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(Perfect) Elvis Sun 78 RPM Vinyl Special Releases

With the 40th Anniversary of Elvis' passing comes a special release. Record players sold today are increasingly adding the 78RPM speed to the norm and these 5 magnificent Sun 10" (inch) replica singles play at 78RPM. This is the first time since Elvis Sun replicas produced in the 1970's, that have been made to play the original 78RPM speed. Since then some were only made at 45rpm. Each of the 5 Sun replicas have the original etched numbers included with the appropriate song sides and are by far the most original Sun replicas made. All the labels are perfect (as the original) in size, accuracy, and color. All the singles come in the same type sleeves as sold with the original releases. The sound quality is excellent with the original Sun sound recordings (including That's All Right) and is pressed on heavy stock vinyl. This is a strictly low limited number release and an extra low limited number release of a CRYSTAL-CLEAR version in a clear polybag. A first time ever in this version for any Elvis Sun single replica produced. Pre-order now.
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Red West Remembers Writing For The King

That's Someone You Never Forget was a title that came from Elvis. He said, 'How about coming up with a song with the title of That's Someone You Never Forget?' I sat down and wrote it. I played him a demo with me singing that I cut at Gold Star Recording in Hollywood. Elvis liked it and I was in the studio when he recorded it, which was great but also nerve wrecking. Every time he'd start over and say, 'Hold it! hold it!' I'd think, 'Uh oh, he's gonna lose interest'. I like how the song turned out. That song had a strange, weird melody. I like the way Elvis recorded all the songs that I wrote. Elvis wouldn't have recorded my songs if he didn't like them. As a matter of fact there's a couple that he turned down, I wish I had written more for him.
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Review : Moody Blue 2 CD Set from FTD

There's a great moment on CD-2 of the new FTD 'Moody Blue' release - two fabulous rehearsals of the funky 'Way Down' start the disc - with Elvis and his band joking amid jamming and a throbbing bass guitar. Take 1 is reminiscent in feel to the funky jam intro to, 'I Got A Feeling In My Body' (Elvis At Stax 3-CD). After the first breakdown, Elvis say's: 'When Briggs fingers start bleeding' see, we know we've got it!' Ronnie Tutt's thumping drums herald take 2A, followed by David Briggs electric piano, and Norbert Putnam's supercool bass - fabulous! Again Ernst Jorgensen and the Follow That Dream team deserve credit for this magnum opus - 'Moody Blue' is the sound of the mature Elvis. Most highly recommended.
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FTD Releases Delayed

The release of the three FTD titles has been delayed about 1 week, now expected the first or second week of July. Along with  'Start Spreading The News': Elvis At Madison Square Garden Book and CD  and 'Too Much Monkey Business' 2-LP Limited EditionFollow That Dream (FTD) will release the long awaited 'Classic Album' version of 'Roustabout'. Reaching #1 on Billboard in February 1965, it would Elvis' last chart topping album until 'Aloha From Elvis Via Satellite' in 1973. Packaged in 7" format with a full color 16-page memorabilia booklet, it contains previously unreleased material and the recently discovered 'I'm A Roustabout' track.
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'Elvis Studio Sessions '56' perfect companion to 'Young Man With The Big Beat'

'Elvis Studio Sessions '56' 3 CD Boxset from 'Memphis Recording Service' is the perfect companion to the Sony 'Young Man With The Big Beat' 5 CD box-set. Whereas the Sony set gave us the masters, live recordings from Las Vegas and the Hirsch Youth Center, Louisiana along interviews and a very number of outtakes, MRS gives us both the masters and the complete 1956 sessions outtakes as well as the COMPLETE 'The Truth About Me' but also the outtakes for the 'The Truth About Me'.
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Elvis Presley Sells Out Madison Square Garden

The King of Rock 'n' Roll shattered many records during his incredible career. Forty-five years ago this weekend, he became the first entertainer in history to sell out four consecutive shows at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Elvis' Madison Square Garden shows were the first time Elvis performed in front of a live audience in New York since his TV appearances on the Dorsey Brothers, Steve Allen and Ed Sullivan shows in 1956 and 1957. Elvis performed before an audience of 20,000 fans at each of the four shows that took place June 9-11, 1972 (that's a total of 80,000 fans for the entire weekend). Initially, only three shows were booked, but those sold out instantly, so the fourth show on June 11 was added.

Lisa Marie with Riley Keough May 29

Lisa Marie Presley was photographed on May 29 arriving at the home of her mother Priscilla with her oldest daughter Riley Keough as the mother-of-four enjoyed a day out with her three girls after a difficult few months. It marked one of the very few occasions that the 49-year-old has ever been seen with all of her girls, and was the first time that Lisa has been photographed with her 8-year-old twins Finley and Harper since they were sent to live with Priscilla Presley in February.

Drums Of The Islands: Ultimate Paradise Hawaiian Style Recording Sessions

Drums Of The Islands: Ultimate Paradise Hawaiian Style Recording Sessions is a sublime 3 CD boxset with the most complete PARADISE HAWAIIAN STYLE recording sessions, including many tracks unreleased by Elvis' official record company. This stunning box also includes the complete film versions and original mono album! Plus a newly discovered demo recording of a song rejected by Elvis and the Colonel and written by Dolores Fuller. Unfortunately never recorded by the man himself. Including a great full-color booklet!
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Elvis: 'Country Memories' CD (based on the 1978 RCA vinyl album)

Elvis: 'Country Memories', this great country CD, housed in 6 panel digipack, is based on the 1978 RCA vinyl album. It had some strange selections for a country album (like How Great Thou Art and Baby Let's Play House) but it sold like hot cakes, almost a year after Elvis' passing. This CD contains rare alternate and live versions of all 20 original tracks.
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Elvis: 'All-American Boy' CD

'All-American Boy' represents Elvis Presley from the early years, with recordings from 1953 to 1960, including alternate takes and original masters complete with studio banter. Also included are 3 different versions from the song 'That's When Your Heartaches Begin' from 1953, 1956 and 1957. This album also contains great to hear and rare Elvis tribute songs and recordings from 'break-in' records from the fifties and sixties. Plus an answer song ('Yes, 'I'm Lonesome Tonight') to 'Are You Lonesome Tonight?' from 1960. A nice collection from and about The All-American Boy... Including a 12 page booklet with photos and recording information, with the history of 'break-in' records...
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FTD 'Classic Album' release of 'Roustabout' June 26

Follow That Dream (FTD) is pleased to announce the long awaited 'Classic Album' version of 'Roustabout'. Reaching #1 on Billboard in February 1965, it would Elvis' last chart topping album until 'Aloha From Elvis Via Satellite' in 1973. Packaged in 7" format with a full color 16-page memorabilia booklet, it contains previously unreleased material and the recently discovered 'I'm A Roustabout' track.
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Elvis: 'Start Spreading The News': Elvis At Madison Square Garden Book and CD

Follow That Dream (FTD) will release 'Start Spreading The News': Elvis At Madison Square Garden Book and CD on June 28. The Ultimate book about Elvis' appearances in the Big Apple, June 1972.
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'Too Much Monkey Business' 2-LP Limited Edition from FTD on June 28

Follow That Dream (FTD) will release 'Too Much Monkey Business' 2-LP Limited Edition on June 28. Based on the original 1981 'Guitar Man' album, FTD Vinyl's new release contains all the tracks featured on the FTD CD release from 2000. The 2-LP features full overdub session data insert. Pressed on 180 Gram heavyweight vinyl, it's availability is strictly limited as all previous releases.
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Review: 'The Wonder Of You' Concert Melbourne Australia

I had the pleasure of attending 'The Wonder Of You' sold-out concerts in Melbourne two nights running, Friday, Saturday, June 9 and 10 during which I was totally enthralled for practically every minute. It is tempting to compare these concerts with the forerunner,'Elvis The Concert' in 1999 and the slightly renamed 'Elvis Presley In Concert' in 2006 (the first being far superior to the second, much bigger screens to begin with) and while that is more than reasonable, these concerts are in many ways very different. But it was ELVIS everyone came to see and seeing him move on such a large screen was amazing.

A Boy From Tupelo: The Complete 1953-1955 Recordings CD release July 28

Sony Music will release 'A Boy From Tupelo - The Complete 1953-55 Recordings' on July 28. This Deluxe package includes 120-page book featuring many rare photos & memorabilia, detailed calendar and essays tracking Elvis in 1954-1955. The sets 3 CDs contain the most comprehensive collection of early Elvis recordings ever assembled, with many tracks becoming available for the first time as part of this package and one performance - a newly discovered recording of 'I Forgot To Remember To Forget' (from the Louisiana Hayride, Shreveport, Louisiana, October 29, 1955) - being officially released for the first time ever. The set includes every known sun records master and outtake, live performances, radio recordings, Elvis' self-financed first acetates, a newly discovered previously unreleased recording and more.
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Elvis Presley: 'A Boy From Tupelo - The Sun Masters', a single disc 12" vinyl LP

Legacy Recordings will release 'Elvis Presley - A Boy From Tupelo - The Sun Masters', a single disc 12' vinyl package that chronicles the rise of Elvis Presley before he became The King of Rock and Roll.
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'Elvis: Live in Concert' Tour Coming to the United States

The United States debut of 'Elvis: Live in Concert', an all-new concert production featuring Elvis Presley on the big screen accompanied by a live orchestra, coming to 12 cities this August. This critically-acclaimed stage event, which has sold out arenas across the world since last November, is inspired by the award-winning, chart-topping album releases, 'If I Can Dream' and 'The Wonder of You', which features remastered vocals of the king's voice and new orchestral arrangements of some of his biggest hits.
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Jerry Schilling talks about Elvis and The Wonder of You tour

Jerry Schilling: The tour is going fantastically. We've done Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane, and I gotta tell you, I said it to the audience last night; I feel like I'm back on tour with Elvis! People are dancing in the aisles, having fun and we have this great orchestra conducted by the renowned Chong Lim who is awesome. This 40-piece orchestra has a rhythm section and three singers; it's first class. You look up at the big screen and you see Elvis, and I know it may sound weird, but you feel his presence.
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Elvis The Wonder of You Australian Tour (2017)

Just some of the reasons why you MUST see the Elvis: The Wonder Of You Australian Tour!
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Review: Elvis : Peace In The Valley (The Complete Gospel Recordings)

Elvis : Peace In The Valley (The Complete Gospel Recordings) is a long overdue triple CD release. In 1994 we were treated to the excellent double album 'Amazing Grace' and more recently to a number of good (if forgettable) mid-price gospel albums. This set is a fitting testament to an often under-appreciated segment of Elvis' incredible musical legacy. Many fans will be surprised at the breadth of tracks on this release.
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Review : 'The Wonder Of You: Elvis With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra' CD

Sony has done some outstanding reissues featuring Elvis, including taking some chances with the King. This 'new' Elvis Presley album includes the King singing lovely with his backing band at the time with newer overdubs by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. This is the second time this has been done, telling me people are digging it. I found myself really liking the first album, 'If I Can Dream', simply for the fact they cherrypicked some of El's best vocal performances and added simple, organic and extremely tasteful snippets of the Royal Philharmonic. The results were surprisingly good, with the string arrangements totally unobtrusive to the main instrument, being Elvis' voice. 'The Wonder of You' focuses less on El's big, well-known hits for '70s material featuring the master soul-mining newer pop material, and, many times, far surpassing the 'original' versions. Elvis' band at the time was top-notch in the studio, so that was an important element for this to work. Well-recorded and mixed, the songs stand by themselves.
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'Strictly Elvis': 1973-1974-1975: Through The Lens Of Keith Alverson Hardcover Book

Due for release in August is 'Strictly Elvis', a new hardcover book from Erik Lorentzen, ('The Elvis Files', 'Elvis In Toronto') this time in collaboration with photographer Keith Alverson. 'Strictly Elvis' will contain about 1400 photographs from the period 1973-1975 and will be published in August this year.
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Jerry Schilling talks about 'The Wonder Of You' Tour

Elvis Presley Video Jerry Schilling talks about the 'Elvis, The Wonder Of You' Tour of Australia 2017.
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Priscilla Presley on a life lived in Elvis' shadow

SHE was the wife of rock 'n' roll's reigning king - a union that put Priscilla Presley on an irreversible path to stardom. And though 2017 marks 40 years since the passing of Elvis, the association between her and the legendary performer is still as strong as ever. 'I miss his laughter', she says, eyes brightening at the memory. 'His laughter was so contagious. He'd start and everyone would start - they didn't know what they were laughing about, they just got so much enjoyment from being with him.

Sonny West has died age 79

Sonny West has died in Nashville after a long illness. He was 79 years old. He had been suffereing lung cancer. Sonny was a member of Elvis Presley's entourage and met him for the first time in 1958 before Elvis left for his military service in Germany. Later he came to work for Elvis, and he was responsible for the fleet, and bodyguard. He even lived for a time at Graceland. The man had supporting roles in films such as 'Kid Galahad' and 'Stay Away, Joe'. Sonny was with Elvis (and Jerry Schilling) on December 21, 1970, when Elvis met with President Richard Nixon. Sonny West worked a long time for Elvis, but was fired in 1976. He was one of the authors of the controversial book 'Elvis, What Happened'.
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Elvis Presley's Jumpsuits: The Man Who Dressed the King: Bill Belew and Elvis Presley

Rock stars love the grungy look: sweat-stained T-shirts, ragged jeans, worn-out shoes. But Elvis Presley was no ordinary rock star. He was, after all, the King of Rock 'n' Roll, and he dressed like it. Fans never saw Elvis on stage in anything less than the best. Even early on in his career, he carefully chose his fashionable stagewear. He wanted to give the audience a thrill – not just with his music, but with his look. All these years later, Elvis' style is as iconic as his music. Elvis had great fashion sense, but it was designer Bill Belew who helped take Elvis' fashion to the next level. Belew designed clothes for Elvis to wear both on and off the stage.
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Elvis: 'The Wonder Of You Tour' Australia 2017

The Wonder Of You Tour of Australia has begun with the first concert in Perth last night with 10,400 Elvis fans in attendance. With Elvis Presley on state of the art screens, specially designed for this arena tour and backed by a full 40 piece symphony orchestra, Elvis is once again back in Australia! Next up is Adelaide Sunday night, followed by, Brisbane, consecutive nights in Sydney and ending with 3 nights in Melbourne through to June 10. These multiple concert dates follow hot on the heels of a sold-out arena tour in the United Kingdom and Europe. If you have yet to decide, it is easy, do you like the CDs, If I Can Dream and The Wonder of You with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra? And/or did you enjoy the 'Elvis The Concert' (1999) and 'Elvis Presley In Concert' (2006) tours? If you answered yes to either, or especially both, it should be an easy decision!! Tickets are still available in all states. Do you want to spoil yourself a little? Check out the exciting VIP packages and be treated like a star by being one of the fortunate few to access the official pre-show party!
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Elvis: What Happened?

The following is an article by Chet Flippo, the Editorial Director for CMT: The 1977 book Elvis: What Happened? was a very messy tell-all expose, based entirely on interviews with the three formerly trusted aides and bodyguards who had recently been fired by Elvis' father Vernon as part of a cost-cutting operation. The bodyguards, the cousins Red West and Sonny West and Dave Hebler, felt betrayed after being summarily dismissed after years of what they regarded as devotion to the King. They seemed to seek revenge. And they got it in Elvis: What Happened?
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'Elvis' CD (based on the original 'Elvis' Australia vinyl LP)

'Elvis' is a great 6 panel digipack CD release (with the stunning cover !) is based on the original 'Elvis' Australia vinyl LP compilation album released in 1975 thru the RCA label. (Australian Only Orange RCA Victor label compilation - Australian Fan Club Release SP-106-G). A fantastic collection of 19 rare outtakes, many of them unreleased in this form on CD by Elvis' official record company.
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Elvis In Concert (1977) 'No Comments' CD

'If You Haven't guessed by now... it's been 40 years!' CMT is back with an outstanding release! It's been 40 years since RCA released 'Elvis in Concert', still a favorite after all these years, not only for historic reasons, cause although not in good health Elvis' voice was still incredible!  The producers have done a new approach on these recordings, and decided to make a more enjoyable version by cutting out all the fans comments, and edit the performances to one live concert, using 24Bit 96KHZ audio for the best possible sound. Most edits sound better then the original ones ... Including all songs from the original double album, plus five rare MULTI track bonus recordings, including a rocking 'Mystery Train'/'Tiger Man' bringing the total to 33 tracks! Presented in six panel digipack, with artwork matching the original release, including beautiful rare pictures.
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