Elvis: 'Out In Hollywood' Vol. 3 and 'The Nashville Marathon' Vol. 2 CDs

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October 19, 2019

MTP is back with two (2) amazing new releases, 'Out In Hollywood' Vol. 3 and 'The Nashville Marathon' Vol. 2. We all remember the 'good old days' when FTD released their first releases like 'The Jungle Room Sessions', 'Fame and Fortune' and 'Out in Hollywood'.

Those CDs were in our players for weeks, due to all the unreleased stuff, great sound quality and last but not least the fact there were a lot of complete outtakes never heard before. After a while, although the releases were still fantastic, we got more and more CDs with lots of outtakes from the same songs, great for collecting, but the listening pleasure was a bit less fun... The label continues their series with two releases which will be in your player for weeks, and are again 'Meant to be Played'.

The Nashville Marathon Volume 2

This time we get the 1971 sessions in the same treatment as the first volume, some hard to find tracks and outtakes are included as well as some nice surprises and edits such as the extended version of 'Lady Madonna' which rocks like never before.

Another highlight is the new 'Don't Think Twice It's All Right' edit of take 2 recorded on May 17th.

Presented in a deluxe digipack

'The Nashville Marathon' Vol. 2 CD.


  1. Early Morning Rain - Take 1,11
  2. Put Your Hand in the Hand - take 1
  3. Fools Rush In - take 6
  4. Are You Lonesome Tonight (excerpt)
  5. It's Only Love - Spliced take 2,7,8
  6. I'm Leavin' - Spliced take 2,3
  7. I Shall Be Released - Informal Jam
  8. Don't Think Twice It's All Right - May 17 edit
  9. For Lovin' Me - Take 2,11
  10. Help Me Make It Through the Night - Spliced take 2,14,15
  11. Seeing is Believing - take 10
  12. A Thing Called Love - Spliced take 7,7,3
  13. We Can Make the Morning - Unedited Overdubbed Master
  14. Love Me, Love the Life I Lead - take 5,6
  15. Padre - take 11
  16. Lady Madonna - Extended Jam
  17. Bosom Of Abraham - take 5/You Better Run(excerpt)/I John - take 1
  18. Bosom Of Abraham take 7
  19. Reach Out To Jesus - false starts, take 9
  20. I Will Be True - take 2
  21. It's Still Here - Spliced take 2,3
  22. I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen -Master overdubbed
  23. My Way - Spliced take 1,3

Out For Hollywood Volume 3

Hard to find outtakes and new edits, presented in a deluxe digipack edition.

Another collection of 22 great songs, most are hard to find or released on CDs where you get so many takes of the same song, you probably only have heard them once, or more likely... never. Also included are some cool UNRELEASED tracks like 'Poor Boy' which is an alternate master and 'Stay Away' which has the harmonica intro followed by the master take, the sound is much better than the actual movie version.

Elvis: 'Out In Hollywood' Vol. 3 CD.

  1. Poor Boy - Spliced take 1 (remake), 3
  2. I Want To Be Free - take 10 (prison version)
  3. Loving You - take 16 (end version)
  4. Cross My Heart and Hope To Die - take 8
  5. This is Living - take
  6. Hard Knocks - take 4
  7. Easy Come, Easy Go - take 10
  8. Vino, Dinero Y Amor - take 4
  9. Drums of the Islands - take 2 (AOV)
  10. Anyone - take 2
  11. Summer Kisses, Winter Tears - take 16
  12. Shoppin' Around - take 14 (finale version)
  13. The Bullfighter Was A Lady - take 14
  14. Kissin' Cousins #2 - take 4
  15. Night Life - take 11
  16. Take Me To the Fair - take 7
  17. A Dogs Life - take 7 (EOV)
  18. Almost in Love - take 6
  19. Wisdom of the Ages - take 2
  20. Stay, Away - Alternate Master
  21. Let's Forget About the Stars - Rough mix
  22. Let Us Pray - Vocal Only

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