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'The King Strikes Back!' 10 CD Box Set

The Audionics label is proud to come up with a new, comprehensive 10 CD project, dedicated to Elvis' legendary Las Vegas Summer '74 season. It is called 'The King Strikes Back!' and for the first time ever, all rehearsal and live soundboard recordings are presented in best possible sound quality and in one box! For some of these recordings, we have used audio tapes (master cassettes) as a source, rather than existing CD releases. We have spent dozens of hours in studio, to restore and enhance them. As usual, every recording was treated individually and restored from scratch, using today's advanced technology to achieve the best possible sound quality for your optimal listening pleasure.
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Interview with Bruce Jackson, Sonic Genius (1949-2011) by Shawn Poole

Bruce Jackson was an Australian audio legend and his star-studded live mixing credits have include such names as Elvis Presley (1971-1977), Bruce Springsteen (1978-1988), Barbra Streisand, Dianna Ross, Johnny Cash, Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Wonder, Rod Stewart and the Faces, Barry White, Jefferson Airplane, Ozzy Osbourne (Black Sabbath), Jackson 5, Cat Stevens, Art Garfunkel and Lou Reid ... just to name a few. Following is an excerpt from an interview with Bruce Jackson by Shawn Poole. (Tragically, just a day after this interview was concluded, Bruce Jackson was killed when the single-engine plane that he loved to pilot crashed during a solo evening flight near Death Valley National Park). From Backstreets Magazine. Backstreets magazine has been covering the music of Bruce Springsteen and for more than 30 years.
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'Elvis Presley: Christmas With Elvis And The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra' Deluxe CD

Sony Music will release the deluxe version of 'Elvis Presley: Christmas With Elvis And The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra' on CD and LP Record on November 24. 'Elvis Presley: Christmas With Elvis And The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra' brings together Elvis Presley's best-loved performances from 'Elvis' Christmas Album' (1957) and 'Elvis Sings The Wonderful World Of Christmas' (1971) re-imagined with sublime and exquisite new arrangements performed by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.
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Love Letters From Elvis - Spliced Takes Special CD

CMT is back with an incredible release, 'Love Letters From Elvis - Spliced Takes Special'. The CD including 14 'spliced' tracks from the 1970 recordings, including all tracks from the original album plus three bonus tracks. Fans of the series know what to expect, and this release is among their best yet! Some songs don't have complete outtakes and the team managed to present an album with full versions only! Rare snippets and rehearsals were used and it works like magic!
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The EPE Catalog Hardcover Book

'The EPE Catalog' is a new book In The Gold Standard Series. The publisher is Erik Lorentzen. The author is Bob Pakes, the guy who knows everything about what was going on regarding Elvis' merchandise in the fifties. Almost 400 pages with some sensational photos.
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Elvis: 'Return of the Dragon' Book

Elvis: 'Return of the Dragon' is a new book which picks up where the best selling 'Elvis Enter The Dragon' ends. This Soft cover journal features 96 pages and over 150 unpublished photos with newly discovered and unbelievable photos from October 1974 and 1976 in South Bend Indiana.
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'Kissin' Cousins' Classic Album Movie Soundtrack CD

As part of its Classic Album Movie Soundtrack series, Follow That Dream (FTD) is pleased to announce the release of the original soundtrack album for Kissin' Cousins. It features unreleased outtakes, rarities and an informative illustrated 16-page booklet with rare memorabilia, movie trivia and photos. Due to the small amount of existing outtakes (as Elvis didn't record with the band) it includes instrumental masters recorded at the RCA Studio in Nashville that show the great musicianship of the players.
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Elvis: 'Bicentennial Show' Tulsa, Oklahoma July 4, 1976 CD from FTD

Follow That Dream (FTD) is pleased to announce the release of the legendary 'Bicentennial Show' recorded live via soundboard at Mabee Center, Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, Oklahoma July 4, 1976 at 2:30 PM. Disc 2 contains a concert recorded live at Duluth Arena, Duluth, Minnesota October 16, 1976 (With extra tracks from Dane County Coliseum, October 19, 1976). This a 2-CD 5" digipack release.
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Elvis: 'Night & Day in Nashville' CD

Elvis: 'Night & Day in Nashville' is is a new CD release in the 'Bootleg Series' and a sampler of material recorded by The King in Nashville from '56 to '66. A total of 22 tracks, including 20 alternate recordings and original mixes (15 previously unreleased by Elvis' record company). It's a great new album, with (almost) only complete takes, and this time no studio banter or false starts (as they are available through other releases from the Elvis One label).

The Elvis Presley Movie Album - Volume 3 CD

The Elvis Presley Movie Album - Volume 3 CD is a new release in the 'Bootleg Series' contains 22 alternate tracks, all complete versions! Including outtakes, movie versions and unedited masters presented in the best possible sound. A great alternate movie experience! Ofcourse this album is a limited edition, just as The Elvis Presley Movie Album volume 1 and The Elvis Presley Movie Album volume 2...

Elvis Army Days Revisited | Part One | Part Two 1958-1960 CDs

'Elvis Army Days Revisited | Part One & Part Two' are 2 new CD releases in the 'Bootleg Series' containing all German A & B sides of Elvis singles released during his time in the Army, all known recordings of interviews and press conferences from March 1958 to March 1960, newsreels and more! Including some previously unreleased material. You can hear these historic recordings in the best possible sound all together for the first time ever on 2 CD's! Each CD comes with a 12 page booklet...

Elvis: 'Roustabout' 2-LP Limited Edition Record Set : November 27

Now to be released November 27 is the Follow That Dream (FTD) double LP 'Roustabout'. Pre-release sales of FTD's recent 'Roustabout' Classic Album exceeded all expectations reflecting the appeal of the original #1 album. The release of this Limited Edition 2-LP set will be no exception. It contains Stereo Remixes of the Soundtrack, outtakes and mono masters. Mastered at Abbey Road, London, the 180 Gram discs feature reproductions of the original rare RCA 'Hollywood' pressing plant LP labels.
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Elvis and Me 'An Evening With Priscilla Presley', Melbourne, Australia 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed Priscilla Presley in Melbourne last night. I really did not know what to expect so I observed with interest just as much as listened and watched. To hear Priscilla talk about Elvis, how they met and their life together was truly special and as promised it was a rare insight into Priscilla's life with Elvis. While some people have the privilege of knowing Priscilla personally, the rest of us can be very pleased that we have the opportunity to spend 2 hours in this way. Priscilla as well as being a very big part of Elvis' life, and the mother of his only child, is the most authentic and closest to Elvis we have.

Roy(al) Orbison

Thirty years after his death Roy Orbison fans will be able to see him back during a tour in 2018. A hologram show will be featured in a series of arena concerts in the UK and Australia. Roy will be supported by the Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra in the UK, and hits such as 'Pretty Woman', 'You Got It', 'Crying' and 'Only The Lonely' are part of the show. If you have been wondering what Elvis would be like in hologram form, then take the opportunity to see Roy Orbison in concert in 2018 and you will have a pretty good ideaSpecial Pre-sale Australia!
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Music City: The '56 Nashville Recordings 180gram Limited Edition vinyl LP

Memphis Recording Service will release 'Music City: The 56 Nashville Recordings' a 180gram Limited Edition vinyl LP on November 24, 2017. Comes with a 4-Page pull-out poster. Pre-order Now.
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Radio Recorders: The Complete '56 Sessions 180gram Limited Edition vinyl LP

Memphis Recording Service will release 'Radio Recorders: The Complete 56 Sessionsa 180gram Limited Edition vinyl LP on November 24, 2017. Comes with a 4-Page pull-out poster. Pre-order Now.
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FTD to re-print 'Elvis In Atlanta' and 'Elvis Las Vegas '74'

Follow That Dream (FTD) will re-print the recently deleted titles 'Elvis In Atlanta' (containing two legendary shows from the Omni Coliseum in 1975 on April 30th and May 1), and 'Elvis Las Vegas '74' (containing two Legendary Shows From The Hilton Hotel On August 20, 1974). Both releases are in the 5" 2-CD digipack range and are expected to be available with the next release late November.
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Mark James: Caught in a Trap: Suspicious Minds: Elvis' Last No. 1 Hit

Mark James: The next day I heard the track at the studio. At first, I thought it sounded too slow. But when I heard how it was embellished later, I was blown away. This is important to note as Chips has always stated he was disgusted (As you will read in the next paragraph) with what Felton Jarvis did, and we are referring to the fade out and back in at the end of the song, yet here is the songwriter giving his overwhelming blessing to the extra production. Elvis fans also approve it should be noted, when in 1987 RCA removed the ending for the release, 'The Memphis Record', fans cried out demanding it be restored.
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Elvis Presley Wanted To Tour Australia But Colonel Parker Stopped Him

Elvis Presley wanted to tour Australia but his manager Colonel Tom Parker wouldn't let him. Jerry Schilling was part of the 'Memphis Mafia' and worked with Elvis Presley and Colonel Tom Parker. 'I was at that late night meeting at the Las Vegas Hilton. Elvis wanted to tour overseas. He wanted to go to Australia. He wanted to go to Japan. The Colonel said, 'if you go I am not going to go with you'. Elvis said 'that's fine, you are fired'.
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Preview: Elvis: 'The Movies' large Hardback Book

Due for release November 10 is 'Elvis: The Movies' a new large hardback book containing over 400 pages with a lot of unseen pictures. From Alan Hanson and Erik Lorentzen (The Elvis Files series).
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'Elvis and Me': Memorializing Elvis Presley

Priscilla Presley: 'I start my show off saying, 'You're probably wondering why I'm doing this'. I think it's time. I feel much more comfortable with crowds, with people and with talking', says Priscilla Presley. 'I just want to clear up so many things that have been altered or perceived differently. I want to put the record straight from my side'. Priscilla is the only one to have the story of being his wife, confidant, friend, accomplice and the mother of his child. To prepare, I read her memoir, Elvis and Me. Among other things, Priscilla shares intimate details about their 18 years together, the complications of it all and the life of the king.

Review: Elvis: 'Roustabout' FTD Special Edition Classic Album CD

For many years, a release of Roustabout in Follow That Dream Records' (FTD) classic albums series was an often-made request that the label finally filled in July of 2017. One of the possible reasons why this definitive edition of the soundtrack album took so long to release was the possibility of more outtakes to appear after the early 2000s discovery of the previously unreleased alternate title song 'I'm a Roustabout' that was initially released on the 2003 compilation album 2nd to None. Nothing new has turned up since then, though, and the number of surviving outtakes for Roustabout remains relatively small. To make up for the lack of material, FTD chose to expand the album with newly remixed outtake versions of all eleven master takes.
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Elvis: 'Past Masters - Volume 2' CD

The Elvis: 'Past Masters - Volume 2' CD is a collection of 25 tracks from Elvis' catalogue. The majority of these tracks were not available on his original albums. Past Masters consists of A- and B-sides from Elvis' singles and Extended Play's (EP's), very hard to find Long Play (LP) album versions and some previously unreleased versions in great binaural sound. The main part of the single and Extended Play (EP) versions appeared in a different form or sound on his Long Play albums. Also included are the full contents of the original 'TV Guide Presents Elvis Presley' record (released in September 1956) and the original USA 'The Truth About Me' promotional cardboard disc (original US edit as released in November 1956). Again a great collection of rarities! Just like the first volume of 'Past Masters'.
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Elvis: 'Anthology | Part Two' CD

Elvis One proudly presents Anthology | Part Two CD. This new volume includes 40 tracks, 18 previously unreleased and even 25 previously unreleased by Elvis' record company - plus some previously unreleased on CD! Including previously unreleased interviews, rare radio spots from movies like 'Harum Scarum' and 'Paradise, Hawaiian Style' (None of these were previously available on CD), alternate takes, live recordings, rehearsal excerpts and much more! 'The Beatles' Anthology', Elvis style! 'Anthology' from Elvis Presley!
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Elvis: 'Suppose - The Home Recordings - Vol. 2' CD

Suppose - The Home Recordings - Vol. 2 CD is a companion album to Elvis - The Home Recordings (released by RCA/BMG in 1999). This second album contains 22 tracks; all home recordings. Most of them were recorded at various locations in Los Angeles and Germany. Some were recorded in Memphis and a few in other places. Of these 22 tracks, 12 are officially previously unreleased and 2 tracks are very hard to find. For example: the stereo version of '500 Miles'. The version of 'Suppose' on this album was only available on the 'Celluloid Rock' boxset from 1998. Includes the ultra rare song, 'Let Me Be The One'.
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'Christmas' CD

The 2017 Christmas release from the Elvis One label with original mono masters, alternate versions, informal recordings and more! A new way to enjoy these fabulous historic recordings. And a special limited release!
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Elvis: El Disco De Oro 'Digibook' CD from Sony Spain

Sony Music Spain and RockFM teamed up for the release of Presley's 'Elvis: The Golden Record', (Elvis: El Disco De Oro 'Digibook' CD) the definitive compilation of the King of Rock, with hits from all his eras. On sale since October 13th, this is the album that you must have to know everything of the artist from Tupelo. Not only his songs, but also photographs, texts, quotes and much more.
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Interview with Jerry Weintraub: Elvis' Concert Promoter

I started to call Tom Parker who was Elvis' manager every morning at 8:30 in the morning. 'Good morning, Colonel, this is Jerry Weintraub. I want to take Elvis on tour'. Finally, one morning he said to me, 'You still want to take my boy on tour'. I said, 'Yes'. He said, 'Okay, you be in Vegas tomorrow at 11:00 o'clock with a million dollars and we'll talk a deal' .... I said, 'Okay I'll get it and I'll be there'.
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1 Week To Go!! 'An Evening With' Priscilla Presley Australia

Just 1 week to goPriscilla Presley will be in Australia. Gold Coast Nov. 4, Perth Nov. 6, Melbourne Nov. 9, Sydney Nov 12. Following the tremendous success of the 'The Wonder Of You' Tour, RCM touring are bringing Priscilla Presley to Australia in November for an intimate 'An Evening With' conversation event. The nights will be titled Elvis and Me and will provide fans with rare insight into Priscilla's life with Elvis.
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Released: Elvis: 'The Last Movies' FTD CD

FTD have released of Elvis: 'The Last MoviesClassic Soundtrack Album CD and our order is on the way to us. Finally, Elvis' last soundtrack recordings are brought together in a cohesive release that works as a companion set for the FTD 7" Classic Album series. 'The Last Movies' contains outtakes and an informative illustrated 16-page booklet with rare memorabilia and photos.
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