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Elvis Presley and Bill 'superfoot' Wallace

American martial arts man Bill 'Superfoot' Wallace who was Elvis Presley's bodyguard and personal trainer from 1974 until his death in 1977 recently talked about his times with the King and gave a rare glimpse of the man behind the legend. 'He was a wonderful person, a nice guy. It was fun working out with him too but you couldn't hit him too hard. You couldn't punch Elvis in the face but it was fun beating up his 'Memphis Mafia'.

Review | Elvis Live 1969 | Disc 9 | August 25, 1969

Elvis was in fine form on this hot August night on August 25, 1969, a performance perhaps never to be beaten. This concert is arguably the best live recording of Elvis Presley in 1969, and is one of the best concerts Elvis Presley ever performed - both in sound quality and performance! All that is left then is to say then is - buy 'Elvis Live 1969' and enjoy this concert along with 10 other great performances, Elvis style.

Review | Love Me Tender 2-CD 7" FTD classic soundtrack

Celebrating Elvis' first motion picture - Follow That Dream present 'Love Me Tender' in the 2-CD 7" classic soundtrack format -- and its stunning audio and visual content is highly impressive. The sound here is warm, detailed and full on the soundtracks original EP recordings.

FTD Releases delayed until September 23

FTD has advised that the release of the 'American Sound '69' 5 CD Set and 'Elvis Sings Memphis' LP Record has been delayed to around the week commencing September 23, or possibly week commencing September 16. Elvis' pivotal Year of 1969 celebrated with Elvis: American Sound 1969 featuring over 90 tracks of rare and unreleased material from Elvis' 1969 legendary American Sound Studio sessions, including 'In The Ghetto' and 'Suspicious Minds'. FTD also advise that they will only be manufacturing to satisfy initial orders. Any re-orders will only be available if there is residue stock existing from the first pressing.

'Singer Presents Elvis' CD

'Singer Presents Elvis' was released in 2011 by the Venus label. Now we have a single CD only re-release. This set was first released in 2011 and sold out immediately, mainly because of the many completely unreleased tracks. Most of these tracks are still only available on this set and we’ve got a lot of request for this CD. So we decided to make a low budget version and give everyone the possibility to own these recording on the label that made them available. As with all Venus releases all tracks are uncut and the sound is top-notch!

Review | Elvis Live 1969 | 11 CD Boxset from Sony Music

With Elvis reciting the same stage patter nearly word-for-word in each of the 11 concerts, it's these gaffes and unexpected moments that keep 'Elvis Live 1969' from becoming just an overly repetitive entry for Elvis completists. Instead, the box set serves as a snapshot of a world-class entertainer successfully but gingerly rediscovering the magic that made him so in the first place. 'Suspicious Minds', then just a week or so into its life as a single, is majestic, with Elvis possessed by the pounding rhythm of drummer Ronnie Tutt. The gig is the same one during which Elvis comes to pieces in 'Are You Lonesome Tonight?' supposedly tickled by Sweet Inspirations singer Cissy Houston's ability to keep on singing, unfazed, while Elvis goes further and further off the rails. Still frazzled, he screws up 'Rubberneckin' immediately afterward and asks the band to restart the tune a full 45 seconds in.

Preview | Elvis Now In Person 1969 Hardcover Book

Elvis Presley Photos View an 11-page preview of the Elvis Now In Person 1969 Book. This Deluxe Hardcover Book contains 400-pages packed with rare and unseen shots taken during the period of July 31 and August 28, 1969.

The European Side Of Elvis / Words And Music 2 CD Set

The European Side Of Elvis / Words And Music 2 CD set is housed in a beautiful slipcase is a 6-panel digipack with 2 rare albums. This Limited Edition Combi Collectors Pack contains masters and rare alternate tracks. 'Words and Music' was only released on CD in Australia in the mid-'80s and is very hard to find these days. We present it here with rare bonus tracks and mixed with Elvis quotes just like the original release. 'The European Side Of Elvis' was never released on CD. All tracks on this album are rare alternate tracks!!

From Sunset Boulevard To Paradise Road 4LP + 4CD Box Set

August 1974 is a remarkable period in Elvis' career. A new Vegas engagement was ahead of him and Elvis and his loyal musicians had plans for a new and refreshing show, which they were going to perform for a two week period. Probably to avoid getting bored from doing the same year in and year out, they went to rehearse some new songs to create the new setlist. Fortunately, the rehearsal from August 16 was recorded on a 2 track cassette deck and is presented here in its ultimate form. Originally released way back in 1995 it was time for an update.

Elvis Presley 42 Years ... Gone too soon

42 years ... gone too soon ...
42 years ... gone too long ...
Elvis Presley ... Remembered for eternity ... 1935-1977 | 1977-2019 ...

The Death Of Elvis Presley | August 16, 1977

Elvis Presley died at Graceland on August 16, 1977. He was 42 years old. Through the early morning of the 16th, Elvis took care of last-minute tour details and relaxed with family and staff. He was to fly to Portland, Maine that night and do a show there on the 17th, then continue the scheduled tour. Elvis retired to his master suite at Graceland around 7:00 AM to rest for his evening flight. By late morning, Elvis Presley had died of heart failure. In a matter of hours the shock registered around the world.

'A Date With Elvis' individually numbered transparent blue vinyl

'A Date With Elvis' 60th-anniversary edition of 2000 individually numbered copies is available on transparent blue vinyl. 'A Date With Elvis' is Elvis Presley's eighth album originally released in July 1959. It is a compilation of previously unreleased material from an August 1956 recording session at 20th Century Fox Stage One, two sessions from Radio Recorders in Hollywood, and multiple sessions at Sun Studio.

Elvis Presley | Still 'The King' 42 Years After His Death

Whether you think of Elvis Presley as the young, energetic singer with the dynamic good looks and gyrating hips that shook the music world in the 1950s or the more mature Elvis with the long sideburns and sequined jumpsuits who performed in Las Vegas, his career spanned decades. Music fans around the world were devastated by the news of his death on August 16th, 1977. And yet, more than four decades later, the man with the voice and style that changed popular music forever, remains the King of Rock and Roll. Millions around the world still buy his music and hundreds of thousands visit Graceland every year to see where he lived, died, and remains buried today.

Wink Martindale Remembers Elvis Presley

Wink Martindale had no idea his life would forever change when he met a truck driver named Elvis Presley in 1954. After listening to the aspiring singer's new track titled 'That's All Right Mama', the radio and game show personality knew there was something magical occurring. And sure enough, Presley quickly transformed into the king of rock 'n' roll. But despite Elvis' reign in both music and Hollywood, the iconic performer passed away on Aug. 16, 1977, at age 42 from a heart attack. Martindale, 85, spoke to Fox News about how he met his beloved pal, their heartbreaking final meeting and how he continues to pursue his own passion to entertain others.

Interview with Hal Kanter Director of Loving You

Interview with Hal Kanter, screenwriter and director for the Elvis Presley movie Loving You. Previously Hal had written for variety shows, graduating to screenplays and specializing in comedies. He wrote for Bob Hope as well as the comedy team of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. Over the years, Hal Kanter received six Emmy Award nominations, winning the last two for his writing on the annual Academy Awards telecast. He also wrote the script for Elvis Presley's 1961 hit film Blue Hawaii, which garnered him a 'Best Written American Musical' nomination from the Writers Guild of America.

Released | Elvis Live 1969 Limited Edition 11 CD Boxset

Sony Music have released 'Elvis Live 1969' a Limited Edition 11 CD box set with a 52-page book full of rare photos & memorabilia! The set features one show entirely unreleased and complete and newly mixed and mastered shows.

Elvis Rocks Again in 1975 4 CD Set

'Elvis Rocks Again in 1975' is a 4 CD set and follows the recent 'Elvis Rocks in 75' release. The set contains both the May 4, 1975 afternoon and evening performances as recorded at Lake Charles as the May 6 and 7 1975 performances from Murfreesboro and is limited to 300 copies.

Elvis Presley July 1969 | The King of Las Vegas

Dressed in a chic black tunic and bell bottoms that matched his long but neatly combed black-tinted hair. Elvis Presley stepped onstage last week at the International Hotel in Las Vegas and launched into the driving beat of 'Blue Suede Shoes'. The audience of 2,000, most of them over 30, roared and squealed in nostalgic appreciation. In spite of his updated look, Elvis hadn't changed at all in the nearly nine years since his last personal appearance. Shaking, gyrating and quivering, he again proved himself worthy of his nickname, The Pelvis. Through nervousness caused him to sing 'Love my, me tender' for 'Love Me Tender', the pasty-faced enchanter quickly settled down to work his oleaginous charms, backed by a 30-piece orchestra, a five-man combo and a chorus of seven. Oozing the sullen sexuality that threw the America into a state of shock in the 50's, he groaned and swiveled through a medley of 'Jailhouse Rock', 'Don't Be Cruel', 'Heartbreak Hotel', 'All Shook Up' and 'Hound Dog'.

Interview with Celeste Yarnall | Live a Little, Love a Little

Interview with Celeste Yarnall who appeared briefly in Live A Little, Love a Little. Celeste plays Ellen, the girl at the party, with all the astrological reasons why she and Elvis just can't possibly be matched up.

Elvis Country | Elvis Presley's Concept Album

The I'm 10,000 Years Old : Elvis Country' album 'tells us as much about the man who created it as anything he ever did'. In January 1971, RCA records slipped its latest Elvis Presley LP on the market, not two months after the previous one. That record, 'I'm 10,000 Years Old: Elvis Country', the singer's 30th of original material (excluding live collections, compilations and greatest hits sets), wasn't just another Elvis LP. It was an honest to gosh concept LP. The songs were not only linked stylistically and thematically, but all the performances were linked by splices of a song interspersed between each number. Even the cover wasn't the usual head shot of a smiling Elvis, concert pose, or movie still. In their place was a sepia toned photo of a very familiar looking young boy, Elvis Presley aged two.

Limited Edition | American Sessions 1969 5 CD Boxset

Elvis' pivotal Year of 1969 celebrated with Elvis: American Sound 1969 featuring over 90 tracks of rare and unreleased material from Elvis' 1969 legendary American Sound Studio sessions, including 'In The Ghetto' and 'Suspicious Minds'. FTD have revised the original wording to the press release they first put out about the 'American Sound '69' set. The most important parts read: 'Although originally intended as a Sony download release only, FTD agreed to release a limited physical edition after requests from many of you. As this was put together somewhat hastily, clarification is needed regarding the content. The digital set was never intended to be the 'complete' sessions. Therefore it does not include sub-standard, inconsequential and fragmented material that has surfaced on bootleg over the years. It features all the recordings deemed essential by the producers. FTD also advise that they 'will only manufacturing to satisfy initial orders. Any re-orders will only be available if there is residue stock existing from the first pressing'. Order Now before this set is SOLD OUT!! www.elvispresleyshop.com

1969 Studio & Live Boxset Collections With Unreleased Material this August

Three new Elvis Presley collections are on the way. The largest of the bunch, Live 1969, celebrates the 50th anniversary of Elvis' 57-show residency at Las Vegas' International Hotel. The 11xCD set features unreleased material and comes with a 52-page booklet with photos, memorabilia, and an oral history. Live 1969 comes out on August 9 (via RCA/Legacy). Also on August 9, RCA and Legacy will release a 2xLP called Live at the International Hotel, Las Vegas, NV August 26, 1969. It features the complete set from Presley's August 26 midnight show. Then, on August 23, Follow That Dream (FTD) will release Elvis: American Sound 1969, a 5 CD collection of rare and unreleased recordings from Elvis Presley's sessions at American Sound Studio.

Interview with Larry Muhoberac

The connections between Elvis Presley and Australia are few. He never visited us. He never expressed any particular interest in the land 'down under' He was essentially a Memphis boy who, apart from his brief stint in the army in Germany, liked to stay in the Deep South and to spend his time in Graceland. It therefore comes as a pleasant surprise to learn that Larry Muhoberac, the man who played keyboards for Elvis for ten years, is an Aussie citizen and currently lives in a delightful home overlooking a valley full of gum trees on Sydney's northern beaches.

The Definitive Vinyl Artwork of Elvis Presley 1956-1977 Hardcover Book

After a wait of over three years, we are now close to the much-anticipated re-release of the JAT Publishing book The Definitive Vinyl Artwork of Elvis Presley 1956-1977'. JAT recently completed the work updating the book and it will be available in September. JAT found some newer images and documents and artboards. This is an Elvis keepsake forever. This book is the perfect companion piece to the elaborate 'Elvis Sessions IV The Recorded Music of Elvis Aron Presley 1954-1977'. The Vinyl Artwork book contains most of the original photography for the albums, singles and extended plays released in Elvis Presley's lifetime. Many of the photos are the full gorgeous images as they were originally photographed with many never before seen in their entirety. Many of these photos are considered to be some of the greatest photography on Elvis Presley.

1964, The Year that Changed America and Me Book from JAT Publishing

JAT Publishing takes you through the most influential year the world has ever known, 1964, with a historical perspective, text and, photographs that will capture the very essence of these important moments in world history. 1964, The Year that Changed America and Me speaks of the influence historical figures like Martin Luther King Jr., John F. Kennedy, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, and Muhammad Ali all whom represent a world view not only what happened back then but what follows in the future. A dynamic text mixed in with 150 rare and unpublished photographs puts the reader right back to this time as told through the eyes of writer Joseph A. Tunzi.

Interview with Ginger Alden

Ginger Alden is of course known in the Elvis World as the woman who shared his last few months with him. Late in 2014, after years of keeping silent about their relationship, she released 'ELVIS AND GINGER: Elvis Presley's Fiancée and Last Love Finally Tells Her Story'. The book has been received warmly by fans and the general public, and went to No.1 on the New York Times Bestseller list.

Review | Love Letters FTD Special Edition 2 CD

'That's The Way It Is' and 'Elvis Country' were two of the most artistic albums in Elvis' career. What makes them special, is a true concept behind the selection of the songs. 'Love Letters' could not live up to this high standard, since it was a strange mixture of songs, that could not make it on the 'TTWII' and 'Country' releases in the first place, for reasons of available time, quality or strategy.
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Elvis: American Sound 1969 5 CD Boxset from FTD

To celebrate FTD's 20th Anniversary, FTD is pleased to announce the release of 'Elvis: American Sound 1969' a 5-CD set that's part of FTD's new 'Sessions' series, includes a 28-page booklet with rare photos and memorabilia. Elvis' pivotal Year of 1969 celebrated with Elvis: American Sound 1969 featuring over 90 tracks of rare and unreleased material from Elvis' 1969 legendary American Sound Studio sessions.

'Elvis Sings Memphis Tennessee' Limited Vinyl Edition from FTD

FTD Vinyl is pleased to announce the release of 'Elvis Sings Memphis Tennessee' limited edition. The album contains great alternative versions of songs from The Lost Album sessions in May 1963 and January 1964. Mastered at Abbey Road Studios, the album is released in 180-gram format.

Kurt Russell Recalls His Encounter With Elvis Presley

When Kurt Russell first started his career, he appeared in a number of television shows and supporting roles in a couple of movies. Not many people realize this, but when Kurt Russell was 10 years old, he was able to act alongside the King himself, Elvis Presley in 'It Happened at the World's Fair'. 'It was my first brush with a real celebrity. I've never seen anything having to do with a real celebrity before. I didn't really know who Elvis Presley was. I was a 10 year old kid. I knew Elvis Presley was a name that everybody knew. If I'd seen him, I didn't know it. I wasn't into music and I didn't listen to music that much. So the first time he came on the set, a car went on the set, round 100's of women just broke through there and jumped on his car.
Elvis Presley Video Tupelo's Own Elvis Presley DVD

Never before have we seen an Elvis Presley concert from the 1950's with sound. Until Now! The DVD Contains recently discovered unreleased film of Elvis performing 6 songs, including Heartbreak Hotel and Don't Be Cruel, live in Tupelo Mississippi 1956. Included we see a live performance of the elusive Long Tall Sally seen here for the first time ever. + Plus Bonus DVD Audio.

This is an excellent release no fan should be without it.

The 'parade' footage is good to see as it puts you in the right context with color and b&w footage. The interviews of Elvis' Parents are well worth hearing too. The afternoon show footage is wonderful and electrifying : Here is Elvis in his prime rocking and rolling in front of 11.000 people. Highly recommended.

Tupelo's Own Elvis Presley DVD Video with Sound.