Elvis Sessions From Clambake 3 CD Set

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June 14, 2019

Victrola is proud to present an ultimate 3CD-set of Elvis' 'Clambake' sessions. It is called simply 'Elvis Sessions From Clambake' and all these recordings including the masters came from the same 1989 DAT source tapes just as our very successful 2018 'Avventura In Oriente' 3CD release. We have decided to give that album a worthy follow up! What makes this new release special?

Most tracks have been released before, but never before in such pristine quality!!!

Clambake the movie was definitely not Elvis' finest moment but the soundtrack from 1967 does have some noteworthy songs. Elvis was tired of making the same movies again and again and it's around this time that they had to force him to come to the studio.

Elvis was looking for new challenges, as can be heard in the famous 'Guitar Man' sessions. Victrola team is happy to bring you a lot of material with several unreleased outtakes of these sessions including stereo takes which were previously only available in mono.

Also presented here for the very first time are the 'U. S. Male' outtakes which have only been released on an old CD called 'Going Home' which was heavily noise reduced, resulting in a very unnatural, artificial sound. Finally, we present this session material the right way!

For the first time also, we release the stereo versions of the home recordings of '500 Miles' and 'Blowing In The Wind'!

All tracks have been digitally restored and mastered in a renowned sound studio. This 3CD-set is presented in a stunning looking digipack. Do not miss your opportunity to obtain an ultimate 'Clambake' release from Victrola label! If you enjoyed our 'Avventura In Oriente', then we are absolutely sure that you will love this new 3CD-set too!

Elvis Sessions From Clambake 3 CD Set.
Elvis Sessions From Clambake 3 CD Set.


Disc 1:

01. Clambake (master)
02. Hey, Hey, Hey (master)
03. How Can You Lose What You Never Had (master)
04. You Don't Know Me (master)
05. The Girl I Never Loved (master)
06. Guitar Man (unedited master)
07. Big Boss Man (master)
08. Who Needs Money (master)
09. A House That Has Everything (master)
10. Confidence (master)
11. Just Call Me Lonesome (master)
12. Singing Tree (master)
13. Clambake (demo by Glen Campbell)
14. How Can You Lose What You Never Had (demo by Glen Campbell)
15. Clambake (an alternate song-unused demo by Winfield Scott)
16. Guitar Man (takes 1-5)
17. You Don't Know Me (movie version, takes 1-3)
18. A House That Has Everything (takes 2 & 3)
19. The Girl I Never Loved (takes 4 & 5)
20. Singing Tree (take 1)
21. You Don't Know Me (movie version, takes 7 & 10)
22. Big Boss Man (takes 1 & 2)
23. Just Call Me Lonesome (take 4)

Disc 2:

01. Clambake (bluesy reprise, take 3)
02. You Don't Know Me (movie version, takes 12 & 13)
03. How Can You Lose What You Never Had (takes 1 & 2)
04. Big Boss Man (takes 3-9)
05. Guitar Man (takes 6-9)
06. Just Call Me Lonesome (takes 5 & 6)
07. Singing Tree (takes 2-4)
08. You Don't Know Me (movie version, take 18)
09. Clambake (V.O. takes 1-3B)
10. Hey, Hey, Hey (takes 3-6)
11. The Girl I Never Loved (takes 8, 10 & 11)
12. How Can You Lose What You Never Had (take 3)
13. Singing Tree (remake, takes 1-3)
14. Guitar Man (takes 10 & 11)
15. Hey, Hey, Hey (takes 7 & 8)
16. Clambake (take 5)
17. U. S. Male (take 1-LFS)
18. The Prisoners Song (jam)
19. Hi-Heel Sneakers (take 1-LFS)
20. You Don't Know Me (remake, take 1)
21. Clambake movie trailer
22. Clambake radio commercial

Disc 3:

01. U. S. Male (take 2-2 FS + LFS)
02. Stay Away (guitar overdub by Jerry Reed - take 1)
03. Hi-Heel Sneakers (take 5)
04. You Don't Know Me (remake, take 2)
05. Mine (takes 1-3)
06. U. S. Male (takes 3 & 4)
07. Hi-Heel Sneakers (takes 6 & 7)
08. Stay Away (guitar overdub by Jerry Reed-take 2)
09. Mine (take 4 - complete)
10. A House That Has Everything (takes 4-6)
11. U. S. Male (takes 5-7)
12. Hi-Heel Sneakers (unedited master)
13. Mine (unused instrumental version, takes 5-7)
14. U. S. Male (takes 8-10)
15. Stay Away (movie version)
16. Who Needs Money (movie version)
17. Confidence (movie version)
18. The Girl I Never Loved (movie version)
19. You Don't Know Me (movie version)
20. U. S. Male (take 11-complete)
21. Mine (takes 8 & 9)
22. Mine (take 13)
23. 500 Miles (stereo version)

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