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Dee Stanley Has Passed Away

By Elvis Australia
Source: Elvis Presley Fans of Nashvill
September 29, 2013 - 3:48:56 PM

Dee Stanley, Former wife of Elvis' Father, Vernon Presley; passed away September 28, 2013 in Nashville, Tennessee. Devada Mae (Dee) Elliott Stanley was born June 16, 1925.

Dee Stanley, the former stepmother of Elvis Presley is dead. Dee married Elvis' father on July 3, 1960, in Huntsville, Alabama, much to the disapproval of Elvis, who refused to attend the wedding and was unhappy that his father married so soon after the death of his mother in 1958. However, all those around Elvis in Germany at that time agree that Dee seemed to make her initial play for Elvis and finally she tosses her hubby aside to snag Vernon. Vernon and Dee divorced in the year of 1977.

Back in 1993 Dee Stanley tried to get her then new book published but failed as publishers stayed well away from her latest and most disgusting claims. It was on an episode of 'Geraldo' that Stanley announced that Elvis and his mother had sexual relations together... O well. Keith Alverson put it this way: good riddance.

Dee had three sons with her first husband William Stanley: Rick, Billy, and David.

Vernon and Dee Presley

Vernon Presley Sings : Don't Close Your Door

It was in 1973  that Vernon Presley wrote and recorded this song called 'Don't Close Your Door', it's the only known recording of Vernon singing, it was originally contained on an audiotape, but it has now been re-mastered. The lyrics are said to be about the marital troubles that Vernon was having with his second wife, Dee at the time. Harold Loyd: Vernon had a darn good voice. I believe that if he'd ever really tried, he could have made something out of himself. Gladys, Vernon and Elvis, loved to sing, and they had a lot of rhythm.

Listen to Vernon sing.

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