Ginger Alden's husband passed away on August 16, 2015

By: Elvis Australia
August 18, 2015

The husband of Ginger Alden, has passed away in a sad coincidence, on the 38th anniversary of the Elvis Presley's death, August 16, 2015.

'I have some very very tragic and devastating news', Rosemary Alden Starkey, sister of Ginger Alden Leyser wrote Monday evening'. Ginger's husband Ron passed away late evening of August 16th. We are all still in shock over his untimely passing. Please keep Ginger and her son Hunter and The Leyser Family as well as our Family in your thoughts and prayers. I am really at a loss for words as it has been so very traumatic. Thank you all'.

Just two days before the anniversary of Presley's death, the beautiful Alden's 8:18 pm, August 14, 2015 Facebook entry was a tribute to Elvis.

'On the 16th, we will remember and honor a man who changed many lives and for me and my family personally, it was a blessing to get to know him, love him and be a part of his life', wrote Alden'. We remember many beautiful times, he brought such happiness to so many and although his time here with us was not long, he gave so very much of himself, loved his fans dearly and he would be so happy to see such support and love for him still. May God bless all of you with much peace, love, and new friendships made through Elvis, tlc, Ginger'.

Alden was a 20-year-old Memphis resident when she joined her older sister Terry, then the reigning Miss Tennessee beauty queen, to visit Elvis Presley at his home, Graceland. Smitten by Ginger, Elvis soon charmed her with a private jet flight to Las Vegas, jewelry, a Lincoln Continental, and shopping excursions. Terry now lives in St. Louis.

'Beautiful birthday wishes to my husband, Ron! Hunter and I love you, very, very much!' posted Alden on her Facebook page on July 29th.

In an interview last year regarding her released biography, Elvis & Ginger, Alden said when she first met her future husband and he found out she was from Memphis, Ron asked her if she had ever been inside Graceland.

'I hesitated and then answered, 'Yes', she replied'. He was quite surprised. My son thinks it's 'pretty neat' that we dated and got engaged!'

Alden, who grieved for 13 years after Presley's death, moved to New York to become a model and acted in daytime soap operas. She married Leyser, a graduate of Syracuse University Law School in 1990.

Before dawn on the day of his death, Presley and Alden talked about their wedding and insisted she 'wear clear, glass-looking slippers and a tiara in your hair' for the 'wedding of the century'.

'I'd like to announce our engagement to the audience at the end of the tour in Memphis', Elvis grinned before they went to bed upstairs. When Alden woke hours later, she found him face down on the bathroom floor, dead of a heart attack at the age of 42.

Presley adopted special symbols, TCB and TLC, for his logo and to honor friends and employees with initialed jewelry. TCB, with a lightening bolt graphic, represented 'Taking Care of Business' in a flash. TLC was 'Tender Loving Care' for the ladies.

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