Jenny Maxwell and Elvis : The Seat Of The Trouble

By: Elvis Australia
September 17, 2016

Let's just say it wasn't Jenny Maxwell's day. It all started early, when scenes for 'Blue Hawaii', Hal Wallis production, called for Jenny to try to drown herself, be rescued by Elvis Presley, who then turns the tiny 19-year-old blonde over his knee and gives her a sound spanking.

For the long shots and close-ups, Jenny dunked herself thoroughly three times, was hauled out and spanked by Elvis, a total of four times.

'He had to spank hard to make it look good', Jenny later conceded while rubbing the spanked area carefully, 'but my skimpy costume was wet and there wasn't much between Elvis and what he was spanking, and it stung like anything'.

Just then, Norman Taurog called: 'Now, let us get Jenny dried off and on to her horse'.

For the next three hours Jenny, Elvis and Joan Blackman did scenes on horseback over rough terrain, and if Jenny hovered somewhat gingerly above her saddle, everyone understood.

Then, after the final shot for the day, a gust of wind toppled a heavy reflector standard which hit the back of Jenny's foot. No bones were broken but the doctor who treated the painful bruise has prescribed a cane between scenes for several days.

'The cane helps my sore foot', says 'Hopalong' Maxwell, 'but it doesn't do anything for the seat of my real trouble'.

Elvis: 'I got a feelin' this is gonna make the both of us feel an awful lot better'.

Elvis: 'I got a feelin' this is gonna make the both of us feel an awful lot better'.

Original article, 'The Seat Of The Trouble', Elvis Monthly June 1961.

Jenny Maxwell

Jenny Maxwell (born Jennifer Helene Maxwell) (September 3, 1941 – June 10, 1981) was an American film and television actress, probably best remembered for her role in the 1961 Elvis Presley film Blue Hawaii.

Of Norwegian descent (the original name of Moksvold was changed when the family emigrated in 1949), and a distant relative of Marilyn Monroe, Maxwell played spoiled Ellie Corbett in Blue Hawaii, whom Elvis' character eventually tames by spanking her on the beach. She also appeared in Blue Denim (1959), Take Her, She's Mine (1963, which starred James Stewart), and Shotgun Wedding (also 1963; Maxwell's cinematic swan song, co-written by infamous filmmaker Edward D. Wood, Jr.). In addition to this she appeared in several television shows, including The Twilight Zone (1961), Route 66 (1961), and 77 Sunset Strip (1963).

In April 1959, the 16-year-old Maxwell married 24-year-old Paul W. Rapp, an assistant director. After separating in December 1961, they had a very public divorce and custody battle over their son Brian, with Maxwell winning after testifying about Rapp's 'extremely possessive and overly jealous' nature. She later married Ervin M. Roeder, a successful attorney who was 21 years her senior, on February 15, 1970 in Los Angeles.

In 1981, shortly after their separation, Jenny Maxwell and her husband were gunned down and killed in the lobby of their Beverly Hills condo during a possible botched robbery. She was 39 years old.

Elvis Presleys Movies Blue Hawaii : Paramount 1961

Publicity photo for the movie, 'Blue Hawaii', 1961.
Publicity photo for the movie, 'Blue Hawaii', 1961.

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