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By: David Troedson
Source: Elvis Australia
April 8, 2014

'This Old Road' CD.
'This Old Road' CD.
I have had the most incredible experience tonight talking with Kris Kristofferson following his concert at the Palais Theatre, Melbourne, Australia. After Kris autographed my copy of one of his recent CD releases, and at the very moment he was pulling away from the fans at the gate having delighted all that braved the cold and waited in hope of an autograph, I asked him, 'Kris could I ask you a question?'. 'What do you think of Elvis Presley's recordings of your songs?' He stopped, looked at me directly as close as you can be from someone - his eyes lit up, his face showed he really wanted to talk about this and said '
Just the fact that Elvis Presley recorded any of my songs was incredible, Elvis was my HERO'. Kris would have spent over 5 minutes just talking about ELVIS and answering further questions from the group of fans that had gathered - he could not have been more interested in talking. The evident passion was a real surprise to me.

This in itself is not new, Kris talked in detail to Ken Sharp but to have this incredibly talented singer, songwriter, actor, say this so personally to me, and to those around me - EVERYONE was interested when Kris Kristofferson started talking about Elvis Presley -- just made it so much more 'real'. I had read his comments before about Kris and Elvis but I now know, not only for sure how genuine Kris' feeling's are, but how strongly he really feels. Just the tone of his voice to start with, something you don't get reading an interview, (or this tonight!!!), and I must say, what a down to earth guy, just an incredible experience.

Kris Kristofferson, Palais Theatre, Melbourne, April 8, 2014.
Kris Kristofferson, Palais Theatre, Melbourne, April 8, 2014. Photo by David Troedson.

And the experience of the concert, what a concert, just Kris and his guitar and a load of talent, oh and his talented daughter Kelly adding a nice touch with her sweet voice and a good deal of humor between the two for a few songs. And I was not only fortunate to be able to shoot a number of photos kneeling in the aisle down the front during the encore, I reached out to Kris as he was walking off stage and he stopped and shook my hand, I wasn't sure what he thought of me sitting there taking photos but evidently he didn't mind!

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