even felt that way
He was deeply religious and reached out in song
That God's always there when things go wrong

God blessed his voice and paved the way
And allowed him to touch us to this very day
So we stand at his grave with candles aglow
Tears stream down our face and wouldn't you know

The sun slowly rises, twenty years fade away
The magic that's Elvis is here to stay


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