Elvis: Viva Las Vegas Spliced Takes CD

By: Elvis Australia
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September 7, 2019

CMT is proud to present a new Spliced Takes CD, Viva Las Vegas which includes 15 unreleased new spliced takes!

All songs from the movie are included, so besides the Elvis tracks, you also get the Ann Margret Songs and 'The Climb' performed by George McFadden

One of the highlights probably is the 'longer' version of 'If You Think...' it has been created using 8 splices and includes multiple sax solo's

'Do the Vega' has been giving an extra 'touch' by repeating the 'Shake like a son....' portion which makes it sound more up to date and modern.

'Santa Lucia' has a longer intro and extra instrumental break. The title track also sound very different due to the use of 3 takes and 4 splices.

As always you get a lot of value in these releases since almost everything sounds very different than usual without fake remixes.

'If you think you don't need this release.... then baby you're wrong!

Make sure to order your copy now!

Elvis: Viva Las Vegas Spliced Takes CD.
Elvis: Viva Las Vegas Spliced Takes CD.

Track listing.

Viva Las Vegas - Spliced take 4,6,2,2
Night Life - Spliced take 1,2,8
Yellow Rose of Texas - Spliced take 2,7
The Lady Loves Me - Spliced take 3,6
C'mon Everybody - Spliced take 6,7
Today, Tomorrow and Forever - Spliced take 1,4,8
The Climb - take 8
What'd I Say - Spliced take 1,2
Do the Vega - Spliced take 5,4,2,2,2,4
You're the Boss - Spliced take 4,6,9,8,10
Santa Lucia - Spliced take 2 (track) 2 (v.o.)
My Rival - Master
If You Think I Don't Need You - Spliced take 9,8,10,12,2,12,7,2
I Need Somebody To Lean On - Spliced take 17,19
Appreciation - Alternate spliced master
Viva Las Vegas - Spliced take 1 (edit)

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