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Paul McCartney sings 'That's All Right' solo using Bill Blacks Upright Bass

Paul McCartney sings 'That's All Right'  solo using Bill Blacks Upright Bass.

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Paul McCartney on the Upright Bass (02:16)
Above - Paul McCartney sings 'That's All Right'  solo using Bill Blacks Upright Bass.

Paul McMartney Talking With Larry King about meeting Elvis

Paul McMartney: it was great. I loved it. The thing is, it was so long ago...

Larry King: you met with him.

Paul McMartney:: yeah, we met with him in Los Angeles.

Larry King: I hear not much was said initially.

Paul McMartney: well, my memories were that it was really quite straight forward, that we loved him. We were a little in awe of him.

Larry King: Really?

Paul McMartney:well, he was the man, you know. We had grown up with him. We were just kids. We were just that little bit younger. But I remember him having the first remote control for a TV we had ever seen.

Larry King: Really? That's a great story.

Paul McMartney: he was just going -- it's changing. It seems like ancient history now, but it was very modern now.

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