Video | Paul McCartney talks about Elvis Presley backstage in Memphis

By: Elvis Australia
June 15, 2013

Here we have a video of Paul McCartney backstage during his recent concert in Memphis talking about seeing Elvis on the big screen for the first time  ('Love Me Tender') and he even breaks out his own Elvis moves and sings a few lines of We're Gonna Move, all impromptu and amazingly similar to the full studio audio outtake we brought to you recently in our Elvis Presley MP3 Audio'Paul McCartney visits Graceland' news article. This again shows Paul's love of Elvis, the influence Elvis had on him, and his amazing knowledge of even Elvis lesser-known songs.

Elvis Presley Video Paul McCartney talks about Elvis Presley backstage in Memphis

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On Sunday, May 26, 2013 Paul McCartney dropped by Graceland to pay tribute to Elvis Presley. In his first-ever visit to Elvis' home, McCartney was given a tour of Graceland during which he was offered a rare glimpse inside the Graceland Archives. To maintain the integrity of Elvis' instruments, the archive staff regularly tuned them. So who better to tune Elvis' guitar than the songwriting legend. McCartney briefly played Elvis' 1956 Gibson J200 guitar while humming the famous Elvis tune Loving You. Elvis Presley MP3 Audio In our article about Paul visiting Graceland you can listen to him singing Loving You recorded at the time of his 1973 TV Special, during the acoustic bit they filmed although the song was edited out, the same for We're Gonna Move.)

On August 27, 1965, the Beatles visited with Elvis for several hours at his home in California and had an informal jam session. Both McCartney and fellow Beatle John Lennon often cited Elvis as an influence. Elvis recorded three of The Beatles songs such as Something, Yesterday [live] and Hey Jude [Studio 1969].

Paul later released the following statement: 'WITHOUT ELVIS, THERE WOULD BE NO BEATLES'.

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