Elvis' Generosity

By: Theresea Hughes
Source: www.elvis.com.au
May 12, 2008

Elvis Presley was a generous man. Not only to those who worked for him, his family and friends, but often to strangers and regular gifts to charities, both national and local. Christmas time every year Elvis would donate around $100,000 to organized charities.

Some of Elvis' generous gifts donated to charities would become public knowledge , but the rest of the donations were only known to a hand full of people, who were directly involved in the life of Elvis Presley.

These generous gifts in total, annually would reach a figure of 2 million dollars during the period of Elvis' life when he was able to distribute that amount of money to organized charities.

There were also some small gifts generously given, one of which went to a crippled lady. Elvis personally delivered a brand new wheelchair.

Large and small amounts were generously given to relatives, friends and those who worked for him were also very much considered, with motorcycles, Cadillac's, horses, trucks and cash gifts, TCB and TLC necklaces were a symbolized gift given to the guys who worked for him and their wives, identification bracelets and Christmas gifts.

Bonuses were considered as a small part of his generosity.

Elvis offered many wonderful gifts to his family and friends. His generosity at times would involve building a beautiful new home for his father Vernon and wife Dee.

Elvis bought Joe Esposito a house in California. He gave Jerry Schilling $30,000 to buy a home also in California.

He had given a $50,000 cheque to the Motion Picture Relief Fund Home and Hospital. This large amount was one of the largest ever given and was accepted on behalf of the Hospital, by Frank Sinatra.

When it came to a special occasion, like Weddings.

Elvis had great joy in these occasions. He picked up the expenses for Joe Esposito and Jenny Schilling wedding in 1970.

There were also others, Elvis paid for Dick Grobs wedding. Then his wedding gift to Dick and Marilyn was a new automobile.

George Klein was the next in line, George asked Elvis to be his best man. Elvis proudly accepted, offering to pay for the wedding and reception in Las Vegas.

All arrangements were made for the wedding to take place on the top floor of the Hilton, it was Elvis' suite, which was beautifully decorated for the wedding. The catering was also organized for the reception.

Then all expense paid first class flights were arranged for the 15 couples being present.

Elvis Presley's sincere generosity came from deep within, giving to others whether in his music to his fans or giving donations to selected organizations.
His personal gifts to those he loved, was his way of sincere thanks to those who loved him.

- Elvis A Generous Heart - Elvis Presley DVD

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