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The Complete On Tour Outtakes DVD

By Elvis Australia
March 5, 2013

The Complete On Tour Outtakes DVD has been released. This is a fantastic new release filled to the brim with outtake material from 'On Tour' (1972). There have already been a couple of releases with this raw footage that - fortunately for us - somehow escaped from the vaults from MGM. The producers of this DVD show us there is a treasure trove of material that would make a spectacular official remake of this in 1972, Golden Globe winning documentary. Because MGM/Warner/Turner will not produce such a remake in the near future, the producers of this DVD have made a nice start. Starting with a good looking and effective working Main Menu, you can choose the chapters of your liking. The producers have made this DVD in chronological order.

Elvis Presley Video The Opening + Johnny B. Goode From The Complete On Tour Outtakes DVD

Starting with the studio rehearsals, on to the rehearsal on the road and then on to the live concerts. Also: from the Madison Square Garden Press Conference (great footage and very sharp close ups of Elvis!) to the Press Conference in Hawaii (November, 1972) to announce 'Aloha From Hawaii' (in very good quality!). You will get to view an enormous amount of material. Carefully researched from the best sources available.

The rehearsals are fantastic to see and give us an intriguing look behind the scenes.

Just how good are those images and what a pity so less was used of it in the official version. To these eyes there are many new shots and camera angles, also with the live material. The images of Elvis in the dark blue suit (April 14th, 1972) are great! Another 'very well done' is the way 'very raw footage' is presented. Accompanied by music by Elvis we get to see all kinds of shots along the way; among that very complete footage of the TCB Band in a plane on their way to the next gig. Touching images of The Sweet Inspirations sleeping in their chairs, knowing it is only recently that we have lost Sylvia and Myrna. All of this creates a wonderful portrait of what life was like in 1972 and that of Elvis On Tour in that very same year.

It should be noted that in grading the quality here, one compares in mind that this material is not officially available and probably never will be, so while it is not of the quality that you would expect of a full commercial release, for what it is, and how it has escaped the vaults, it is well worth watching, and actually far superior to some releases in years gone by. But hopefully we will get that 40 hours worth of 'Elvis On Tour' in an ultimate 'Elvis On Tour' box set pretty soon! In terms of the production, everything has been superbly well done, and sets the bar very high in terms of quality for future Elvis On Tour, TTWII release material.

The interview of Elvis with the producers of the film, shot in black and white, is one of the most stunning pieces of film shot for this project and should urgently be released officially.

To round it up: this DVD release is pure joy and a must have release for every fan!

The Complete On Tour Outtakes DVD
The Complete On Tour Outtakes DVD.

The Complete On Tour Outtakes DVD

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