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Ann-Margret talks about Elvis Presley

By Elvis Australia
July 8, 2018

Elvis Presley Video Ann-Margret talks about her relationship with Elvis Presley (07:42)

Ann-Margret was born Ann-Margret Olsson in Valsjöbyn, Jämtland, Sweden to Anna Aronsson and Gustav Olsson, a native of Örnsköldsvik. She grew up in a small town 'of lumberjacks and farmers high up near the Arctic Circle'. Her father worked in the United States during his youth and immigrated back in 1942, working with the Johnson Electrical Company. Ann-Margret and her mother moved to the USA four years later. When she filmed Viva Las Vegas with Elvis the two began a relationship.

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Larry King talks with Ann-Margret

Larry King: 'Viva Las Vegas'. Ann-Margret and Elvis Presley. OK, finally tonight. You can do it. It's the new year. It's 2001.

Ann-Margret: What.

Larry King: You had a good relationship with Elvis; right? I mean, you had intimate -- you had a -- you had a romantic relationship with Elvis. It's OK. It's OK, just finally, Ann-Margret, let us know. That's all. It's OK.

Ann-Margret: I have said everything that I was going to say in my book.

Larry King: OK, and he -- you miss -- what was it like?

Ann-Margret: Are you having trouble talking to me.

Larry King: No, what was it like being with Elvis? I'm not having trouble -- it's the new year. I'm bubbly. What was it like?

Ann-Margret: I've never seen you happier.

Larry King: I've never been happier.

Elvis and Ann-Margret on the set of Viva Las Vegas

Ann-Margret and Elvis Presley on the set of 'Viva Las Vegas'.
Ann-Margret and Elvis Presley on the set of 'Viva Las Vegas'.

Ann-Margret: I know, I know, and in good health.

Larry King: Thank you.

Ann-Margret: God bless you.

Larry King: OK, what was it like? Look at us. I mean, obviously there was a lot of chemistry.

Ann-Margret: He was terrific. He was just terrific. And he had such great talent that he never had a chance to show. I think he would have been a wonderful dramatic actor.

Larry King: Really.

Ann-Margret: Yes.

Larry King: He had a lot of qualities we didn't appreciate; right? But he was also, I'm told, a very nice guy.

Ann-Margret: Yes. Yes, he was.

Larry King: You don't talk about him a lot, though, do you, Ann- Margret.

Ann-Margret: No, I don't.

Ann-Margret and Elvis Presley
Ann-Margret and Elvis Presley.

Larry King: And the reason for that is what? Almost out of things, but why don't you? I mean, he's gone now and it's part of history.

Ann-Margret: He's not really gone. I mean he's also in our hearts, and you always hear in your mind.

Larry King: But he's more in your heart.

Ann-Margret: No, in everyone's heart. I mean, look what he did with the industry. He was a great talent.

Larry King: Were you shocked that he let himself go the way he did.

Ann-Margret: I'm not going to not going to talk about it.

Larry King: This obviously is a deep loss to you.

Ann-Margret: Yes.

Larry King: Roger accepts this discussion.

Ann-Margret: They were great friends.

Larry King: That's right, they were.

Ann-Margret: They got along great.

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