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Review : Spinout FTD CD

Source: Elvis Australia
December 5, 2009 - 1:42:57 PM

Spinout FTD CD
Spinout FTD CD
Spinout! This is a great album, a wonderful listening experience. From the classic title track and the lovely ballads such as 'Am I Ready' and 'All That I Am' to the great rock numbers 'Never Say Yes' and 'I'll Be Back' there appears to be something for everybody in this package. 'Never Say Yes' is a wonderful song and is even more enjoyable when heard on its out-take forms and also do treat yourself to the out-take of the ballad 'Am I Ready', you will find it fuller and, even it is hard to admit, better than the original take on many levels. Plus don't forget the silly numbers (every Elvis movie has them!) 'Beach Shack' and 'Smorgasbord' and it still turns out to be an unexpected enjoyable mid-60's Elvis listening experience. But, the icing on the cake on this album are the brilliant bonus songs 'Tomorrow Is A Long Time' (the Dylan classic), 'Down In The Alley' and the beautiful 'I'll Remember You'. I cannot find the words to describe my emotions for these three gems - you will just have to buy the album for the total experience!

The surprise of the album is the out-take of 'Beach shack' which presents us with an Elvis Presley in great fun mood that makes the most of a moment. Overall, this edition is full of great out-take segments which rate as the most insightful and enjoyable ones found in comparison to the other previous soundtrack album sets.

Spinout is a standard CD, presented in a 7' format cover (like a single or EP) with original back and front cover art, 3-panel Gatefold sleeve, nice booklet with photos and memorabilia, original album with both previously released and previously unreleased outtakes. A must have CD for all fans and collectors.

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Spinout - Elvis Presley FTD Soundtrack CD

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Elvis Presley Lyrics Adam And Evil
Elvis Presley Lyrics All That I Am
Elvis Presley Lyrics Never Say Yes
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Original Bonus Songs

Elvis Presley Lyrics Tomorrow Is A Long Time
Elvis Presley Lyrics Down In The Alley
Elvis Presley Lyrics I'll Remember You

New Bonus Songs

Stop Look And Listen - takes 1,2,3
Am I Ready - take 1
Never Say Yes - takes 1,2
Spinout - takes 1,2
All That I Am - takes 1,2
Adam And Evil - takes 1,14,16
Smorgasboard - take 1
Beach Shack - takes 1,2,3
Am I Ready - takes 3,4
Never Say Yes - takes 4,5
All That I Am - take 4
Stop Look And Listen - take 6
Smorgasboard - take 5

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