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Review : Special Delivery : The Ultimate Elvis Presley Collectors Box

By: David Adams
Source: Elvis Australia
December 7, 2011
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The Special Delivery : The Ultimate Elvis Presley Collectors Box contains an unbelievable soft cover book promoted in the pre-publicity as a 'unique 60-page Elvis & Priscilla Wedding Album', while I felt sure this was going to be the highlight of the box set I was not prepared for how comprehensive it is, and I must admit I did not know there where so many high quality photos of Elvis and Priscilla's Wedding available.


It contains both detailed information and photos, measures 15 1/2 inches [16.5cm] x 9 inches [23.5cm] and you would expect to pay around $59.95 for it on its own. The size of the book makes it easy to handle and look through without being too small. You don't have to store it away on a bookshelf, it can be kept handy to be used and enjoyed. Although it does come in a nice collectors box!!! It is something I [and anyone that buys a set] will keep forever and I have not doubt whatsoever that both Priscilla and Lisa Marie would appreciate it if the producers would send them a copy each. However as the set is almost sold out that may be a problem.

Below you can view a video as we flick through the book, and you can hear we are enjoying the CD!

Elvis Presley Video Video : Special Delivery : The book

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Next up we have a CD. Now I enjoyed listening to this immensely, it contains 26 tracks all alternate takes and they combine nicely. This I have no doubt is quite valuable as only 1000 were pressed but if it were to be sold individually normally you would expect to pay around $40. The CD is titled 'Fame And Fortune' and contains a total of 13 previously unreleased studio out takes along with a further 13 tracks.

Fame And Fortune CD
Fame And Fortune CD.

Collector's card
Collector's card.

Then we have six [6] deluxe photo postcards [6" x 6"] plus an Elvis sticker with a [1] collector's card which is like a credit card with photos on both sides and the limited edition number of the box set. [Above]

Elvis & Priscilla Wedding Album
Elvis & Priscilla Wedding Album.


Now there is the 'beautiful Special Moments DVD' said to have with rare footage of the King. I am sure it does but it is so disappointing, many of the clips are so small in the middle of the screen, why would they do this I have no idea, either because the quality was insufficient to make a full size screen image or some weird concept of making sure no one was able to use the footage for sale on another DVD.

But then if you want real quality you really need to look at something like the Viva Elvis DVD, which I believe sells for around $70 so I can excuse this all things considered. And the track listing never did much interest me!


Whatever the reason, it is not a highlight of this set. Thankfully via the book and CD we get great value, and I would be happy to buy those on their own anytime. So this set as a whole is great value.

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