The Next Step Is Elvis: Happy Go Lucky Me - The Paul Evans Songbook

By: Johnny Vallis
Source: Elvis Australia
May 16, 2003

Talent is expressed in many ways with music. Elvis was an incredible stage performer and would wrap himself around a sweet lyric, making you, the listener, feel he is speaking directly to you as a friend. His image is the strongest in Rock and Roll music, yet he never wrote his own songs. But he didn't need to. People like Leiber & Stoller, Pomus & Shuman, and Schroeder & Gold, among others, could write musical ontent just for him and his style. Some of Elvis' early songs were covers of early Doo-Wop.

One of Elvis' underrated writers is Paul Evans. I would call Paul an 'un-sung' hero, but that would be incorrect, as so many artists have recorded his songs.

Paul Evans' new CD, 'Happy Go Lucky Me - The Paul Evans Songbook' (Castle Music #CMRCD715), brings us an amazing and long awaited selection of songs. It includes for the first time anywhere, the demo recordings of 'Something Blue' and 'The Next Step Is Love'. These were the demos that Elvis heard himself. I know what some people think of demos, but these are full band arrangements and you can hear where Elvis and his band followed them. Also included are two songs Elvis was holding at the time of his death, 'Tender Moments' and 'Quiet Desperation'.

Listening to them, you can really imagine Elvis singing these songs. What a shame for us fans that he never had the chance. Paul also wrote 'Blue River' and 'I Gotta Know'. (There's a 'live' version of the song by Paul on the CD).

Paul wrote many other classics, including 'Roses Are Red (My Love)' Bobby Vinton - 'Worried Guy' Johnny Tillotson - 'Johnny Will' Pat Boone - 'When' The Kalin Twins - 'The P.T.A.' The Coasters - 'Dix-a-billy' LaVern Baker - Also Bobby Vee, Burl Ives, Roy Clark, Skeeter Davis, Frankie Lymon, Jackie Wilson, Jimmy Dean, Fabian, Reba McEntire, Nicky and The Nobles, Jim Reeves, Freddy Fender, Tab Hunter, Troy onahue, Lulu, Cliff Richard, Count Basie and many others. The CD includes Paul's 50s and 60s hit recordings, 'Seven Little Girls Sitting In The Back Seat', 'Midnight Special', and 'Happy Go Lucky Me' (which was the theme of John Waters' cult classic, 'Pecker'). Also, the 1978 UK hit 'Hello, This is Joannie' and a great discovery of an unreleased 1957 Session for RCA!

The sound on this Sanctuary CD is the best you can get. The artwork by Paul Bevoir shows amazing original 45rpm labels, photos, and many rare items including the 'Something Blue' picture sleeve. Very detailed and well written notes by Roger Dopson. What a treat to finally hear the writer's demos of Elvis' songs.

Sure miss Elvis. He was one-of-a-kind. I'm glad that Paul Evans and Elvis sounded so good sharing their talents.

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