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Elvis Presley | The 1972 Madison Square Garden Press Conference | June 9, 1972

The 1972 Madison Square Garden Press Conference : June 9, 1972, in much improved picture quality, plus the transcript to read if you prefer ... Elvis: First of all, I plead innocent of all charges! ...

The Lost 1962 NME Article : Is Presley Making Too Many Films?

Original NME article from April 6, 1962 that mentions a projected Elvis Presley charity concert in Britain. Includes many rare images, including the ad that announces the concert that proves it just wasn't talk.
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Interview with Elvis Presley : The Feb 1970 Houston Astrodome Press Conference

The Houston Astrodome was chosen by Colonel Parker to be the first venue for Elvis to perform outside Las Vegas. After the concluding show Elvis held a press conference for about 100 journalists at Astroworld.

Presley Doesn't Wiggle Any More : but the fans still scream for him non-stop!

We have an 'NME Exclusive article' from Friday March 31, 1961 as a follow-up to our article in honor of the 50th anniversary of Elvis' U.S.S. Arizona Benefit concert in 1961. 'The climax came when he closed with the all-out rocker 'Hound Dog', the signal for the greatest bout of unlimited pandemonium, many of the younger girls going completely berserk! Then came the trickiest part of all - 'Operation Exit Elvis' - to get Presley out of the building before the crowd could tear him apart from sheer adoration. This was executed with all split-second timing of an army manoeuvre. Taking no encores and no final bows, he departed with the speed of a sprinter, racing from stage to a fast car, already moving as the singer got in. The amazing get-away was reminiscent of scenes from gangster films after they have robbed a bank! ...' Original article in PDF and transcribed into text.