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By: Oven Egeland
March 3, 2003

Elvis At The International FTD CD
Elvis At The International FTD CD
Finally, a 1969 concert is released by FTD. I've been waiting for three years for this, so thank you, Ernst! It's the midnight show from August 23 and we're treated to what I'm guessing was one of the longest shows from this Vegas stint; Elvis is at work for no less than 79 minutes!

Elvis At The International contains a show from Las Vegas, August 23 (MS) and the sound is fantastic. There is a lot of ambience thus containing the live feel a concert CD should have. The audience is there with you all the time, without taking away the charm of any instrument or any vocal.

The CD opens with the opening riff, going into 'Blue Suede Shoes', quickly over to 'I Got A Woman', then after a brilliant 'All Shook Up' it is time for some introductions. After this Elvis spends two minutes of talking, before going into a beautiful 'Love Me Tender'. This song works very well on stage, when done seriously. Sure there are 'silent' moments when Elvis reach for a girl (or the other way around), but it doesn't take the charm away from the song.

Then more talking before launching into 'Jailhouse Rock/Don't Be Cruel', then 'Heartbreak Hotel' followed by 'Hound Dog'. Next up, 'Memories' is a nice version followed by a brilliant 'Mystery Train/Tiger Man'.

Elvis' life story comes next - over 8 minutes - then back to rock 'n' roll with 'Baby, What You Want Me To Do'. As Elvis talks about his pre-army Hollywood films, he cannot hide his disappointment with the Colonel's decision to let Elvis be a regular G.I. Joe. Elvis says he was 'living it up': 'I'm a movie star! I'm a sonoffabitch! Eatin' hamburgers and drinkin' Pepsi-Colas. Then I got drafted... and shafted'. Then Elvis then sings Del Shannon's 'Runaway' followed by the previously released 'Reconsider Baby'. Even more beautiful in the right context and in this sound quality, than it was on Collectors Gold!

'Are You Lonesome Tonight?' can't be sung any better than on this show. A shame Elvis didn't continue singing this song seriously over the years that followed. Cissy Houston is a bit of-key at one point, though!

'Yesterday/Hey Jude' is really a demanding version! It goes on (the 'Hey Jude' segment mostly) for ages, or 5 minutes and 50 seconds to be exact! Next we have Elvis introducing the band, 'Charlie, this is Jerry...' 'Tutt Scheff anyway you look at it!' 'Muhaverik.... Muhoverak, (Larry Muhoberac)'.

Elvis At The International FTD CD

Next up his recent hits 'In The Ghetto' and 'Suspicious Minds' and Elvis never sounded better on the second than during the August 1969 performances. Running for almost 8 minutes it is a delight. Already in February the next year Elvis would start to rush this song, and it would never again be performed with the blues, soul and Gospel flavor he puts into the song this day.

'What'd I Say' is the same version as found on Collectors Gold, and is mostly instrumental. After closing 'What 'd I Say' Elvis quickly dedicates the next song to the audience and sings 'Can't Help Falling In Love'

StereoThis CD will be one of the most popular CD among Elvis fans.

A great show in great sound quality is all we can ask for. Running time is 79:10. A Winner!

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