Review : Elvis : The King Of Las Vegas Hardcover Book

By: David Troedson
Source: Elvis Australia
June 14, 2010

Having received the photo book Elvis : The King Of Las Vegas, all of 5 pounds (2.3 kg) and 25cm (10") x 30cm (12") of it, I can say I am just amazed, stunned, I went through it page by page, got to the end, and did it all over again, and there are 360 pages! This is without doubt the best Elvis Presley photo book I have seen. It covers in great style, Elvis' life in Las Vegas from 1956 to 1976 in pictures. Yes some I have seen before, but more often than not when this is the case, the photo is accompanied by another or in some cases many others from the same time that I have not seen, and in such fantastic quality, clear photos on very good quality paper. And the size of the book is just right. I have said before that I hate the size of the Alfred Wertheimer, Elvis At 21 book. It is just to big and heavy, this book takes the size to the very limit - any bigger and it would be too big, and yet big enough to make its own statement - no doubt the intention of the Wertheimer book.

There are other great photo books, usually keeping to a smaller theme that cover more of a particular time, 'Elvis Vegas '69' for example, a fantastic book, and still in a world of it's own, covering Elvis in Vegas in 1969. And indeed Elvis - The King Of Las Vegas contains some of the same photos used in that book, but while not as many and without the volume of information - the producers have still managed to come up with a great color photo that is not in Vegas '69!!! This impressed me. Now there is a lot more than just photos, there is a lot of information, articles, interviews, concert reviews. A must have book for every fan, and I do mean every fan.

And only 2000 copies available.

Elvis Presley Photos View a sample layout of the book. Please note these images are a sample of the layout, they do not give the best preview of some of the more stunning images, many I have not seen before.

Thank you, I received my book today. What a gorgeous book, it's a definite 'must-have'!! Jackie

Elvis : The King Of Las Vegas Book

The photo book Elvis : The King Of Las Vegas covers Elvis Las Vegas years between 1956 and 1976; his concerts, the holidays, his wedding, a list of all the stage suits Elvis used on stage and more. This is a huge hardcover book with 360 pages, with 1300 pictures, 25cm (10") x 30cm (12"), very heavy – 2 kilo.

Preview: Elvis : The King Of Las Vegas Book

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