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The Elvis I Knew DVD by Charlie Hodge

By Elvis Australia
January 30, 2011 - 10:10:04 AM

The Elvis I Knew DVD
The Elvis I Knew DVD
The Elvis I Knew by Charlie Hodge has been released on DVD. With over 250 never before seen still photos and live film footage of stage performances and private times with Elvis.

Charlie shares his heartfelt memories of his 17 years with one of the greatest entertainers in the world. Charlie's stories include his time by Elvis' side on stage, on movie sets, in the army, and personal time with the Presley family and friends at Graceland, in Vegas, and in California.

Guest appearances include George Klein, long time friend to both Charlie and Elvis, and accomplished radio disc jockey; J.D. Sumner, also long time friend to Charlie and Elvis, and accomplished base singer (some say the best) with J.D Sumner and the Stamps; and last but not least Gordon Stoker, first tenor and manager of the Jordanaires. They share their perspective of Charlie and Elvis' relationship on and off stage. Charlie really never got a whole lot of credit for what he did for Elvis so it is nice to hear their side since they were first hand witnesses to the relationship, both professional and personal, that Charlie and Elvis had.

In this DVD Charlie remembers Elvis as a bright vibrant life with an exceptional soul. He got to witness Elvis' 'unequal generosity' and saw his impact on the whole world. According to Charlie 'we are all just a little bit better for his having been'. This is definitely a must have for any Elvis fan. You will see a side of Elvis that only an insider could see. Get to know Elvis through Charlie's eyes and you will feel a little closer to the man that Charlie called his best friend.

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The Elvis I Knew DVD

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