Review : Elvis, Linda & Me: Unseen Pictures & Untold Stories from Graceland Book

By: Elvis Australia
December 5, 2014

Jim Cox, author of 'Inside Graceland: Elvis' Maid Remembers', has done a wonderful job telling Jeanne LeMay Dumas's story in the riveting 'Elvis, Linda & Me'. Miss Dumas has been Linda Thompson's best friend since they met in 1972 as they competed for the title of Miss USA.

With so many Presley books in print, it's rare that a new project will be so chock full of never-before-told stories and unpublished photographs that you want to tell everybody you know to go out and purchase a copy, but that's exactly how I feel about this book.

You won't read about 'Elvis, Linda & Me' on many Elvis websites and that's a shame because it belongs in every true fan's library. Forget about all the trash biographies out there and treat yourself to an honest account by a lady who was there.

Elvis fans the world over constantly dream about what their fantasy would have been if they had been lucky enough to have known him. Imagine having been Linda Thompson's best girlfriend and being with her the night she met Elvis. Then imagine becoming Elvis' friend, being kissed by him, working for him, and the ultimate dream: having sleepovers at Graceland with Linda (actually sleeping in his bed) while Elvis was away, traveling with Elvis and Linda on concert dates, and taking pictures of the upstairs area at Graceland. This book tells the story of how it all began and gives you a look at the incredible (some never-before-seen) pictures

For my money, the candids of Elvis in his Karate outfit/black belt during his June 1973 concert tour, with Lisa Marie in a Nashville hotel room in-between shows and unseen photos of Elvis' bedroom were worth the price of the book... and then some!

I cannot recommend enough to anyone to read this book. There were times I would find myself laughing and times I would almost be in tears. It showed a side of Elvis no one got to see except those who were close to him. It has some great pictures of Elvis and Lisa Marie and some of his famous bedroom.

Jeanne: This book is the story of Elvis, Linda, and yours truly. The story centers around my wonderful experiences with Elvis and Linda, as well as the pictures I had been privileged to take during those years. They ranged from candid photos of Elvis and his family & friends to pictures I took while staying at Graceland at various times. Linda had given me permission to take pictures throughout the house to send back to my family, and, at the time, I didn't think much about it. Elvis knew about the pictures and had no problems with them, so I didn't give it a second thought.

A book not to be missed !!

Reader feedback

This book is good but not as good as Inside Graceland. Jeanne tells us all about life with her best friend Linda and Elvis. She tells a story of when Elvis was talking about his mother and yelled out momma and all the lights in Graceland went out for a few seconds. Then they came back on as he went on talking about his mother and yelled out momma again the lights went off again for a few more seconds I thought that was really strange but interesting. I thought Linda had left Elvis because of all the drugs Jeanne tells us that was part of it but also that Elvis was cheating on her with many women and also getting pretty serious with Ginger his last girlfriend. If you are an Elvis fan and have a collection of Elvis books then you should add this one to your set it is pretty good. By Danny Matthews.

This is a great book. There were times I would find myself laughing and times I would almost be in tears. It showed a side of Elvis no one got to see except those who were close to him. It has some great pictures of Elvis and Lisa Marie and some of his famous bedroom. Jeanne Lemay Dumas told about her life, the ups and downs, with the King of Rock and Roll. This is a must for any Elvis fan. By Rhonda McKinney.

This book gave me an inside look at their life and the life Linda had to lead to be with Elvis. There had to be love there for her to stay with him. He was a man who was not happy with just one woman in his life. I see posts all the time saying how lucky these women were, but I am thinking to myself., yes I loved Elvis too, but I loved my husband more because he was here for me. The life Elvis lived would have been a tough one for any woman. Pricilla had Lisa Marie and it was just to much with having no real family life. Even though Elvis loved Lisa with all his heart, his life style could not give her that feeling of security that we have in our family. I loved the pictures in this book also. I love reading all the books. Some more than others.... By Dee Fleischman.

I cannot recommend enough to anyone to read this book. Jeanne LeMay Dumas is a charming lady who has been very lucky to have met Elvis. Several pages of unseen photos (most of them taken by the author) and a candid story about her friendship with Elvis and Linda Thompson. A book not to be missed !! One of the Best Elvis books ever written! By Goldy Lox.

I have read over 200 books about Elvis. This has pictures of the upstairs of Graceland as well as many others that have never been released. There were also many behind the seen stories that I have never heard, and trust me I thought I had heard them all. I have been thru Graceland 34 times and met and read the books of practically every one from the (ELVIS WORLD). DO NOT MISS THIS BOOK! By Teresa Melton.

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