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'A Man At The Top!' DVD

By Elvis Australia
July 14, 2014

The 'A Man At The Top!' DVD features a soundboard recording from the August 10th 1970 Las Vegas opening show with the best available audience film/video of the show.

A lot of previous DVD releases have included footage from the different quality and the missing audio ... some time ago the producers acquired all the footage shot from the opening night, directly from the same source in a very good quality. All the different camera angles have been edited to create a real professional movie.

All the footage has been digitally restored in matter to achieve the best result of image quality. All the footage includes matching audio from the original concert in the way to get a perfect sync between audio and image with speed correction of the original footage. Although the show is not complete, the result believe us is very impressive, Elvis as you never seen ... THE BEST QUALITY TO DATE!!!!!

The producers are aware of the fact that the opening night show, as one of the best Elvis Presley concerts ever, has been previously released in different imports. But Here we give you the chance to listen -- and to WATCH -- the show in its entirety FOR THE FIRST TIME -- giving to this release the status of 'UNIQUE'. 'A Man At The Top' wants to give you a unique perspective of the man and his music during this August 1970. This will be the first STEP of a wider project, in fact the producers' intention is to accompany this first volume with other three volumes, in the way to cover all the soundboard recordings of August 1970.

DVD : Las Vegas Opening Night : August 10, 1970 show

Running time 47 min.

The Show

01. Opening Vamp /That's All Right
02. Mystery Train/Tiger Man
03. I Can't Stop Loving You
04. Love Me Tender
05. Next Step Is Love/(part only) Words (part only)
06. Something (part only)
07. You've Lost The Loving Feeling
08. You Don't Have To Say
09. Polk Salad Annie
10. Patch It Up
11. Can't Help Falling Love
12. Backstage/After Show Party

Approx running time 36.00 min.

Bonus Features:

01 Dressing Room and Backstage -- Approx. Time 11 min.

'A Man At The Top!' DVD

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