Book Review : Elvis Files Volume 2 : 1957-1959

By: David Troedson
Source: Elvis Australia
February 12, 2011

This is without doubt the best Elvis Presley photo book I have ever seen ... And this is true, however the problem with the above statement is I have taken it from my review of the book, The King of Las Vegas.

If I have my analogy correct it is like playing poker, I found a fantastic book, it was a 'full house', and I declared it as I did. The only problem is I was playing against Erik Lorentzen, and he has presented me with a 'Straight Flush' in the form of The Elvis Files Volume 2 : 1957-1959 and knocked everything else out of the ballpark.

[With volume 3 we already have a hat trick to use cricket parlance, as The King of Las Vegas is also by Erik.]

To quickly sum up the value of this book I received it just before Christmas as a present from author Erik Lorentzen and as at the time of writing this, February 12, 2011 it has never found it's way to my bookshelf. It has always been near where I read and or relax, handy and has been constantly picked up and enjoyed.

True to the title, or more to the point, subtitle, this book covers in detail the years 1957 to 1959, and to say it is comprehensive is an understatement. Truthfully the content is much like the website, with it's combination of good articles and great high quality photos, however with contributions from a highly regarded list of fans such as Joseph Tunzi, 'Dr John Carpenter', David English (Just check out David's photo articles), Keith Flynn, Alan Hanson, Joseph Pirzada, Paul Sweeney (photo date expert) and many more.

Make no mistake this book is an important release, and essential, and to make it more so it is just one part of what will be a six volume set that no one will ever want to part with, the highlight of any bookshelf. [Volume 3 was first to be released, the release dates of the remaining four titles are listed at the end of this article]

The Elvis Files books are quality hardcover, thick and heavy, but volume 2 takes it to the limit, having more pages with 528 and packed with over 1300 images, can you believe that? There are thousands of books written about Elvis Presley and each year see's more and more titles added to the plethora of books released around the world. But there are only a very small amount that  can be called essential reading and even fewer that deserve to be known as great. And this book, and it's companions fit the description.

This stunning six-volume series is unlike anything you've seen before documenting almost every single day of Elvis Presley's life from the 1954 to 1977, covering everything from what he wore on stage to whom he meet that day with many unseen pictures and interesting articles and interviews.

The Elvis Files Vol. 2 1957-1959 : Hardcover Book : 472 pages, 1300 + pictures

As noted in the pre-publicity

*  The Elvis Files Vol. 2 features over 1300 stunning photos in its 540 pages and all in quality printing.
*  All Elvis 'events' in this Time Frame Period 1957-1959 are shown ...
*  Every Working Moment ...
*  Elvis AT PLAY Images. (Over
200 Newly Discovered - seen for the first time)
*  Plenty of off set candid moments
*  All the Recording Sessions
*  All the 'Interviews' are shown.
*  The Tours of 1957
*  The Movies: Loving You, Jailhouse Rock and King Creole, are covered in Great Detail, many unseen photos.
*  The Army Days
*  On Tour, On TV, In Germany, Paris, Memphis, Hollywood, Hawaii, Tupelo, Nashville & Las Vegas ...
*  We cover it all ...

The Elvis Files Vol. 2 1957-1959 : Hardcover Book : 472 pages, 1300 + pictures

The Elvis Files Vol. 2 1957-1959 : Hardcover Book : 472 pages, 1300 + pictures

A few of the interesting articles and interviews

*  Elvis In Gold: A Look Back (by Mike Elder)
*  Presley's A Nice Guy, Enjoying Popularity While It Lasts. (March '57)
*  23,000 See Elvis: Late Show 15,000 His largest Ever (Toronto, '57)
*  Elvis Ottawa Backstage Interview April 3, 1957
*  Gloria Pal Interview (Jailhouse Rock)
*  Anita Wood Interview
*  Elvis Vancouver Press Conference (Aug 31 1957)
*  Elvis Is 'Shocked' At Musicians Quitting
*  Elvis Pan-Pacific Interview (Oct 28 1957)
*  Elvis and Ernest C. Withers
*  Backstage at the Grand Ole Opry
*  Jan Shepard Interview
*  Anita Wood Reveals 'Why Elvis And I Couldn't Marry'
*  Elvis Brooklyn Interview (Sept 22, 1958)
*  Elvis' Secretary/Girlfriend Finds Love With King's Friend
*  Elvis In the City Of Light By Night
*  When Elvis Met Priscilla

The Elvis Files Vol. 2 1957-1959 : Hardcover Book : 472 pages, 1300 + pictures

The Seven-Volume series contains:

 Book. The Elvis Files Vol. 1, 1953-1956
 Book. The Elvis Files Vol. 2, 1957-1959
 Book. The Elvis Files Vol. 3, 1960-1964
 Book. The Elvis Files Vol. 4, 1965-1968
 Book. The Elvis Files Vol. 5, 1969-1970
 Book. The Elvis Files Vol. 6, 1971-1973
 Book. The Elvis Files Vol. 7, 1974-1977

The Elvis Files Vol. 4 1965-1968

The Elvis Files - a Collectors Dream ...

Buy The Elvis Files Vol. 2 1957-1959 : Hardcover Book : 528 pages, 1300 + pictures

Elvis Presley Photos Preview: The Elvis Files Vol. 3 1960 - 1964

Elvis Presley on the set of Loving You.
Elvis Presley on the set of Loving You. View more photos from the set of Loving You.

Currently available to order are :

Buy The Elvis Files Volume 2 : Hardcover Book : 1957-1959 : 528 pages, 1300 pictures
Buy The Elvis Files Volume 3 : Hardcover Book : 1960-1964 : 472 pages, 1300 pictures
Buy The Elvis Files Volume 4 : Hardcover Book : 1965-1968 : 500 pages, 1000 pictures

Buy Elvis : The King Of Hawaii : Hardcover Book : 528 pages, 1300 pictures
Buy Elvis : The King Of Las Vegas : Hardcover Book : 360 pages, 1300 pictures

View all books published by Erik Lorentzen here

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