Every Elvis fan ... needs a 'Change of Habit' ...

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August 15, 2015


Stop, look, and listen ...

'Let's Be Friends' CD.
'Let's Be Friends' CD.
'Change Of Habit' from FTD books is a high quality photo book covering Elvis Presley's last feature film with over 400 pages containing over 150 unpublished photos combined with interesting articles and interviews with cast and crew. To make this book really interesting, included are twenty six pages of candids taken by fans during 1969, all great shots, showing Elvis looking so good. And then there is the bonus CD, finally housed well at the back of the book, you can actually get the disc out easily.

What really caught my eye was the type setting, beautiful, neat. So often is neglected, here we have text combined with photos that actually looks good while being interesting reading. BUT boy the print quality of the photos is where this book really goes the 'extra mile'.

'Change of Habit'.

I think it is fair to say that FTD clearly have set a new standard of quality production for Elvis books with this release. There was a time when Joe Tunzi's JAT Publishing ruled the kingdom with what were great releases, but then along came Erik Lorentzen with his excellent 'Elvis Files' books that delighted everyone, setting a new high for value, and good quality too. But this book surpasses these in terms of print quality, and you can't go past 400 pages of Elvis Presley in 1969.

'Change of Habit'.

'Change of Habit' ...

I can unreservedly recommend this book to every Elvis fan.

If you're in old habits
Set in your old ways
Changes are a-comin'
For these are changing days
And if your head is in the sand
While things are goin' on
What you need, what you need,
What you need is a change of habit ...

... Elvis fan ... needs a 'Change of Habit' ...

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The 'parade' footage is good to see as it puts you in the right context with color and b&w footage. The interviews of Elvis' Parents are well worth hearing too. The afternoon show footage is wonderful and electrifying : Here is Elvis in his prime rocking and rolling in front of 11.000 people. Highly recommended.

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