Japanese Prime Minister is an avid Elvis Presley fan!

By: Tad Akazawa
Source: Elvis Presley Fan Club [Tokyo]
September 10, 2002

Mr. Junichiro Koizumi, the new Prime Minister of Japan, is an avid Elvis Presley fan. The following special news release from the Elvis Presley Fan Club [Tokyo] Japan features the Prime Minister's message to Elvis fans.

Message To Elvis Fans From Mr. Junichiro Koizumi, Prime Minister of Japan

The following is the (spoken) message specifically released by the Prime Minister to Elvis fans at large.

Yes, I really love Elvis. I am no fussy about genres of music, from classics to rock. Elvis has been my most favorite for long. Sure, my younger brother, who is also an Elvis maniac enlightened me about Elvis. He once got involved in fan club affairs as a head of local chapter in Yokohama.

But I took a liking to Elvis as early as when he made the sensational debut. Elvis is the best and a class by himself when he sings rock or ballad or any type of songs. I never get tired of listening no matter how many times I hear him over more than 40 years in my life. Above all, I like his songs, say, 'I Want You, I Need You, I Love You', 'Hawaiian Wedding Song' and 'Bridge Over Troubled Water'.

When Elvis The Concert came to Japan in Nov. 1999, I went to Tokyo Forum not to miss this once-in-my-life chance. It was so electrifying, even really touching. There never be a superstar like Elvis before nor after Elvis. I am sure he was the greatest singer ever lived in the 20th century.

Since I took office (of the Prime Minister), I have been so busy that I literally have no time for sleep. In weekends, when I find time to be back (to my private) home, and can afford listening to Elvis songs after weeks long craving, certainly his voice eases off my fatigue.

These days, I feel sort of healing power from his Gospels. No doubt, Elvis' recordings are a godsend great legacy of art from the last century. Elvis is forever and so are his songs. We should share this legacy with many more people, not just by fan-club people alone. Especially, younger generations now.

Whoops! I almost forgot to say this: my birthday is January 8th, the same day of Elvis', that is what I always speak proudly of .... 'I have been an Elvis fan since my young days and love music from classics to rock'

Elvis Presley Fan Club [Tokyo]

Indeed, Mr.Koizumi has been one of the important figures behind our fan club --- Elvis Presley Fan Club [Tokyo]. Mr. Masaya Koizumi, the Prime Minister's younger brother, is the senior consultant to our club and helping this fan club's efforts to keep the greatest singer's memory and music legacy alive in Japan.

Without the Koizumi brothers' resolute participation, the Elvis statue could not have become the reality 14 years ago --- Mr. Koizumi, then the member of the House of Representatives, stood in line (right) honoring unveiling ceremony of the statue on July 19, 1987 (see larger photo's below).

When Elvis The Concert toured Japan, he was seen among fanatical audiences stomping the floor and yelling the cheers. 'He knew everything about Elvis, and even words of many songs', Tad Akazawa, the president of the fan club who took the seat next to the now Prime Minister Mr. Koizumi, then told the press reporter.

'Having the Prime Minister who is a devoted Elvis fan is the good thing to the nation's people as a whole', Tad Akazawa wrote in the club newsletter. 'Young Mr. Bush mimicked Elvis efore the classmates when he was in elementary school. There is no doubt that the relationship between Japan and U.S. delves into real understanding of opposite partner'.

Mr. Junichiro Koizumi, whom now many Japanese expect to force drastic policies that save the nation's ailing economy once and for all, earned the alltime high (78%) approval rating in Asahi Shimbun's poll. This is a 180 degree turnaround from 18% (all time low) for his fellow predecessor. The newspaper wrote his popularity is surging like a meteor rising into stardom.

Mr. Junichiro Koizumi, rose to power in the party election and has assumed the office of Japan's Prime Minister in April 2001. Unlike most of his predecessors in the nation's political scene, Mr. Koizumi is a man of idiosyncrasy --- he declared himself as a 'crank' or hen-jin (in Japanese) --- a divorcee and an avid Elvis Presley fan wearing a unique hair style that makes him kind of oddity among his rather 'faceless' party colleagues.

Your comments to this news release or further dissemination of this information on your part will highly be appreciated.

Tad Akazawa, President
Corky Tylor Kitahira, Director - International Fan Club Relation
Elvis Presley Fan Club [Tokyo] JAPAN
P.O. Box 5, Tokyo Kasai Post Office, Tokyo, Japan 134-8691

Tom and Japan PM sing Elvis duet

28 Aug 2003

Actor Tom Cruise has sung a duet with the Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, and heaped praise on his musical talents.

Tom said: 'He's really an extraordinary man, and a pretty good singer. We sang Elvis together. I think he's a charismatic and very intelligent man.'

The Hollywood star refused to reveal which of Elvis Presley's many hits he sang with Koizumi, an eclectic music lover whose favourites also include Wagner.

Tom was in Tokyo to promote his new movie, 'The Last Samurai', in which he stars as a fictional US military officer hired by the 19th century Japanese government to train its army in modern warfare.

The actor said he had invited Koizumi - who faces a party leadership race in a few weeks - to the premiere of the movie, part of which was filmed in Japan and is due to be released in December.

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