Review : Teenagers' Hero 1956 Volume 1

By: Elvis Australia
January 1, 2016

The Book, Teenagers' Hero is the definitive book - documentary - of Elvis' live performances in early 1956, with than 400 pages, 30cm x 21cm sized and featuring 445 photos mostly unpublished and never put in the right context. The book is of a high quality design (soft cover 300g, cloth binding, and 150 gram glossy paper).

There were only 1000 copies printed, and each one is numbered - this is one book not to be missed!

The book, the first volume, has as its focus Elvis' live activity in the first six months of 1956. The author Steve Rino spent two years of research to give life to a day by day photo journal where together with a scientific approach of each day, he has been able to put together a professional layout with relative photos taken from newspapers, magazines and his personal collection. The book brings to the reader for the first time ever, a feel for the time through images, newspaper & magazines clip 'we give life we hope to something unique and new in the landscape of Elvis' books'. 'We are proud of the continued research of every detail of every 180 days listed, trying to put in the right order all information, news, photo and tales coming from this difficult research'.

This is not one of those expensive books that contain photos, and little else. This is a book that has it all! Rare & unseen photos, together with 90 newspaper & magazine clippings, 50 newspaper concert adverts and several show tickets along with other relevant information all put together in the correct order. This book is something very special and puts a lot of the overpriced picture books to shame.

This is the definitive day by day journey and for the first time we, as fans, get a real sense of those early days as Elvis and Rock 'N' Roll as a genre takes hold across America. I love the way the book is laid out, this book really is a labor of love and I have to applaud Steve Rino for the stunning work and the research he has done in order to bring us something that is so unique amongst the plethora of books that are written about Elvis.

Teenagers' Hero - 1956 - Volume 1

The Making of Teenagers' Hero 1956 : Volume 1

Talking specifically about the making of this book, Steve worked very hard for almost two years to give life to this first volume. This book is not just a simple collection of photos or of dates and opinions already printed in the numerous books pressed since the demise of Elvis.

No, this book is something different, something new in the Elvis' literal landscape.

The book focus's on Elvis' live concert activity in a sort of day by day photo journal combined together with a scientific research of the day by day events, and has been produced using a professional layout. The relative photos taken from newspapers, magazines and personal collections. So the work was developed in two directions: the first the archive research of the single fact of every day, the second the possible photo to give life to the written facts. The study presented is a journalist type of study, the text is very short and to the point - more tied possible to the single fact with just a few personal comments in the matter to give to the reader the ability to form there own idea about the facts.

Every single imagine coming from newspapers, magazine or personal collection has been professional restored to give you a quality view. All this has been put inside a specific layout - page after page - in a continues mutation although with a consistent design theme. This is the ultimate archive research book that sinks deep into every day of the month with statistics, photos and events.

An example of the restoration process and restored image - Teenagers' Hero - 1956 - Volume 1

Above, an example of the restoration process and restored image for Teenagers' Hero - 1956 - Volume 1.

Preview : Teenager's Hero 1956 Volume 1 Book

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