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'My Baby Left Me' / 'Blue Moon Of Kentucky' (High Fidelity stereo) Vinyl Singles

By: Elvis Australia
Source: Vee-Tone Records
November 23, 2017
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For release by Vee-Tone Records is 'My Baby Left Me' / 'Blue Moon Of Kentucky' (High Fidelity stereo). This special collector's edition electronically reproduced stereo 7" single (only 500 copies), comes in two fantastic coloured vinyl options (250 x red vinyl and 250 x purple vinyl). A refreshingly new take on mono to stereo conversion.

Elvis fans growing up in the 1960's and 1970's unwittingly listened to his 1950's catalogue in electronically reprocessed stereo, love it or loathe, it was pretty much all there was back then unless you could afford to track down expensive mono copies. To better understand where the electronically reprocessed stereo versions originate from, we need to go back to 1961, at which point RCA had begun the process of taking Elvis' 1950's mono masters and converting them into a stereo sounding effect. By 1960 when Elvis returned from the army, he was recording in true stereo and as far as RCA were concerned, mono was a thing of the past. You just need to listen to the sound quality of the 1960 'Living Stereo' version of the 'Elvis Is Back' album, to appreciate just how much the recording industry had moved on in just two years.

Such was the demand for stereo records in the early 1960's most major labels had created their own process for converting mono into stereo or 'fake' stereo as it became known, with some labels producing better results than others. Opinions on Elvis' 1960's electronically reprocessed stereo versions are mixed, with some recordings making the transition from mono to stereo effect better than others. Some DJ's actually preferred playing the electronically reprocessed stereo versions, believing they gave a wider fuller sound on the dancefloor.

By late 1970's, RCA had once again begun to re-issue original mono masters, giving many fans their first opportunity to hear how these tracks were originally issued. By the time compact discs had arrived on the scene in the 1980's, electronically reprocessed stereo was well and truly dead and buried. Very few electronically reprocessed stereo recordings ever made it onto a digital format and the few that did are now highly collectible.

My Baby Left Me 45-6540(e) - Elvis Presley - Recorded at RCA Studio 1, New York on the 30th of January 1956, My Baby Left Me is a driving powerhouse rockabilly masterpiece with a real Sun Records vibe to it (produced by Steve Scholes with Elvis on vocals and acoustic guitar, Scotty Moore on electric guitar, Bill Black on bass and D.J. Fontana on drums).

Our flip side Blue Moon Of Kentucky is another rockabilly classic which first appeared as the opposite side to That's All Right (Sun 209) in 1955 (Elvis' first single). Blue Moon Of Kentucky was recorded on the 7th of July 1954 at Sun Records (produced by Sam Phillips with Elvis on vocals and acoustic guitar, Scotty Moore on electric guitar and Bill Black on bass). Both tracks have been painstakingly re-engineered to create a stereo effect sound. The result is a bigger, sharper sound that jumps straight outta the grooves at ya! One reviewer described the process as - 'it's as if a veil has been lifted off the tracks'. Both tracks are taken from the forthcoming album titled 'Elvis Presley - The 50's In Stereo' (mono to stereo re-visited). For best results play this killer double-sider very loud!!!

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'My Baby Left Me' / 'Blue Moon Of Kentucky' (High Fidelity stereo).
'My Baby Left Me' / 'Blue Moon Of Kentucky' (High Fidelity stereo).

Title: My Baby Left Me / Blue Moon Of Kentucky (High Fidelity stereo)
Artist: Elvis Presley
Release Date: 18/12/2017
Label: Vee-Tone Records
Cat. No: 45-6540(e)
Format: 250 x 7" Blue Vinyl & 250 x 7" Purple Vinyl

Special Features:

• NEOPHONIC HIGH FIDELITY sound quality (re-engineered 2017 stereo effect versions)
• Limited Edition only 500 copies worldwide (250 red vinyl and 250 purple vinyl)
• Taken from the forthcoming album 'Elvis Presley - The 50's In Stereo' (original recordings in NEOPHONIC HIGH FIDELITY stereo effect)

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